Rune Meanings: Choose A Rune and Discover Your Rune Message

Pick Rune Discover Rune Message

Runes were ancient alphabets that were believed to be created and introduced to humankind by the Germans, Scandinavians, and Celtics way back in 98AD. The word “rune” means “holy secret” or “whisper”, and every alphabet is believed to harbor a secret message that can provide intuitive guidance. When you take part in a rune reading, and the rune you are drawn to can say a lot about you, and also offer you some instinctive advice.

There are 24 runes, and each has its own meaning and deep symbolism that is connected to the working of nature, the eight directions, and lastly stars and constellations. According to tradition, runes are carved out of bones, stones, and wood and are kept in cloth pouches which are considered to be sacred.

A rune reading is conducted in the same way, a tarot card reading is conducted; you need to select a set of runes just like you select a set of tarot cards. Another way of getting a rune reading is by thinking about a question in your mind to which you have been looking for an answer for a very long time or something you feel you need some direction and guidance on. Focus on the question hard, and then select a rune that speaks to you the most.

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Here Is The Rune Reading For The Rune You Choose

1. Fehu


Meaning: Wealth
Zodiac: Aries
Letter sound: F
Deity: Njord, Freyr, Freya
Tarot: Tower
Upright: Creative force, power, value, status, prosperity
Reverse: Losing value, financial worries

The Fehu rune represents wealth, and if you chose this and this is your birthday rune, then you need to take a look at your finances. It’s a possibility that you might be getting some money, or you are finally going to reap the benefits of your hard work. This can also serve as an auspicious sign of starting a new job or a new business, which you have always dreamed of having, and now is the best time to go forward with it.

2. Uruz


Meaning: Willpower
Zodiac: Cancer, Taurus
Letter sound: U
Deity: Thor
Tarot: High Priestess
Upright: Resilience, challenges, health, courage, strength
Reverse: Materialism, over-reactions, abuse of power

The Uruz rune represents willpower and mental strength, and this means you need to take charge of your life and also work towards climbing up the ladder of success. This rune also represents a surge in sexual and creative energy and fertility and additionally serves as a good sign for starting a family, a relationship, or a new project. In a way, this rune symbolizes new and exciting beginnings.

3. Thurisaz


Meaning: Suffering, peril
Zodiac: Gemini
Letter sound: Th
Deity: Thor
Tarot: Emperor
Upright: Resistance, chaos, attack, protection, defense
Reverse: Hidden fears, internal obstacles, irritation

The rune Thurisaz represents difficulty and hardship. If you chose this rune, then you need to handle the painful and undesirable situations that are plaguing or can plague your life, and are hampering your growth. This means that you need to meditate and work out all your emotional and mental turmoils so that you can live your life in peace and fulfillment. Inner peace is the answer to all your problems in life.

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4. Ansuz


Meaning: Spiritual awakening
Zodiac: Leo
Letter sound: A
Deity: Odin, Loki
Tarot: Death
Upright: Omens, communication, blessings, inspiration
Reverse: Imbalance, insincerity, miscommunication

Choosing this rune means that your own intuition is very strong and powerful. This serves as a good sign of spiritual awakening, and also indicates that you should dive deep into your spiritual abilities, to know more about yourself, and also understand yourself better. Getting in touch with your spiritual side can work wonders for you! In order to understand this better, you can consult a Shaman or could step into a healing role yourself.

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