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15 Honest Phases Of A Man Falling In Love

Honest Phases Man Falling Love

When it comes to love, there are different phases of a man falling in love, that starts with attraction and ends with complete togetherness.

Love is a magical feeling and at some point we all dream of having someone to love and be loved back. Thanks to the romantic flicks for making it look as easy as ‘fall in love at first sight and then live happily after’.

In real life, the road to love is as complex as the path of life itself, full of ups and downs. Everyone falls in love at their own pace, there comes a time for everyone.

We cannot choose the time or person, it just happens. Falling in love also makes one vulnerable as they open themselves, completely giving in.

We cannot ask what he is going through while in love because men are not known for talking about their emotions anyway.

There are 15 phases of a man falling in love that describes the journey to happily ever after.

1. Physical attraction phase

Phases Of Man Falling In Love

We may keep denying that love has nothing to do with physical appearance but the truth is it does play a part in love.

What you’re as a person or your history is not obvious from your appearance but your smile or curves do the trick and create enough interest in man to make him approach you.

Initially, it’s your appearance that attracts a man, without physical attraction the chances of love to bloom are very less.

To be honest, in this phase men are less interested in what you’re as a person or your history. If you catch a man’s eye he will put efforts to approach you and eventually seduce you, love is still at some distance as of now.

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2. Friendship phase

Phases Of Man Falling In Love

In any healthy relationship, the partners are more than lovers, they are best friends. Friendship is the base of any relationship.

In this phase of love, your partner wants to spend more time with you and learn more about you. The things you like, your favorite color, your genre of music, and your choice of drink.

It is a good sign if your partner is interested to know everything about you. Putting in efforts to know you and be good friends with you indicates his genuine interest in you.

He will often call you to hang out with him and his friends to check how you gel with people in his life.

3. The ‘undivided attention’ phase

Phases Of Man Falling In Love

In this era of the internet where you can get food and almost everything delivered to your doorstep, love is not much behind.

Online dating platforms have opened up a dating pool. This has expanded the horizon of possible suitors available for us out there.

Men like to try their hands on different women before finally settling for the one which they feel is their soul mate, at any given point of time men, are entertaining multiple women.

Well, it makes sense because everyone wants to find that perfect person who is supposedly our other half and men don’t risk losing someone who could potentially be ‘the one’.

Once a man finds someone worth all his attention and affection the pool of women narrows down, he might not yet be ready to dive into a relationship but now he has his undivided attention to one special girl.

4. ‘The Chase’ phase

Phases Of Man Falling In Love

This is the most interesting and entertaining phase for both men and women. When a man has set his heart on a girl the chase begins to win that prize- you.

In this phase, he tries to win your affection and trust. He will pour in all his efforts and do whatever he can to have your attention and affection.

He will ask you out and despite your refusal, he won’t give up. He will keep chasing and nothing can stop him. You will have his undivided attention and during this phase, you will know that he makes it obvious.

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5. The first date phase

Phases Of Man Falling In Love

The first date can be the first time you meet (in the case of online dating) or the first official romantic date. During this phase, you get to know how well you connect with each other.

If there is a lack of connection you will know as you will want the time to pass quickly or if you gel in perfectly, maybe you will wish the time to stop.

The first date reveals much about him, if you two can get a conversation going and if you are interested in each other. This is where you bring up the past and if he pays attention to you each and every word you speak he is genuinely interested in you.

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