5 Reasons Why People Believe In Astrology And Why You Should Too


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Reasons astrology zodiac signs

Do you believe in astrology? Have you ever wondered why numerous people believe in astrology across the world, even when it isn’t scientifically backed? Do you think that there is some truth to astrology and horoscopes or is it all a scam? Let’s explore the reasons to believe in astrology.

What is astrology? 

Astrology is the belief that celestial and astronomical phenomena, like the movement of planets and stars, can influence and affect our personality, behavior and actions in daily life. Astrology is vastly different from astronomy, as astrology is seen as a pseudoscience by scientists, while astronomy is the scientific study of the universe. Regardless, innumerable people believe in astrology and have believed in it since the 18th century.

It is a system that uses information and knowledge of divinatory practices to recognize and identify how the movement of celestial objects can influence an individual’s –

  • Birth chart
  • Personality
  • Human affairs & terrestrial events
  • Events likely to occur in future
  • Challenges & opportunities
  • Career, health and relationships

As a divinatory practice, astrology is without equal in both its colorful history and modern day popularity. Astrology has grown, over thousands of years, into a huge and ornate superstructure that lacks a central design,” explains a study. Scientists consider “astrology to be a great teetering monument to human gullibility.” 

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Psychologists have observed that individuals who believe in astrology tend to have an external locus of control in life and they believe that external forces that are beyond their control, greatly influence their lives. This is why they overly rely on horoscopes and zodiac signs as it validates their beliefs that external factors control their life and they personally have no control over it. While the psychology of why people believe in astrology may paint a dim picture, millions of people around the world still check their horoscope and daily predictions first thing when they wake up in the morning. This is the power of astrology. 

But why do people believe in astrology? There are many good reasons why people believe in astrology and why you should too. 

reasons to believe in astrology

5 Reasons to believe in astrology

Do you believe in zodiac signs? If you are still not sure whether you should believe in astrology or not, here are 5 reasons why people believe in astrology –

1. It is all about math

While scientists may claim that astrology is pseudoscience, it does take a serious scientific and mathematical approach to use ancient knowledge and wisdom to help us learn more about ourselves. Astrology is based on planetary transits, movements & alignments, and takes into account different numerological calculations, mathematical principles & geometric patterns. While most people believe astrology is some superstitious mumbo-jumbo, it has a strong mathematical base and this is why so many people believe in astrology worldwide.

It is a branch of science which has been perfected for centuries. People have believed in astrological predictions and zodiac signs since ancient times because they have proven to be accurate.

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2. It helps to cope with stress & anxiety

Most of us turn to astrology in times of stress & uncertainty. Astrology helps us navigate through the challenges and points us towards a happier future. It acts as a tool to help us cope with stress and anxiety and helps us experience a sense of certainty when facing troubles and challenges. And this is why people believe in astrology. According to a study, in most cases, people who believe in astrology consult an astrologer when they are facing “stresses” related to their career, relationships or social roles. It is a coping device that is beneficial in both high stress and low-stress conditions.

Further studies reveal that astrology helps us cope with negative life events and anxieties related to the uncertainty of a future event. While it may not offer clear or definite solutions, it can help us make sense of uncertain and ambiguous situations and help us reduce confusion, distress, fear and insecurities. It helps us develop a sense of better control over the situations and gives us the inner strength to face a number of personal crises. Astrology can also improve self-verification, psychological comfort and bring reassurance about the future. This is one of the answers to “Why should we believe in astrology?

3. It reveals our strengths and weaknesses

Whether we like to admit it or not, none of us are perfect. All of us have some flaws and imperfections, coupled with some unique strengths and qualities that we may or may not be aware of. Astrology uses the knowledge of celestial bodies to make us aware of our unique gifts and limitations so that we can hone our strengths and work on our weaknesses to become stronger in life. People believe in astrology as it can help us become a better human being by putting in the effort to polish ourselves and reveal our strengths. It can help us become the best version of ourselves.

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However, astrology will also reveal your hidden weaknesses no matter who you may be. Astrological guidance can motivate you to move ahead in life by focusing on things that need your most attention, like having certain personality or behavioral flaws. Once you overcome these limitations, you will be able to grow without any boundaries and become a more evolved, matured individual.

4. It helps build stronger relationships

Astrology and zodiac signs can teach us a lot about ourselves, our romantic partner and our relationships. Romantic relationships are never easy. They are unique and complicated that require a lot of attention, time, sacrifices, nurturing and love. However, people believe in astrology as it can help us figure out certain relationship hacks that can make this adventurous journey of love a little easier, romantic and happier. Astrology can also help us meet our soulmate and choose the right person for us.

We can learn a lot about our partner’s inherent personality, traits, preferences and love language through the zodiac signs. This astrological information can help us connect deeper with our partner by doing what they like and avoiding things they dislike. Moreover astrology can also help us determine our romantic compatibility with our partner based on our zodiac signs. It can encourage us to take the right steps to build a beautiful and lasting relationship, bring more sexual intimacy and even have a happy, healthy married life. 

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5. It helps us understand ourselves better

Astrology takes us on a path of self-discovery by allowing us to learn more about our personalities, traits and behavior patterns based on our zodiac signs. Perhaps this is why so many people believe in astrology. Studies have revealed a strong association between the belief in astrology “with cognitive, personality, and psychological factors such as thinking style, self-concept verification, and stress.Astrology can help us gain self-awareness and gain more clarity about who we truly are inside. By knowing ourselves better, we can gain better control over our negative thoughts and emotions, avoid acting out impulsively and pause before reacting out of anger or frustration. 

Researchers believe that astrology is an excellent tool for self-verification and for validating our own self-concept.Astrology may have a profound influence on people’s self-concept, due to psychological processes like self-attribution and selective self-observation,” explains a study. Belief in astrology helps us self-reflect and gain a clearer picture of who we are as an individual, to ourselves and to our loved ones. It helps us make better choices, find personal meaning and focus more on being increasingly self-aware.

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Here are some other reasons why people believe in astrology and why you should start too –

  • It helps you prepare for future challenges & obstacles through predictions and forewarnings.
  • Astrology, horoscope and zodiac signs are extremely fun and entertaining. It can be a great conversation starter as well.
  • It brings the focus on you – your personality, your life, your relationships, your career and your future based on when you were born.
  • It helps you evolve with changing times as the study of astrology changes constantly.
  • It helps you make better decisions about your education, career, family, partner, health and achieving success in life.
  • It helps you learn about all the aspects of your life, especially your inner self and encourages you to explore more about spirituality and the universe.
  • It gives you the necessary validation and helps to boost your mental health by reducing stress and anxiety and improving self-esteem and self-confidence.

Now you know about all the probable benefits of believing in astrology and how it can help to positively transform your life.

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Let astrology guide you

Whether you are a believer or not, you cannot deny that millions of people believe in astrology and that it can have several benefits that make our lives better. It can help you make better sense of your past, present and future and validate your concept of self. While most of us explore astrology out of curiosity and to have some fun, astrology and zodiac signs can seriously show us the way ahead and lead us to success and happiness in life.

believe in zodiac signs

Although not all predictions may be accurate and some astrologers may turn out to be scammers, real astrology can help you get an idea about your future and stay prepared for both challenges and opportunities.

So give astrology a shot and find out for yourself how it can completely transform your life for the better. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is astrology real?

While astrology is not considered real by the scientific community, several genuine astrologers have made numerous accurate predictions since ages. Although there may not be any scientific evidence proving the authenticity of astrology, people who believe in this art, consider astrology to be real.

In fact, according to a 2012 survey, 34% of American adults believe astrology to be “very” or “sort of scientific.”

Who invented astrology?

Astrology and horoscopes were originally introduced 2,400 years ago by the Babylonians. Later about 2,100 years ago, astrology became popular in eastern Mediterranean and Egypt.

Who is an astrologer?

An astrologer is someone who uses astrology to predict a person’s future events and personality by analyzing the positions of celestial bodies like the Sun, the Moon, the planets and the stars based on their birth chart.

Why is Gen Z obsessed with astrology?

Astrology has become immensely popular today as it helps to validate an individual’s self-concept, helps them to cope with anxiety related to their future and empowers them to understand their inner self.

Is it a sin to believe in zodiac signs?

According to the Bible, believing in astrology and zodiac signs is a sin. Christianity forbids its followers from believing in astrology.

Reasons believe in astrology zodiac signs pin
Reasons astrology zodiac signs pin

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