Save Your Love For Someone Who Deserves It

We often invest all our energies in someone who doesn’t appreciate us, who doesn’t love us. We try our best to make them realize our worth but they just don’t. Instead of wasting our emotions and resources behind people who don’t care, save it for someone who will see them on their own and will appreciate them.


Save the plans of those romantic dates and candlelight dinners for someone who will turn up and reciprocate.

Save it for someone who will not cancel it at the last moment, who will tell you how wonderful the moments were and carry the conversations further, take you out of a date.


Save your secrets for someone who will keep them as their own.

Save them because they will never leak them or use them against you. They will protect them as if they were the guardians of your secrets.


Save your calls and texts for someone who will not keep you waiting.

Save them for someone who will reply back soon if they are busy, who will not wait for you to call back, who will not judge you for calling or who will not express annoyance; rather will be happy to receive them.


Save your efforts for someone who will understand them.

Save them for someone who can see how hard you are trying, who will feel grateful for them and who in return, will make efforts in their own way to make you happy.


Save your time for someone who will not waste it.

Save it for someone who will value it, who will appreciate you for making time out of your busy schedule and social responsibilities to be with them and who will share theirs with you.


Save your love for someone who will love you back.

Save it for someone who will not play games with you, who will not use it for their own benefits, who will not break your heart. Rather, they will love with back with equal intensity and passion, if not more.


Save your trust for someone you can depend on.

Save it for someone who will always have your back, who will be there for you in times good and back. 


Save your life for someone who will not take you for granted.

Save it for someone who will respect you and admire you, who will not treat you as a second option or who will not take advantage of your emotions. Rather, will be there for you, always.


Save your promises for someone who will keep them and make ones for you.

Save them for someone who will appreciate them, who will honour them and who will make ones for you.


Save yourself for someone who deserves you truly.

Save yourself for that person because they will be there for you no matter what happens to you, who will love you irrespective of your looks, your bank account, your social status; who will love you for the person you are and who will be with you even if they find a person who is more attractive than you are.


                   Have patience and wait for that someone who deserves you, instead of wasting your life behind someone who is never going to love you back. It might take time but when that someone comes, you will understand the joy of waiting!

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