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8 Remarkable Psychological Benefits Of Making Your Bed

Benefits Of Making Your Bed

To Do Or Not To Do?

If you are not sure whether daily bed-making is right for your creativity, health, or hygiene, we suggest the following:

  • Maintain a journal to observe and document your experiences while you try making your bed for some days. If it doesn’t work, you can switch back any time you want.
  • Use disinfectant sprays on your beds and change the sheets regularly.
  • Avoid and delegate the most strenuous part of the process and stick to only fluffing the pillows or pulling the covers.

Some Helpful Tips If You Struggle To Make Your Bed

Although we have mentioned several psychological benefits of making your bed, we cannot ignore the fact that mental health issues like depression, anxiety, etc., are quite debilitating and can prevent you from having a routine-based life. But the following tips can be helpful if you are trying to incorporate daily bed-making into your daily schedule:

  • Do something that you enjoy while making your bed, for example listening to music
  • Don’t keep it off for later; it will only become more dreadful if you procrastinate
  • Share your task and responsibility with your partner/roommate/sibling
  • Break the task down into smaller chunks such as pulling up the covers or folding the sheets
  • Create a list and check it off every morning

You Make The Bed You Sleep In

Let’s put a positive spin on the age-old saying: you have made your bed, now lie in it! So figuratively speaking, you get to lie in the neat and clean bed every night that you have made in the morning. In other words, when you take mindful action towards the choice of making your bed daily, it pays you off in so many ways and can potentially improve the quality of your life.

Although this one habit alone cannot take away all the challenges of your life, you must not underestimate the importance of good daily habits, formed especially in the early stages of life, that can set you up for lifelong success.

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After knowing all about the psychological benefits of making your bed and why you should make your bed every day, we leave it up to you to decide which way to go! But don’t forget to let us know your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does making your bed help with anxiety?

Anecdotal evidence strongly suggests that the psychological benefits of making your bed include managing emotional distresses, such as anxiety.

Does making your bed improve your mood?

Yes, mood improvement and better emotional regulation are some of the psychological benefits of making your bed every day.

Does making your bed make you live longer?

There’s no research to suggest that, however, a clean and neat bed leads to a cleaner living space which is beneficial for the aging brain.

Is making your bed good for mental health?

Yes, there are several psychological benefits of making your bed every morning.

Do successful people make bed?

Although we don’t have any data to support that, good daily habits cultivated in your formative years can set you up for a successful life.

Psychological Benefits Of Making Your Bed pin
8 Remarkable Psychological Benefits Of Making Your Bed
Benefits Of Making Your Bed pin
8 Remarkable Psychological Benefits Of Making Your Bed
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