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7 Science-Backed Benefits Of Journaling

Benefits of Journaling

7. Journaling cultivates gratitude 

Expressing your emotions makes you more grateful for what you have in life. Before I go to bed I make sure to write at least three things in my life I am grateful for. And trust me it improved my health and happiness. I have stopped the blame game and complaining. One of the incredible benefits of journaling!

Gratitude Is A Powerful Process
7 Science-Backed Benefits Of Journaling

People who practise gratitude have reported better quality of sleep, an increase in optimism and interest in physical activity. What’s more? Gratitude makes you more sociable and friendly! There are numerous studies validating the positive effects of gratitude on physical and mental health. 

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13 Other benefits of journaling 

  1. Improves ability to verbalize your thoughts and emotions 
  2. Improves sleep quality 
  3. Increases work productivity
  4. Improves sporting performance 
  5. Improves social and linguistic behaviour 
  6. Improves communication skills because you can better express yourself 
  7. Minimises procrastination
  8. Improves problem solving skills
  9. Helps you achieve goals 
  10. Quicker re-employment after job loss
  11. Strengthens problem-solving skills
  12. Develops an incredible level of self-awareness
  13. You feel happier and positive 

Final thoughts

Never expected journaling has so many physical, emotional, mental health benefits. Did you? Are you ready for journaling? Then go grab your favourite pen, dust your diary and let your thoughts flow. If that seems old-fashioned, go for an online diary or use journaling apps. 

Don’t think about grammar, vocabulary, or bad handwriting! Remember the goal here is to become healthier and happier and not a poet! If you are feeling blank just start with any word and complete a line and that’s it. Your mind will take it from there. You will start noticing the above benefits of journaling just in few days (if you write daily).

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7 Science-Backed Benefits Of Journaling
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