12 Key Reasons Why Some Women Cheat In Relationships According To Psychologists

Key Reasons Cheat In Relationships

If you’re wondering why do women cheat in relationships according to psychologists there may be a psychological explanation to it. A new study published in the Journal of Sex Research suggested that there may be several reasons why people cheat. Women are sensual creatures just like men. Yet the idea that women in a committed relationship might get physical urges is unfathomable.

A non-scientific study conducted by Undercover Lovers, a UK-based extramarital dating site  found that women who stated that they were actively cheating, 57 percent reported feeling love for their affair partner while only 27 percent of them said they felt love for their mistress.

This survey concludes that women who cheat are more likely to seek an emotional bond and that they may in fact feel such a bond even if their affair partner doesn’t. Cultural stereotypes suggest that it’s often males who are cheating on women but studies suggest otherwise. Infidelity is often associated with adverse effects like depression, domestic violence, divorce, and even homicide. What one person sees as infidelity can be different from what others consider as infidelity. For instance, a person watching pornography can be considered as infidelity to someone and not to others.

Women and men cheat for completely different reasons. Some women are usually interested in sex that includes some sort of emotional or relationship connections while men seek it purely because of objectified sexual relationships or fantasy. A data study in 2018 where the data from two separate studies looked at the personality traits and relationship dynamics of new married couples. Both the studies lasted 3 years in length and examined the associations between personality and infidelity.

There are twelve reasons why women might cheat in relationships according to psychologists. They are as follows:

1. Falling out of love 

Some women claim that they fell out of love with their partner and hence they cheated on their partner in the hopes of falling in love again. A study showed that the main reason they cheated was that they “fell out of love”.

2. Low Self Esteem issues

Sometimes women may have childhood self-esteem issues, depression, or childhood trauma which leads them to seek validation through romantic and sexual activity. Low self-esteem can often be a cause of infidelity.

3. Taking Revenge

Sometimes women feel betrayed by their partner either financially and sexually and want to get back to them by cheating on them with their partner. Usually, women taking revenge are not secretive about their affair and want their current partner to know what they are doing.

4. Loneliness and Negligence

Sometimes women feel neglected by their partner which leads them to seek comfort from someone else. In some cases, they feel more like a nanny, mother, or caregiver than a wife or a girlfriend. Thus they may use sex outside of their relationship to attend to their emotional and physical needs. Women often feel lonely even when they are in a relationship. It can happen due to the partner’s inability to attend to her emotional needs.

5. Lack of the partner’s ability to spice things up

Women love flirting and a little spice in their relationship. Some men however think that once they are with someone it’s not necessary for them to be extraordinary they once were. Women may miss the excitement of meeting someone for the first time, the flirting, and the anticipation. This leads them to seek other sexual partners to have some spice in their lives.

6. Dissatisfied by their partner sexually

Women are sexual creatures just like men. They usually enjoy lovemaking just as much as men. Men need to do a lot of hard work to impress a woman in bed. It is important to make a woman feel wanted, loved, and desired. Thus when a woman doesn’t receive the satisfaction sexually they tend to seek other male partners who can. 

Sometimes it may happen that the woman in the relationship is way more sexual than their partner. This can get a little problematic since they may want to have a little sex on the side rather than end their relationship altogether.

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