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5 Clear Signs Someone Is Falling In Love With You (And You Don’t Know It)

5 Clear Signs Someone Is Falling In Love With You (And You Don’t Know It)


John Green once said, “I fell in love like you fall asleep; slowly and then all at once”.


Some of us, we can’t see it even if it’s right in front of our eyes. When someone says things like “love is in the air” we’d rather just spray air fresher thinking it’s some bad smell. Yes. A lot of us are emotionally dumb and we don’t understand love until we see it clearly. However, nobody on this planet can exactly say what the other person feels for them. Unfortunately, engineers haven’t been able to discover a feelings detector machine yet.  You can never say what motive a person carries for you. You can just feel it because, at the end of the day, actions speak louder than words.

We have sorted down a few actions that might help you realize that someone around you is falling for you. These are pretty subtle hints.

Continue reading and start examining!


1- Trying To Initiate Conversation

It’s the easiest way of gaining your attention and being noticed by you. Someone who is emotionally interested in you will always look for ways and topic to start a conversation with you. Sometimes the topic can be really silly but come on, they are trying. And honestly, that is adorable. This shows effort. It shows that they’d rather they to communicate to you and know you better rather than trying to 10 different people.


2- You Brighten Their Day

This might sound very cliché but it’s really true. Does anyone come to your mind when you read that line? Anyone who becomes visibly happy when you come around? Someone whose face lights up like a Christmas tree when you are there? Doesn’t that make you feel special? Knowing that you just existence makes them happy. That your presence around them brings a bright smile on their face and they start radiating. Practically they are just happy with you surrounding them. They always wait for your arrival and that little smile that you give while you walk through the door. They have these little panic attacks when you don’t turn up to office or college one day. For him, you leave a little sparkle wherever you go.


3- Little Tokens Of Love

It is always said that it’s the thought that matters. A little 5$ ring might matter more than a million dollar car if the intention is pure. Someone who is falling for you will always be seen giving you these tiny gifts. Not because they want to buy your love or woo you. But because when they see a particular thing which reminds them of you they like to gift it to you just to see you happy and surprised. A gift can be very tiny and still be special if they have a lot of thoughts and feelings invested in them. Isn’t that really adorable? To have someone who genuinely wants to surprise you just to bring a smile on your face.


4- They Are Always There To Help

They take it as an honour to be of any help to you. They are happy knowing that they crossed your mind when you were in need of something. Makes them feel like they do have a role to play in your life. They will go out of their way just to make sure that they can fix something for you. Can you recall a person who you call every time you have a terrible mood swing and they show up at your doorsteps with some ice cream? Someone, you call at 3 am just to vent out? Well, you should start taking hints. Not every day do you come across a person who is willing to be there with you through thick and thin? Who rather takes pride in being able to help you?


5- They Genuinely Like You For Who You Are

They are interested in you and you can feel it. Yes that the most I could’ve said about it. They are interested in you. They always are all ears to know more about you. You mean quite a big deal to them so they want to know you as much as they can. They want to be a part of your life. This might sound old school, but if he’s falling for you he’ll remember your favorite color rose, how strong you like your coffee and how you like to set multiple alarms to wake you up. The little things about you aren’t as little to him.


Remember, love is the strongest kind of feeling which humans are blessed with. If someone is in love with you, you will feel it even before you’re told. Just keep your eyes and heart open to love.

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5 Clear Signs Someone Is Falling In Love With You (And You Don’t Know It)


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