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7 Tell-Tale Signs Of A Guy You Should Be Waiting For

7 Tell-Tale Signs Of A Guy You Should Be Waiting For

Relationships can never be one-sided. While one yearns the other can just not drift away. Here are the tell tale signs of a guy you should be waiting for!

Having to date a guy or even marry one who is perfect is simply not a dream. For many women, it makes sense to be with a guy who shows signs of respect and dignity in what you do. So how best can you select a guy who can be your best friend and lover?

Here are a few tell tale signs of a man who will keep you forever and help you grow fonder of him over the years.

1. It is worth a wait for a guy who actually tells his friends that you are the girl in his life the moment you start hanging out with him. It also makes a lot of sense to be with a man who posts photos of you on the social media.

2. Texting may be in fashion these days, but treasure a guy who calls you up instead to make plans over the weekend before to finalize his dates with you!

3. Gifts are a constant source of love and inspiration when two people date each other. It makes the relationship grow stronger and better. A guy who lets you be on your own and does help you with chores is rare. Such boyfriends help you in every step of the way and make way for an egalitarian friendship in the long run.

4. One of the best indicators of love and respect is when he lets you eat the last piece in contentment! Even if you love rock and he pines metal, the convergence of the mind is simply not enough to keep the relationship grounded. The “right” guy will take you to his favorite metal concert and yet buy an extra ticket for you to attend the rock concert the next day.

5. It does not make sense to yearn for someone who does not respect what you want in life. If both of your goals and activities in life do not meet, do not wait anymore for the guy!

Instead be with someone that motivates you or even pushes you to go that extra mile to achieve your goals. A guy who does not put things off for you and yet shares his invaluable time with you is the answer to your mental peace.

6. Did you imagine that lovers share a lot of breathing space? Well even if they do, they do not leave you for longer periods of time without helping you in your trying times. It makes sense to wait for a guy that is by your side at all times.

7. The guy who loves you for all that you are- finds you cute as a button or even smart as a whip, is the guy that you should spend your life with. He should not berate or neglect you or even leave you because you are old or physically not as pretty as you were 10 years ago.

You should wait for a guy that helps you become a good person in the long run and makes you want more in life. Peace and stability is all women need, be with the guy that uplifts you, not pulls you apart in shreds!

7 Tell-Tale Signs Of A Guy You Should Be Waiting For

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