The 3 Stages of Zodiac Signs That Most People Don’t Know About


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Stages Zodiac Signs Most People Dont Know About

So, you think you know everything about the zodiac signs and their significance! Care to put that belief to the test? Here, we will talk about the 3 stages of zodiac signs, which might open your eyes to some of the best-kept secrets of the cosmos.

When we look at the zodiac signs individually, as our respective sun signs, we are only looking at some cliff notes that highlight the key points of our psyche and personality. However, there are 2 very interesting ways in which we can get a more comprehensive view and a deeper understanding of how our life and destiny unfold with time. And both of these methods are centered around the stages of zodiac signs.

So what are these stages of zodiac signs and how do our zodiac sun signs help us to navigate through them? Find more on this, down below!

Stages Of Zodiac Signs

Our destiny depends on our personalities, the way we perceive things, and most importantly on our Karma. This is why our fate is never set in stone, rather fluid, and changes with time. As we grow and evolve, our life goes through several stages of development, and all these stages of evolution are known as different stages of zodiac signs. This is because our zodiac sun signs help us to understand these stages of spiritual development.

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Zodiac Signs As A Group

The 12 zodiac signs together as a group symbolize our journey, running parallelly with our evolution, each signifying a stage of our life. From Aries to Pisces, every sun sign talks about the stages of life we are currently in, leaving behind, or going to approach.

This is how we come to the 1st method of viewing our stages of zodiac signs, according to astrology. Before we get into this subject, let’s touch base with the 2nd method of studying the different stages of zodiac signs in our life.

The Three Stages Of Zodiac Signs

This is where things get even more interesting. Not only do the 12 zodiac signs give us a guide map of our life course, but each one of the 12 signs goes through 3 unique stages of growth, marking our progress as a soul. While our zodiac signs remain constant, they move rather lucidly through these 3 stages of zodiac signs.

Now let’s have a detailed look at these 2 interesting approaches towards understanding the stages of zodiac signs.

Zodiac Signs As A Group

Each of the 12 zodiac signs represents the development of a certain personality trait as well as the duration of the development. It is interesting to note that the dominant characteristic of each zodiac sign is age-appropriate for the specific zodiac stage of life it is linked with.

So, how the different stages of zodiac signs can be studied with the help of the zodiac sun signs, throughout our lives? We have got the answer to that!

The 3 Stages of Zodiac Signs

1. Aries

Stages Zodiac Signs Most People Dont Know aries

Newborn / Infant

At the very first stage of life, we are driven by our survival instinct and thus we are necessarily self-centered, egoistic, and selfish.

2. Taurus

Stages Zodiac Signs Most People Dont Know taurus


At the 2nd stage of life, we form attachments with our caregivers and the people around us. We are focused on our needs and how they are met by the adults in our life.

3. Gemini

Stages Zodiac Signs Most People Dont Know gemini


We are now curious and want to explore our surrounding environment. At this zodiac stage of life, we are fickle and have an insatiable eagerness to know everything.

4. Cancer

Stages Zodiac Signs Most People Dont Know cancer

Latency Age Child

In the 4th zodiac stage of life, we start developing our sense of self and tend to get vulnerable to negative feedback or rejections.

5. Leo

Stages Zodiac Signs Most People Dont Know leo

Teenager / Adolescent

By the time we reach the adolescent stage of life, we are defensive about ourselves, which can be interpreted as being adamant or willful. 

6. Virgo

Stages Zodiac Signs Most People Dont Know virgo

Young Adult

Virgo zodiac sign represents the stage of life when we start getting concerned about our talents, credibility, and future prospects.

7. Libra

Stages Zodiac Signs Most People Dont Know libra


Companionship, love, marriage, and conjugal life become our driving force at this particular zodiac stage of life.

8. Scorpio

Stages Zodiac Signs Most People Dont Know scorpio

Steady Lover

At this zodiac sign stage, we have established intimacy and are stable in our relationships. But we also hanker for isolation to ponder on things like our mortality and our control over life.

9. Sagittarius

Stages Zodiac Signs Most People Dont Know sagittarius

Moral Adult

Gradually we become more inclined towards topics like social justice, morality, community, and other ethical imperatives. 

10. Capricorn

Stages Zodiac Signs Most People Dont Know capricon

Mature Adult

The 10th stage of life sees us rather being traditional, conservative, and set in our ways. We like to stay in our comfort zone and maintain the status quo.

11. Aquarius

Stages Zodiac Signs Most People Dont Know aquarius


Now we leave behind the identities that we have worked so hard to build up, all our adult life. We get detached from our past and start seeking a new identity and the meaning of life.

12. Pisces

Stages Zodiac Signs Most People Dont Know pisces


The very last of our 12 stages of zodiac signs mark our gradual readiness to return to the source by giving up our earthly pleasures and material desires.

The Three Stages Of Each Zodiac Sign

According to this school of thought, as we grow old, our respective sun sign goes through three stages of zodiac signs, and the main symbol of each zodiac sign, that we are born under, only indicates the 1st step of our journey. As we mature, we lose touch with the former stages of life.

But what are these three stages of zodiac signs you ask? Look no further, read on!

3 Stages Of Aries Zodiac:


People born under the zodiac sign Aries are passionate and confident as children. They are assertive and want to conquer all. However, gradually they realize that there are no winners in a fight, and start valuing the emotions of others.


This is the time when they become the shepherd and go into the hermit mode of isolation and contemplation. As they learn to filter passion from rage, they approach the next zodiac stage of life.

Reborn Sun

As the sun takes rebirth after the cold winter, the natives of this zodiac sign emerge like a phoenix from the ashes of their old self of self-pity, heartbreaks, and disappointments, in the final stage of life.

3 Stages Of Taurus Zodiac:


This is when the Taurus zodiac natives are forceful and invincible. They charge headfirst into everything that comes in their way and break obstacles, instead of overcoming them or working around them.


When sense is dawned upon Taurus, they realize how much damage they have caused, and this makes them engulfed in shame. As the mythic beast Minotaur, they get lost in a dark labyrinth of rage, guilt, and stubbornness, in this zodiac stage of life.


It’s only when they realize their captivity is self-imposed, in their final zodiac stage of life, they leave their stubborn attitude and start owning up to their deeds. Their self-actualization makes them a divine presence to be in.

3 Stages Of  Gemini Zodiac:


Their initial zodiac stage of life is marked by curiosity and a burning desire to explore different ways of the world. With time this eagerness is ebbed as the Gemini natives encounter a loss or an emotional setback.


Bored with an unfulfilling life, the Gemini goes on a quest to find a deeper meaning of their existence. Often this journey turns out to be an exercise in futility and feeling jaded they return to their 1st stage of life.


Only when they are able to let go of their pain and disappointments and realize that their lust for knowledge is actually the love for life, do they start seeing things from a positive perspective and become a star.

3 Stages Of Cancer  Zodiac:


Water represents emotions. In the beginning stage of life, the water sign Cancer gets swayed by their emotions and just like a crab cannot maintain a straight direction. Their life is influenced by the behavior of the people around them.


When the hard exterior of the Crab cracks due to hurt or betrayal, they reach the next zodiac stage of life, where they become the Hydra, a dangerous creature who destroys everyone that crosses them, but who cannot be slain or tamed by others.


As soon as Cancer realizes that their hurtful ways are only keeping them away from true love and companionship, in their last stage of life, they are transformed into an enlightened being, compassionate, and graceful.

3 Stages Of  Leo Zodiac:


At the 1st zodiac stage of life, Leos are confident, passionate, and hopeful. They are naturally gifted leaders who believe they can make the world a better place to live. 


Next comes the dissolution of faith, in the 2nd stage of life, as others question the authority of the Leo, owing to their lack of experience and their childlike approach towards life.


After Leo natives successfully go through a dark night of the soul and do a lot of self-work, they regain their confidence, become aware of their flaws, and adopt a royal outlook of power, understanding, and generosity.

3 Stages Of Virgo Zodiac:


Like Persephone, the young Virgo is full of life and beauty in this zodiac stage of life. Their heart is brimming with love and hope for the future. They have their whole life ahead of them, and they can’t be more excited.

Dark Maiden

But as Persephone was abducted and taken to the dark underworld, Virgo natives too, have to travel to the dark realm of pain and shattered dreams, in their 2nd stage of life. They spend a lot of time in sadness and remorse.


Eventually, as they make peace with their situation and accept the fact that they need to make the most of whatever life throws at them, the Virgo natives become the winner and rule over their present situation.

3 Stages Of  Libra Zodiac:


The Libra zodiac upholds the Scales of Themis, representing the Goddess of Justice. Natives born under this sun sign like to arrive at a judgment after considering all aspects of the matter and listening to every piece of opinion.


For this attitude, they are wrongly perceived to be indecisive and dependent on others. Enraged by harsh criticism, they decide to let off their virtuous way and they cease to be fair and just. They put on the blindfold of Themis, in their 2nd zodiac stage of life.


But with maturity, Libras realize that everyone makes mistakes, and what is important is to take the best possible decision and listen to one’s conscience. Thus, they are armored with the sword of truth and power, in the final stage of life.

3 Stages Of Scorpio Zodiac:


At the 1st zodiac stage of life, Scorpio natives vehemently pursue their heart’s desire and often succeed in their ventures. But, sometimes they encounter a failure and take it too personally. They go off the radar and hibernate for a long time.


As soon as they come to the realization that chasing success cannot be the only objective of life, they see that as an eagle they have been flying high and flying solo for an awfully long time.


This is when they embody the spirit of the divine Phoenix and step in their true power. In their 3rd zodiac stage of life, they become unstoppable. As they now have learned their true potential, they do not underestimate their caliber.

3 Stages Of  Sagittarius Zodiac:


Initially, people born under this sun sign are very optimistic and confident in their abilities. In the 1st zodiac stage of life, they aim for their target, and more often than not, hit the bull’s eye.


But with age and experience, they get introduced to disappointments and failures. Though they still give everything their best shot, somehow they tend to lose their perspective and motivation in this stage of life.


After a lot of soul-searching they understand that their willpower and love for freedom will overpower any obstacle that might show up and with this newfound wisdom, they become the legendary Centaur who is an inspiration to all.

3 Stages Of Capricorn Zodiac:


The goat is an earthly creature that might not be as magnificent as the lion but people sure depend on it. Similarly, people born under this sun sign are reliable and trustworthy. Others can depend on them and the Capricorn won’t let them down.


This helpful nature of the Capricorns often gets them manipulated and used. Feeling dejected, they often detach themselves from everyone, even from the ones who love them. As Amalthia, the goat nymph had turned Zeus into a cave, they choose isolation.

Horn Of Plenty

Cornucopia is the Horn Of Plenty, the symbol of Amalthia. Once Capricorns advance in their path of spiritual development, in their last zodiac stage of life, they become emotionally strong and unlock significant material prosperity.

3 Stages Of Aquarius Zodiac:


The legendary cupbearer was stranded on Mount Olympus. Natives of the Aquarius sun sign, also feel alienated as they find it difficult to communicate their true emotions with the rest of the world. Their initial zodiac stage of life is characterized by loneliness and a craving for companionship.


At this stage of life, they want to explore the vast world to find a kindred spirit. But most of them realize that like the eagle, they are bound to fly solo, as they belong to a much higher spiritual level than the rest.


When an Aquarius gains significant spiritual growth and discovers their authentic self, in the final zodiac stage of life, they align with their higher self and become earth angels. They are the intuitives and healers who spread love, light, and positivity.

3 Stages Of Pisces Zodiac:


Just like a fish, people born under this sun sign spend their initial stage of life in a peaceful, sheltered, and controlled environment. They are empaths who feel emotions (water energy) all around them and see energies as life force.


When inevitably they come face to face with toxic and negative energies, in their 2nd zodiac stage of life, they draw themselves back and go to the darkest depth of despair.


But when Pisces, one of the most emotional ones of all the zodiac sun signs, discover that their true power is in the ocean of emotions roaring inside their heart, they attain emotional maturity and become the primordial Ocean God, in their very last stage of life.

Change Is The Only Constant

As now you know how we move through the different stages of zodiac signs all through our life, according to astrology and the 12 zodiac sun signs, you must have realized that it is our divine purpose to gather human experiences, both good and bad, and to grow as a soul.

And it is this journey that can be witnessed through the evolution of zodiac signs, with the help of these two different methods, we have explained above.

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If you like our article on Stages Of Zodiac Signs, do let us know through your lovely comments!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 3 types of zodiac signs?

The 3 types of zodiac signs are Cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), Mutable (Gemini, Virgo, Sag, Pisces), and Fixed (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius), and all of them go through 3 different stages of life that symbolize our spiritual development.

Do all zodiac signs have 3 stages?

Yes, all 12 zodiac sun signs move through 3 unique stages of spiritual growth.

Stages Zodiac Signs Most People Dont Know
Stages Zodiac Signs Most People Dont Know About pin

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