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6 Signs Of Untrue Love

Do you know about the signs that reveal untrue love?

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Are you madly in love with the person you have started dating recently?

In the beginning, everything seems to be beautiful and romantic; you feel like this is the person you have always wanted to be with. But deep down, are you really sure? Aren’t you confused a little whether you have made the right decision or not?

There are certain things that are making you feel this relationship might not work out.

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It’s Not Love That Needs Chasing

The truth is, you scared of losing the person and try to ignore these calls.

But you need to understand whether your relationship will work out or not. We are there to guide you.

Check this list of 6 signs and identify:

(1) You two don’t have any chemistry:

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The relationship is not about just opposite poles attracting each other, a lot of factors combine to form what we call the ‘chemistry’ of a relationship. Two people might get attracted to each other and might even like each other but it’s not necessary for them to form any chemistry.

You will understand a chemistry is formed when you two will feel each other’s presence even when you aren’t together, when the two of you will be in tune with each other and people around you will feel your vibration, will talk about how good you  are a couple; wherever you go together; your presence is felt as a couple, not as individuals.

If the relationship lacks that or if you feel you can’t get that vibe, then it’s definitely not true love.


(2) Your partner never compliments you:

We are social beings and we have our own issues in the professional and personal sphere to deal with. The purpose of going into a relationship is to find peace and be happy. Sometimes, we do need compliments from our significant other to feel that we are precious, that we are loved. Giving a compliment like ‘whoa, you are beautiful’ or ‘the food you cooked is really delicious’ is not praising; it’s just an acknowledgment of the fact that we are loved.

Compliments cheer us up, make us feel good about ourselves. When it comes to the person who is closest to us, it can brighten up even a disastrous day. A healthy relationship has both the couples complimenting each other occasionally and thereby expressing how happy they are with each other. So, if you do not get compliments from your partner, you are going in the wrong direction.


(3) Your partner behaves as if you don’t exist at all:


All of us need space in our relationships. But too much of space is a red alert too. Your partner might be busy but they should also make time for you. They have their work, their friends, and peers with whom they need to spend time but you exist in their life too and they should understand that. You are special to that person.

They should make time for you and not act as if you don’t exist at all. Getting committed is just the beginning of a relationship. A relationship is like a beautiful plant that needs to be nurtured. You need to give it time. If your partner escapes from this responsibility of nurturing the relationship, it’s time you think about calling it off.

(4) You have to explain their behavior to your peers:

You’re in a relationship to be happy

‘Why didn’t he even bother to call you when you were sick?’

‘Why aren’t you two going out for lunch? It’s been quite a while since the last one.’

‘Why does he have to always bring his female friends along when he comes to meet you at our house? Don’t you guys spend time together with just the two of you?’

Do you get to hear these questions from your parents and peers and you keep on explaining their actions every time? Why do you need to justify their actions when you yourself were hurt by them? It bothers you more.

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Emilia Gordon
Born and brought up in Kansas, Emilia is a writer and a social activist.She enjoys travelling and meeting new people
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