12 Tips For Preventing Energy Infiltration And Reclaiming Your Energy Back As An Empath

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5. Don’t play catch.

Just because someone throws you a dirty rag, doesn’t mean you have to catch it – let it go, and it cannot affect you.

6. Look for the beauty.

We tend to look for what is wrong in others – but, instead, look for the beauty, and you will align with higher and higher aspects of others. People will feel your love and respond in turn, raising your vibration and theirs.

7. Be kind to yourself.

The world is always reflecting the feelings and beliefs that we have towards ourselves. If you want others to address you more positively, you must also commit to doing this for yourself.

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8. Set boundaries.

It is okay to let people know how to treat you and even how to speak with you. Don’t be afraid to set boundaries, such as no gossiping, no judgment, no complaining. You might say something like, “You probably didn’t know this, but I am making how I feel the most important part of every day, so I am no longer taking part in gossip or anything that feels judgmental toward me or anyone else.” You might add, “Would you like to join me?”

9. Share positive energy.

If you are feeling good, show it. Smile, be generous and give compliments. Live out loud. Remember, the stronger vibration dominates all personal encounters. When you out-warded share positive energy, you won’t be affected by lower vibes and those around you will actually begin to feel better. This is how you make a difference every day!

10. Project energy.

Instead of surrounding yourself with a protective energy shield, imagine Divine Energy flowing into you and overflowing from you – creating an aura of light and love all around you. Allow this powerful energy to resonate with you and affect everyone you meet.

11. Trust your intuition.

Your intuition is a superior inner guidance system and will always show you the way. When you don’t listen to yourself and you put the desires of others first, you compromise your energy and you allow the energy of others to affect you. Every time you trust your inner guidance and take action accordingly, you strengthen your ability to protect your personal energy, and therefore you naturally keep out negative energy.

trust your intuition to prevent negative energy
empath intuition

Final Thoughts

When you ultimately reach a point where you don’t take on the energy of others, you are able to connect and respond from a higher level, where it is possible to feel what someone is feeling without acquiring their pains and woes. 

This is the Divine Experience of Compassion. From this pristine space, you can give love without compromising or sacrificing yourself in any way. Instead of feeling drained, you feel powerfully energized and have an abundance of positive and powerful energy to offer and share.

It is through this state of Higher Love, that you are true of service to the world.

Written by Nanice Ellis
Originally appeared on Nanice
Prevent Energy Infiltration Reclaim Your Energy empath pin
How To Reclaim Your Energy and Prevent Further Infiltration: 12 Tips For An Empath
your energy ack as empath pinop
12 Tips For Preventing Energy Infiltration And Reclaiming Your Energy Back As An Empath
your energy ack as empath pin
12 Tips For Preventing Energy Infiltration And Reclaiming Your Energy Back As An Empath
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