Test of The Northern Witches: Pick A Familiar For Your Message

Test of The Northern Witches

Witches are known to have supernatural abilities in which they cast spells, wear a hat, and ride on a broom. Ever wondered what kind of witch are you? Welcome to the Test of the Northern Witches. Here we are going to define what kind of help you are going to need, in order to fulfill your spiritual destiny.

You see, we all come with advantages and particularities which make us unique. Yet, although we all come from the same Divine Tree, we are all one-of-a-kind. Connected yet independent. 

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Test of the Northern Witches

The Northern Witches were always known for their Crone skills. Living alone in the Woods, scaring the ‘normal’ people with their lifestyle. They were also known as ‘Fairy Doctors’ because these were the ones who used to employ natural remedies and the forces of nature for their spell casting. People visited the ‘Northern Witches’ with respect and let’s be frank… with some fear too.

The Northern Witches, as Crone Witches, didn’t always get along with society’s customs. Usually described as “anti-social”, they preferred the company of fairies, runes, and animals. This is why they became a target in the medieval years. People were afraid of their powers. 

Familiars of the Witches

What are those things called familiars? Well, they are not exactly Totem Animals but they usually are Animal Archetypes that were chosen by Witches themselves or the ‘Lady’ / ‘Lord’ of the Coven. The Familiars were actual animals – linked with the Witch’s life force –  which helped in their everyday magical practice. 

Others believe that the Familiars were in fact disguised Fairies, who kept their identity secret, and they would only take their real form on very special occasions. 

So make up your mind before reading the answer. 

Which Familiar Would You Choose? 

1. Bat – The Wicked Witch. 

test of north witch bat

Bats are extremely clever creatures that have developed advanced social skills. And yes, they love to sit upside down. This unique skill makes them look weird compared to almost EVERY other living creature.

Moreover, their love for caves and the night associated them with nocturnal forces, magic, and spell-craft more than other animals. That’s exactly why the “bat’s blood ink” is considered one of the most potent magical tools. (Don’t worry, Bat’s blood is a euphemism and we do not use actual blood from Bats).

But this doesn’t mean that they don’t have a clear sense of the world. On the contrary, bats are considered to be very practical, even observing their environment. 

Your Bat Familiar wants to remind you of the following advice.

  • Go out with your Friends. Spending more time with the ones you love is a form of therapy. Don’t lose yourself in isolation. Rediscover your passion along with the ones you love. 
  • Enjoy your Shadow. We all have things we like to hide but what would be ever more creative is to embrace your Truth and transmute shame into inspiration. I mean why not kiss what you can’t fight? Be true to your heart and go out of the closet, embracing your truest identity. 
  • Stay Upside Down. Don’t change because society wants you to fit in absurd norms. Stay unique. Walk the way you want, talk the way you feel, and dance to the rhythm of your heartbeat. That’s real magic!

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2. Spider – The Karma Witch

test of north witch spider

Spider is an animal sacred to the Goddess of Wisdom, Athena. This is probably why it is associated with spirituality. Moreover, the spider’s web symbolizes our material world. The web is nearly visible yet it’s real and strong. We are all connected in an invisible spider-like web. What goes around comes around. If a tiny piece of the web is affected, all web is affected and felt by the spider.

Your Spider Familiar wants to remind you of the following advice.

  • Good Work always pays off. Be patient. As the spider weaves the web and patiently waits for its prey, so should you weave your destiny’s path and patiently wait for the results. Do your best work and be ready for the opportunity. 
  • What goes around, comes around. If you do good, you actually do good to yourself. And this is proven! But if you harm someone, then ultimately you harm yourself. We are all part of this invisible web. Be sure that karma is real and we all learn this lesson, the easy way or not.
  • Stay Connected. You are never alone. Stay connected with your friends, with your family, and the ones you love and work with. Moreover, stay connected with your environment, with nature, trees, and animals. Tap into the energy around you and use it!

3. Owl – The Wise Witch.

test of north witch owl

Owls (as the Spiders) are also sacred animals to the mighty Goddess of Wisdom, Athena. The Owl represents the Solar forces at night time. It is considered a royal bird and the wisest animal of all animal kingdoms.

The wise nature of the Owl probably comes from the ability of the bird to turn her neck 180 degrees and observe everything that may or may not come toward her. The Owl is always prepared and always has a precise sense of everything around her.

Your Owl Familiar wants to remind you of the following advice. 

  • Stay Alert – Stay Alive. The owls always know what’s going on. Ignorance is not bliss and can be the reason for your disaster. Wisdom is what sets us free. Study your life and what your relationships. Making good decisions is part of being wise. Know, think and act. 
  • Attract attention only when You want to. Owls have a unique ability to fly in a ‘stealth mode’. Their wings have a substance that makes them soundproof. No one can anticipate their presence until it’s too late. On the contrary, their impressive looks can magnetize your eyes when they reveal themselves. 
  • Be wise. Study and practice. No one is born wise (probably except Buddha). Be patient and learn more from books and your life. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes because my dear, you’ve already done a few and we have also made some. Live your life without regrets.

4. Snake – The Prudent Witch.

test of north witch snake

Snakes are known as the children of mother Earth. They are the carriers of the Great Goddess’s magic. In almost all ancient traditions, the snake symbolizes magic and wisdom. Jesus Christ said, “be wise like the snakes” – Matthew 10:16. In ancient Egypt, a snake-headed woman was the protector of children and women. Moreover, in ancient Greece, two snakes were on the Magic Staff of Hermes – the Kerykeion/Caduceus, the God of Communication, Magic, and Wisdom. 

Snakes are always in touch with the earth, yet they can move fast or even jump. They bend and don’t break. Moreover, they are patient and wait for their prey. 

Your Snake Familiar wants to remind you of the following advice.

  • Bend, don’t Break. Look how witty and bendy snakes are. Once they anticipate an obstacle, they bend and find another way. They are like the water. Nothing can stop them. 
  • Poison comes from within. The worst type of poison is ours. Snakes seem to be immune to their poison and this is how they strike. But if they bite themselves, they die too. Be immune to poisons. Let me remind you that the best modern medications are made from snake poisons. Transmute your poison to cure. 
  • Stay Cool. Did you know that snakes always a cool skin? They are not cold-blooded. On the contrary, they are passionate creatures but they seem to be patient and always calculate their moves with precision. So Stay Cool like the snakes and be patient. 

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5. Cat – The Independent Witch.

test of north witch cat

Throughout history, Cats were honored and praised by many traditions, while other times hunted as devil’s minions or even considered a source of endless bad luck and biblical havoc! Cats are amazing creatures that always need your love and attention in order to keep your relationship with them healthy. 

Your Cat Familiar wants to remind you of the following advice. 

  • Stay independent. This does not mean you should avoid relationships, yet it means that you should always make quality time for yourself. And of course, cut loose from toxic people. Loving and caring for yourself is the first step towards happiness. Only when you learn how to love and embrace who you are, you are going to be true to your feelings. 
  • Be Invisible at will. Sometimes you want to be invisible. The ones who always seek attention are narcissists who are toxic to themselves and others. Cats know that. Hence, they become keen in invisibility spells – at will. Other times they like to make dramatic appearances demanding your attention. Learn how to master this. Do you always need attention? Of course not. 
  • Land on your own feet. Have you noticed a cat fall down or get hurt? That’s truly rare. Cats know their powers and although they are fearless, they make one step at a time. They are not careless. Moreover, they usually anticipate the fall and make damage control. Be like the cat. Be wise and avoid mistakes. 

6. Rabbit – The Creative Witch.

test of north witch rabbit

Rabbits are associated with Spring like no other animal. Their unique ability to multiply quickly was always anticipated as Mother Nature’s Magic which can multiply life.

Hence, Rabbits are believed to be linked with fertility, creativity, and the absolute win of Life over Death. Rabbits are careful, they hide in bushes, feast on Spring’s magic eating flowers and roots, and have fun all the time. 

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Your Rabbit Familiar wants to remind you of the following advice.

  • Sex is a Blessing. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Sex is a blessing, a divine instrument of pleasure and creativity. Use the force that comes out of it in order to charge other areas of your life that need recharging. When you feel satisfied you can create miracles.
  • Entertain yourself. Having fun is not a sin. Go out with your friends and hang out with other people. Stay connected but also be aware of possible dangers. Stay true to yourself and feel the blessings coming.
  • Spring will always win Winter. Stay positive. Expect the good things and be open to all kinds of blessings. Find what inspires you and use it to ignite your passion. Eat and drink the Magic of Life. Be part of it.

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