10 Psychology Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind


Psychology Tricks Blow Your Mind

A human brain is a complex machine that has numerous subconscious mental tricks and quirks up its sleeve.
And once you know how to tap into these psychological tricks, you can easily have a leg up in life.

So whether you want to succeed in your career, find your soul mate or be more socially confident, here are the 10 best psychology tricks that will blow your mind!

10 Psychology Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind

1) Placebo sleep improves brain function

Do you ever have trouble sleeping, wake up groggy, and lack energy the next day? Telling yourself that you had a good night’s sleep can make you feel relaxed and fresh. 

Studies have found that if you truly believe that you had enough sleep the previous night, even when you didn’t, you will feel well-rested, more energetic, and experience better cognitive functioning.

Known as placebo sleep, this trick shows that we can tell ourselves that we are well-rested or feel tired, regardless of the actual quality of our sleep, which can affect our performance.

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2) Warm hands create stronger impressions

We all know that handshakes are important for a great first impression, but did you know that the temperature of your hand matters too?

We subconsciously associate cold hands with unreliability and distrust, while warm hands are linked with a friendly and welcoming feeling. 

So make sure to rub your hands together and warm them up before an important meeting or a job interview for that deal-sealing handshake.

3) Fewer choices make better decisions

Having multiple options can seem exciting when making a decision, but it can make you feel overwhelmed. 

This is known as the “paradox of choice” effect. Studies show that a wide range of choice options can lead to poor behavioral outcomes and negative emotional states, leading to poor decisions.

On the other hand, when we have fewer options to choose from, we gain better clarity and make better decisions.

4) Noticing eye color boosts your charm

Maintaining eye contact can often be weird, but if you want to impress someone new without looking like a creep, then simply notice the color of their eye to maintain eye contact a little bit longer. But you don’t need to tell them obviously.

Scientists believe that these few extra moments of observing their eye color can instantly make you appear more attractive, charismatic, confident, and friendly

5) Chewing gum reduces stress and anxiety

Do you get stressed and anxious before a big event? Popping a piece of gum can help us feel more relaxed and calmer as our brain tends to feel safe when we eat.

Studies have found that chewing gum under stress can reduce cortisol levels, relieve stress, anxiety & depression, increase focus, and improve mood & short-term memory.

So if you want to feel more at peace and comfortable during times of stress, keep a piece of gum around.

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6) Yawn to know who’s watching you

Ever get that feeling that you’re being watched in a public place? Well, the next time you feel someone’s looking at you, simply look at the person you suspect and yawn!

As yawning is contagious, chances are your stalker will yawn too and reveal themselves. Studies show that contagious yawning is a response to someone else’s yawn. 

7) Ask for favors to build connection

Have a crush on someone from your class or workplace? Then simply ask them for a small favor to make them like you and be friendlier. Known as the Ben Franklin effect, this psychological trick reveals that when someone performs a favor for you, they are more likely to do more favors for you.

This is a form of cognitive dissonance that makes the person believe that they like you as they have done something nice for you.

8) Get close to avoid arguments

About to get into a heated argument with your boss or your partner? Simply sit close to them. Being in close proximity with the aggressor can reduce the intensity of their aggression as it is highly awkward to be angry at someone who is right next to you.

Close proximity can make someone uncomfortable enough to reduce their aggression and go easy on you.

9) Excitement increases attraction

Want to impress your date or add spark to your relationship? Then skip that romcom and fancy dinner and head to the amusement park. Studies show that engaging in exciting activities on a date can increase emotional arousal.

When you take your date on a roller coaster or even a horror movie, they subconsciously relate you to excitement. Known as relational stimulation, excitement and adrenaline can boost attraction among couples or even strangers.

So the next time you plan a date, do something playful, adventurous, passionate and spontaneous.

10) Wednesdays are the key to happiness

Is the work week draining you? Do you live from weekend to weekend? Then plan something awesome every Wednesday. By cutting your week in half and creating a reward every Wednesday, the week will feel less stressful and go by much faster. 

You can plan something small like going out on a date, hanging out with friends, or treating yourself to a nice dinner at home. This will take the edge off from

the work week and keep you motivated.

As they say, It is Wednesday, my dudes!

These 10 psychological tricks are really cool and so simple that you can start trying them out from today itself and gain an advantage in any situation.

Do you know any other awesome psychological tricks that can blow our minds?

Let us know about your experiences in the comments section below. Want to share your wisdom with the world?

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