Priming Psychology: How To Influence Someone’s Thoughts and Behaviors

Priming Psychology: How To Influence Someone’s Thoughts and Behaviors

Here are a few ways priming psychology can help us improve our lives:


1. Psychology & Research

Priming is a helpful tool that enables psychologists and mental health professionals to conduct research on the human brain and memory.


2. Advertising 

Priming can also help advertisers and marketing experts to create campaigns to manipulate and convince buyers to spend more money on their products and boost sales.

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3. Politics

Similar to advertisements, using the right words, images, colors and other priming strategies like repetition and association can also help politicians to gather your vote.


4. Meditation & yoga

Mantras used during meditation and yoga are also great examples of positive priming which generates positive feelings and relief from stress and anxiety.


5. Addiction

Priming can also be used to alleviate symptoms of addiction. It can replace negative thoughts and emotions with positive ones, motivating the person to bring about necessary positive changes to overcome addictive behavior.


6. Amnesia

Priming psychology is also used as medical-psychiatric treatment for amnesia. Priming strategies like word completion tasks can help patients to successfully complete the task, which they would fail otherwise. Studies have found that long-lasting repetition priming can greatly help patients with amnesia.


7. Education

Priming can also be an excellent tool for education. It can allow students to prepare their minds about the upcoming lessons and offer them an overview about what they are about to learn. According to educational consultant Kendra Cherry, “Teachers and educators can also utilize priming as a learning tool. Some students perform better when they know what they can expect.” 

She adds “Priming is often used as an educational intervention for students with certain learning disabilities. New material is presented before it is taught, allowing the student to become comfortable with it… Because they are already familiar with the information and materials, they may be better able to pay attention during the actual lesson.”

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Priming to succeed

You can use priming in your daily life to become a better version of yourself and achieve success in different aspects of life. Although this technique operates outside our conscious awareness, it can certainly be beneficial for us. It can not only influence your perceptions, behaviors, thoughts, emotions and actions, it can also affect how you interpret information.


You can use priming psychology in your daily life through texts, emails, social network updates, powerpoints, journals etc. However, journaling can be exceptionally helpful, believes national best selling author Vanessa Van Edwards. She writes “I find if you journal or self-reflect using words of emotions and actions you want to create, you have a much more successful follow-up.

She concludes “Priming is an interesting way of approaching your own attitude and other’s. I highly recommend practicing with friends and family members and being transparent about your wanting to produce positive effects in the people you are interacting with.

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Here is an interesting video that you may find helpful:

Priming Psychology: How To Influence Someone’s Thoughts and Behaviors

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