8 Little Reminders For People Struggling With Rejection


Little Reminders For People Struggling With Rejection

Rejection hurts so much!!! Isn’t it? But, rejection – be it in love, work, friendships – is a part of life. It is inevitable, so the key is to accept it. How?

Here’re things to remember when you are struggling with rejection

1. Rejection can seem scary, but it’s survivable.

You might think you’re the only one who’s terrified of being rejected, but so many others have the same fear. Exclusion isn’t all that terrifying if you know how to cope with it, though. Don’t let your fear stop you from trying — just learn to work through your forsaking experiences instead.

Our Brain Treats Rejection Like a Physical Pain

2. We all experience rejection.

Even the most put-together, capable person you know has been rejected. Believe it or not, they’ve had to work through those same feelings you’re experiencing now. You likely perceive them as being infallible to rejection because when they’re rejected, they refuse to give up on their dreams.

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3. There is always a home for your talent.

If a job, school, or publication rejects you, you might just be knocking on the wrong door. Keep looking for an outlet that fits what you have to offer. If you consistently produce good work, there is a place in this world that will accept and appreciate all you have to offer.

4. Giving up is the worst possible reaction to rejection.

When you give up after a knock-back, you have a zero percent chance of reaching the outcome you originally wanted. If you’re serious about reaching your goals, keep going.

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5. Rejection will help you grow both personally and professionally.

You might find that you produce some of your best work after a rejection — feeling denounced or diminished can inspire creativity and determination. You’ll also build resilience from every rejection you receive, which will give you the strength to continue working towards your goals.

Be prepared for rejection when you refuse to be manipulated.

6. Processing your rejection can help you understand how universal it is.

Being rejected is difficult to discuss, but reach out to your friends with your experiences. Swap stories of refusal with trusted people in your industry. Talk to your therapist about how to cope with feeling rebuffed. The more you share, the more you’ll remember that rejection is universal.

7. Let yourself grieve but don’t let your feelings overtake you.

Take time to work through your feelings about the ostracism you’ve experienced — you’ve been through a loss. If you’re in an emotional headspace, though, don’t make a sudden, impulsive decision to throw away all of the work that’s gotten you this far. Wait until you’ve accepted the elimination to decide how to move forward.

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8. Your feelings towards your recent rejection won’t last forever.

As time goes on, you’ll process your losses, chart a new course, and accept where you’re headed in life. Someday, this moment that’s wearing down your confidence won’t sting as much. You may even be able to look back and laugh about your experience — because you know that you’ve grown and succeeded through every elimination you’ve faced.

My Fear of Failure and Rejection

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Written by: Kelly Douglas
Originally appeared on: Thought Catalog
Republished with permission
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