Sofo Archon

Sofo Archon is the founder creator of the lovely website The Unbounded Spirit

15 Things You No Longer Have To Apologize For

Here are 15 things you don’t ever have to and shouldn’t apologize for, if you want to live happy and free:

10 Powerful Confucius Quotes That Will Change Your Perspective On Life

These teachings are universal and timeless in their beautiful and simple truth and they are as valid today as on the day they left Confucius’ mouth.

Being Crazy in a Sick Society is Actually Healthy

To be normal is to be sick. Being Crazy in a Sick Society is Actually Healthy.

3 Positive Changes You Experience When You Start Thinking For Yourself

Do you know that thinking for yourself can change your life?Logical thought is one of the main traits that distinguish us, humans, from other animals.

How To Be Wise: 5 Secrets To Attain Wisdom

Below are five “secrets” that can function as a guide in your journey to wisdom, and might completely change the direction of your life, in a tremendously positive way.

Why You Should Stop Saying Yes When You Want to Say No

Out of their need to feel loved and accepted, a lot of people choose to say yes, afraid that doing otherwise might cause them to be left alone and lonely.

10 Essential Life Lessons Children are Not Taught in School

Here are 10 lessons which children are not taught in school, although they are of true importance and which every person should know.

7 Signs You Are A Slave (And How To Become Free)

To be a slave doesn’t necessarily mean that you are chained and your body is owned by someone. There are many other, more subtle forms of slavery. 7 signs showing that you are a slave.