Why Waiting For The Right Person Doesn’t Make You Lonely, But Strong

Waiting For The Right Person Doesn't Make You Lonely

Man is a social animal. And two is a company. These are roughly what plagues every respectable, career-oriented, self-sufficient, and satisfied, happily single person of the 21st-century society in their Golden Age of 25 (and above). And, waiting for the right person makes you a lonely person, doesn’t it?

You can hear it in every wedding, engagement ceremony, and any type of family meeting and can see it in almost everybody’s eyes: the watchman, your maid, your mom’s friends, and your dad’s friends’ wives. You are aware and that is why you hate family events and having a list of ‘101 Strategies To Escape Nosy Elders At Almost Any Function.’ Everyone is worried you are going to die single — except you, of course. Nobody understands that you might just be ‘waiting for the right person’.

All they understand is that you either are a snobbish millennial who refuses to heed their age-old knowledge, or you are immensely fussy and non-amiable and all your so-presumed exes have learned it and left you. Singleton is suddenly a synonym of loneliness, trust issues, attitude issues, maturity issues, and everything along and about it.

Well, it is not.

Being single has been called a lot of things that honestly, it is not.

Being single is most importantly, a choice. A choice to wait, and be with the right person rather than just be with anybody who will not treat you right.

It is a choice to not rush into things that people claim are wonderful, a choice to wait for it to happen to you, a choice of not ending up with someone you don’t like or approve of.

Being single is an extension of the Right to Freedom if you ask me. Single is a lot of things. It is a way of life.

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So, let us take this moment to ponder upon all that being single really gives you:

1) Ability to recognize people.

Being single allows us to look at other people’s relationships with an open mind. We can observe and understand our friends’ relationships like only an unbiased outsider understands it.

Which, in other words, means that we also have some experience in understanding people. We can tell when our friend is being cheated upon or when they are being mean to their partners.

More than that, I always find that single people can call out bullshit much more easily than people who get into relationships quite early in their life. (Of course, some people are just born thick and hopeless).

When someone approaches you, your judgment is never clouded with desperation to get into a relationship or bitterness over the previous one. Plus, you have the added bonus of your friend’s experience and the experience attained from movies or books.

right person
Waiting for the right person

2) Being content with your own self.

Only you know that peace that comes with living by yourself. Being single and waiting for the One, allows you to accept what you expect out of a relationship and it gives you the maturity to call quits on a relationship that you decided to try but wasn’t your type.

You are able enough to choose to stay on your own rather than the wrong One — able enough because you know you are not a bad company to yourself. You can come up with hundreds of things you can do by yourself and not get bored because waiting was a calculated choice and it never even occurs to you to second guess it.

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