How To Be Wise: 5 Secrets To Attain Wisdom


5 Secrets To Attain Wisdom

Life without wisdom is meaningless

Socrates once said that the unexamined life is not worth living. To examine your life means getting to know yourself and the world around you better, and hence growing and becoming wiser, reaching to higher states of consciousness and evolving into the best version of yourself.

Highly intelligent people are always in a constant search for wisdom, and to them nothing can be more important than that — they find that life without wisdom is meaningless and utterly empty. But how can one be wise?

Below are five “secrets” that can function as a guide in your journey to wisdom, and might completely change the direction of your life, in a tremendously positive way.

1. Doubt tradition.

The first secret on how to be wise is to doubt the beliefs that have been handed down to you by tradition. Any ideology — whether religious, philosophical, political, and so on — that doesn’t sprout from your own understanding should be honestly questioned and scrutinized — if not, your ideologies will only help to keep you imprisoned in blind faith and ignorance.

2. Seek knowledge.


After you have doubted your beliefs, start your journey to knowledge. Seek to learn from anywhere you can, whether that is books, documentaries or anything that you find helpful — but always remember to think intelligently for yourself and be open to change.

3. Apply your knowledge.

Knowledge becomes wisdom only once applied, otherwise it is just an unnecessary burden. Many people boast about their knowledge and they preach a lot, but they don’t practice what they preach. If you want to be honest with yourself and others, seek to embody your knowledge and express your values and ideas by your very way of living.

4. Learn from your mistakes.

Once you apply your knowledge, it’s very likely that you’ll find out that you’ve made mistakes. Society has conditioned us to believe that making mistakes is something bad that we need to keep away from, but highly intelligent people have realized that making mistakes is exactly what is helping us to become wise, by showing us which are the wrong paths to avoid in life, and which direction to take in order to overcome the obstacles that are hindering our way.

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5. Let go of the past.

No matter how many mistakes you’ve made in the past and how many times you’ve failed, what lies in the here and now is what is most important. Nobody is perfect, and failure is a necessary part of life.

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So learn from your past but don’t be attached to it — always move forward, without regrets. Learning to let go of the past will allow you to evolve into something better out of yourself and adapt to new circumstances, without being held back by mental and emotional constraints.

If you are unable to let go of the past, watch out this interesting video:

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How To Be Wise: 5 Secrets To Attain Wisdom

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