12 Reasons Why Women Cheat, Revealed By Experts


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Twelve Provocative Reasons Why Women Cheat, According To Experts

Beyond the stereotypical assumptions, there are hidden psychological reasons behind why women cheat in relationships. Let’s uncover the underlying truths.

While it’s commonly believed that men are more prone to infidelity, women cheat too. Let’s find out if there’s more to the story than what meets the eye.

According to experts, there are many  reasons behind women cheating in relationships. A study in the Journal of Sex Research suggests that cheating can have multiple motivations.

Surprisingly, women are just as sensual as men, and the idea of them having physical urges in committed relationships is often overlooked.

A non-scientific survey by Undercover Lovers, a UK-based extramarital dating site, found that 57% of cheating women reported feeling love for their affair partner, highlighting their desire for emotional bonds.

Infidelity can lead to detrimental consequences like depression, domestic violence, divorce, and even homicide. Different perceptions of infidelity exist, as what one person considers cheating may not be the same for another.

Men and women cheat for distinct reasons: women often seek emotional connections, while men pursue objectified sexual relationships or fantasies.

A 2018 data study spanning three years analyzed personality traits and relationship dynamics, revealing associations between personality and infidelity in newly married couples.

12 Reasons Why Women Cheat On Their Boyfriends According To Psychology
Why Do Married Women Cheat In Relationships According To Psychologists

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12 reasons why women cheat in relationships according to psychologists:

1. Falling out of love 

Why do married women cheat, even in seemingly loving relationships with devoted spouses and children? Surprisingly, some women confess that they cheat because they have fallen out of love.

Seeking to rekindle that elusive flame, they venture into the realm of infidelity, hoping to rediscover the passion that has waned over time.

2. Low Self-esteem Issues

Psychologists have identified a multitude of reasons why women may engage in infidelity within relationships. Among these factors, low self-esteem emerges as a prominent catalyst.

Deep-seated issues, such as childhood trauma or depression, can shape a woman’s perception of herself, driving her to seek validation through romantic and sexual encounters outside her committed partnership.

3. Taking Revenge

Betrayal can ignite a fiery desire for payback, and women are no strangers to the game. When feeling betrayed, whether financially or sexually, some women resort to infidelity as a means of retaliation.

But here’s the twist: they won’t keep it a secret. Instead, they want their current partner to bear witness to their dalliances, ensuring that every act of revenge cuts deep.

4. Loneliness and Negligence

Sometimes women feel neglected by their partners which leads them to seek comfort from someone else. In some cases, they feel more like a nanny, mother, or caregiver than a wife or a girlfriend.

Thus they may use sex outside of their relationship to attend to their emotional and physical needs. Women often feel lonely even when they are in a relationship. It can happen due to the partner’s inability to attend to her emotional needs.

5. Lack of the partner’s ability to spice things up

One of the reasons why women cheat in relationships is that, they love flirting and a little spice in their relationship. Some men however think that once they are with someone it’s not necessary for them to be the extraordinary they once were.

Women may miss the excitement of meeting someone for the first time, the flirting, and the anticipation. This leads them to seek other sexual partners to have some spice in their lives.

6. Dissatisfied with their partner sexually

Women, like men, are highly sexual beings who desire fulfillment in the bedroom. However, satisfying a woman sexually requires effort and the ability to make her feel loved and desired. When women feel dissatisfied with their partner’s performance, they may seek sexual gratification elsewhere.

Sometimes, a woman’s sexual needs surpass those of her partner, leading to the temptation of extramarital affairs rather than ending the relationship entirely.

Surprisingly, women often outsource sexual pleasure while attempting to maintain their primary partnerships, fearing the consequences of breaking up their families and hurting their partners. These decisions are not taken lightly and come after years of attempting to improve their relationship.

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7. No intimacy at home

There may be a lack of intimacy and an emotional connection with their partner even though the sexual needs are met. The way to a woman’s heart is often non-sexual interactions like gift-giving, talking, sharing things, or just being remembered. If these emotional connections are not met then she can seek intimacy elsewhere.

8. Expecting too much

Some of the reasons why women cheat is because they have unrealistic expectations from their partner and that includes the needs and wants that they haven’t even communicated with their partner. When this happens, their partner will inevitably fail. This can make her seek comfort elsewhere.

9. They just want to leave

Another reason why women cheat in relationships is because, they find it easier to break off a relationship by cheating on someone else.

By engaging in an affair, when their partner inevitably discovers the betrayal, it becomes a catalyst for ending the relationship. The underlying reason is often the fear of being alone, prompting them to seek out another partner as a transition until they are ready to leave their current relationship behind.

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10. Lack of feminine support

Having girlfriends is an important part of any woman’s life. When you have friends you can share your feelings and they can make you feel okay. It’s important to have a healthy woman’s community.

Some women who had experienced maternal abuse or neglect, being undervalued, and compared with men, don’t usually welcome the company of women. Without anyone advising her what to do it can lead to infidelity.

11. Sex or Love Addiction

One of the reasons why women cheat in relationships is because they may find themselves trapped in a cycle of relentless sexual encounters.

Using sex as a coping mechanism to evade emotional turmoil and deep-seated psychological issues like depression, severe anxiety, low self-esteem, and unresolved childhood trauma. In some cases, they may develop an addiction, driving them to cheat on their partner repeatedly.

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12. Effects on the uninvolved partner

When a person learns about the betrayal, it can be extremely painful for the partner. Someone whose partner had an affair can experience psychological conditions. They can be as follows:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Distress
  • Low confidence and self-esteem
  • Self-blame or shame
  • Rage
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Not being able to perform at work

Why women cheat in relationships according to psychologists? The fact is that it’s not a specific romantic or sexual act that hurts but the constant lying and secrets that they keep from their partner hurts the most.

However, there are several types of infidelity besides sexual infidelity. Financial infidelity (keeping financial secrets) is also very common.

Why women cheat in relationships

When cheating becomes an unstoppable struggle. For some women, the act of infidelity goes beyond their control, surpassing their expectations. In such cases, seeking mental health assistance becomes crucial, with therapy and counseling offering hope for couples willing to work through the challenges.

In instances where a woman is identified as a sex addict, a comprehensive and specialized treatment plan becomes imperative.

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Why Some Women Cheat In Relationships

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