Problem Areas of Each Zodiac Sign

Problem Areas of Each Zodiac Sign


Doubting self- worth and building insecurities

As much as you do for others, you often feel like you are still not bringing joy to those around you and this is something you don’t take lightly because your goal is harmony and happiness.

You can over-react like nobody’s business, sometimes not realizing that the person you’re actually mad at is you; this is mainly due to some underlying insecurities in that particular area of your life.


High Need For affection vs Low Self-Esteem

Your passion for love knows no bounds and this makes you expect the same from other people due to which even the slightest feeling of maliciousness at the hands of loved ones, especially your romantic partners can scar your feelings and emotions.

You often feel like you’re not good enough and due to such an inferiority complex, you inadvertently act in ways to boost yourself (being critical of people’s shortcomings, seeking quick fixes of attention, etc).


Casual attitude towards life and indecisive

You hate restrictions of any kind and because of this you are hesitant about making serious decisions, whether it be in love or other matters; you want to be able to live that “hold-free” life.

You are sometimes way too impulsive and this leads to failure. Your spur-of-the-moment ways also lead you to speak on more than you can deliver, even with the best intentions.


Adamant and restricted by nature.

You’re a strong-minded person but at times you can come off as too headstrong or “mighty” and this keeps some people at bay; sometimes all it takes is a little slice of humble pie.

You can be very guarded without even having a concrete reason why you’re being so; your motto is “guilty until proven innocent” and it’s okay to protect yourself but this can limit genuine relationships.


Lost in thoughts and often a ‘People Pleaser’

You often appear to be losing connections with reality and feel that people are out to take advantage of you which causes you to withdraw from even the closest ones to you.

You have self-inhibitions that limit your interactions with people and this causes you to feel like you’re losing out on love. You feel a need to please others also deviating from your true self in order to be loved.


Defensive and argumentative.

Unlike other water signs, you have no “outer shell” to protect yourself, so you tend to hide or disappear as a defense mechanism. This can get very “real” for you since it doesn’t take much for you to get hurt or stressed.

You have a tendency to test people and can be quarrelsome without realizing the extent of it and you can push people right out the door if you don’t keep this at a minimum.

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