20 Reminders To Keep Going When You Feel Like Giving Up

Reminders To Keep Going When You Feel Like Giving Up

Do you feel like giving up just because your business ideas aren’t working?

Are you feeling stuck, don’t know what to do and where to go? Unable to kick-start your career after several desperate attempts? Thinking how to rejuvenate your relationships? How to gain back that focus and make the impossible possible?

Well, life is full of ups and downs. When you’re hitting the rock bottom of your life, everything seems dark and you deep drowned in the spiral of negative thoughts. It’s alright and quite normal to feel like giving up. But, you have to keep going.

20 Reminders To Keep Going When You Feel Like Giving Up

Here are things to remember when you feel like giving up:

1. Life is never perfect. What is bad may turn into worse. Remember that hard times made you strong earlier. Embrace every challenge now and you will become stronger.

2. There is someone for you who will fall in love with you head over heels and want to make you really happy. Open your heart up if you want love. Accept their imperfections because wild expectations will only break your heart again. #1 way to become healthier and happier is nurturing good relationships.

3. Have an attitude of gratitude for delicious home-made meals, best friends whom you can count on, advanced technology in your pocket, loving wife, kids, and all the happy memories of your life. Soon, you’ll realize how wealthy you’re right now. Noticing the beauty of small moments makes a big difference in the quality of your life.

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4. Never bother what other people think about you. You’re the only person who knows what is best for you. Always trust yourself when you feel like giving up.

5. Don’t measure your self-worth based on your net worth, appearance, job, salary, people who left you in crisis, and what you achieve. Else, you will never be able to pick up yourself and make a comeback.

6. Instead of comparing yourself with others, accept who you are. Be thankful for what you have. Compare your progress each day with the previous day and work hard to improve yourself. You will surely turn your failure into success.

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7. You’re fortunate if you make mistakes. Because they make you think and help you move in the right direction. But, remember not to make the same mistake twice.

8. Successful people too cry in front of people. Contrary to popular belief crying is not a sign of weakness. It a tool to release toxins and stress so you can have an improved sense of well-being and move on.

9. Always focus on how far you have come. Don’t worry about how far you have left to go if you want to reach your destination. Concentrate on things that you can control and you will get rid of fear, anxiety, and feeling of helplessness.

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10. Surround yourself with growth-minded people and those who empower you to achieve your goals and dreams. Meet new people and give them a chance. It will make it easy for you to hit on opportunities that may give positive outcomes. You never know the next person you meet tomorrow may change your life forever.

11. Remarkably successful people never hesitate to seek guidance from others and help others in need. The more you help others the more help you get in turn. It keeps you positive and optimistic – that are fuel to keep going when you feel like giving up.

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12. Be 100% honest about everything in life – your failures, friends, relationships, and profits. Speak your heart out. Listen to your inner voice and follow your intuition.

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