How Rest Affects Our Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Health and 5 Tips To Rest Better

How Rest Affects Our Physical Health

5. When you hit a wall, sharpen the axe.

A great way of being able to tell that you need to take a break is when you begin running headfirst into a metaphorical brick wall. This can be in terms of focus, where your eyes just glaze over and you end up in a state of staring at the book you need to read, instead of actually reading it. It can also be in trying to come up with ideas or plan a project, where no matter how hard you try and how many hours you spend, you keep running into the same wall.

In times like this, it is a sign you need to walk away for a moment and sharpen the ax. By doing this, when you return to the task at hand you will be doing so sharper and with more focus.

Being able to begin studying again, without just staring at the page. Or perhaps being able to suddenly come up with a novel idea to a problem at hand, simply because you took a break and were, therefore, able to see the issue more clearly, and potentially from different angles than you were able to before.

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How Rest Affects Our Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Health and 5 Tips To Rest Better

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Of course, in order to rest and sharpen yourself. It is important to know what areas of yourself to focus on. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey suggests that there are four primary domains that we should focus on these being – Physical, Spiritual, Mental, and Social/Emotional.

All of these dimensions are interconnected, an improvement in one aspect will help all of the other aspects. By being able to identify and focus on our needs in these domains, which I go into more detail below, will help allow us to be the best versions of ourselves possible.

1. Physical

To sharpen and work on your physical health, helps ensure that you have the strength and vigor to face the day. After all, if you are tired and sick all of the time, it will be extremely difficult to be productive no matter how hard you work.

At a minimum, it is important to focus on eating right, getting enough exercise, and sleeping enough hours. When life gets hard it is often much to easy to lose track of any one of these, but they are extremely important to try and keep on top of in order to perform at your best.

2. Spiritual

This domain focuses on your sense of purpose in life. It acts as the core of who you are and often acts to guide the “why” of your actions through life.

Failure to take care of this part of yourself can leave you feeling burnt out, cynical and jaded. It is very easy to neglect this part of ourselves, due to the fact it is less concrete than a lot of what else that happens in life, and as such can feel less important.

There can be many ways to help build upon this aspect of life. These include, but are not limited to Reading, Practicing Self-Examination, Meditation, Spending time in Solitude, and writing in a Journal. They can also have a more religious aspect if you are that way inclined.

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How Rest Affects Our Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Health and 5 Tips To Rest Better

3. Mental

A lot of work in the modern day is mental work. Though like the body during physical work, your mind can also be dulled if you preform mental work all of the time without break.

Usually the best way to help rest the mind, is not to just try to turn it off, which can be incredibly difficult. But to instead use different parts of it, parts of it that are not the ones being constantly ground down at work.

Hobbies and pastimes can often help with this, be they writing, painting, cooking, or any other hobby that you may have. Things that force you to take a break from the issues of work, allowing that part to rest while you use another part to focus on a different sort of task entirely.

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