20 Underrated Perks Of Being Single

20 Underrated Perks Of Being Single

Perks Of Being Single

“Single” is often considered the worst of relationship statuses.

You were told that your soulmate is supposed to be your best friend but really, the best thing about being single is realizing how to be your own best friend — loving yourself, being happy hanging out with yourself, learning about yourself. At the end of the day, the only person you’re guaranteed to spend every. single. day of your life with is yourself.

Below, 20 Perks that are completely underrated about being single:

Underrated Perks Being Single

1. There’s no such thing as “her” or “his” sides of the bed. Migrate to the right, move it to the left, lay claim to the middle — it’s all yours, baby.

2. The Netflix account is all yours, too. (So zero judgment if you feel compelled to binge-watch “Bridezillas,” seasons 1-10)

3. Toilet paper costs a lot less when you’re buying for one.

4. There’s zero mental energy wasted asking yourself, “Is he the one?” or “Do I really love her?” or “How will I know?”

5. You can leave a party whenever YOU want to.

6. You learn that there’s a huge difference between loneliness and being alone. You start to appreciate your own company, which hopefully lays the foundation for a pretty solid future relationship if you choose to have one.

7. Your framed Audrey Hepburn quote photo and sparkly fish collection can absolutely be the focal points of your room. (Picking your own room decor > merging items with your S.O. who doesn’t want his room to look like Lisa Frank threw up in it.)

8. Go ahead: Regulate the temperature in your house or bedroom however you see fit. #blessed

9. Compromise is important and all but you have the freedom to figure out what you really want for yourself and go out and live it.

10. The unadulterated excitement of getting a text from someone cute you met during a night out.

11. The chances that someone will use your toothbrush by accident seriously decrease.

12. Instead of having a monthly ladies’ or guys’ night, you can put the time and energy into the long-term friendships that have sustained you before, during, and after romantic relationships.

13. Also? You can be friends with other men or women without being worried your S.O. will get jealous or think something romantic is going on.

14. Your bathroom is always clean to your (high, high) standards. Or your low ones: Don’t want to put the cap back on the toothpaste or put the toilet seat down? You do (dirty) you.

15. Three words: Glorious uninterrupted sleep. You aren’t woken up by your partner’s alarm that goes off two hours earlier than yours.

16. When you open a bottle of wine, it’s likely not gone in one night. Less people to drink it = two or three nights of wine (It’s all about saving money, people).

17. Not feeling pressured to get out of bed and be productive just because your S.O. is up and doing stuff is pure bliss. So what if you want to read for two hours in bed before making breakfast?

18. You can go weeks (months?) without a bikini wax and nobody cares. (Same goes for your massive beard, dudes.)

19. You don’t have to worry about anyone taking your leftovers. Or all the hot water from the shower. Or your last can of cold beer… or anything you don’t want to share, ever.

20. You’re more motivated to leave your apartment and do cool shit when you don’t have the option of laying around with one person all the time. Being single makes you more adventurous!

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20 Underrated Perks Of Being Single
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20 Underrated Perks Of Being Single

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    Author is assuming everyone is a jerk, using you, and inconsiderate, which .. um sounds about right. Still good points but I get lonely, I think after this haha next/last relationship I’ll just get a dog as I like being alone anyways, that is until I don’t, gosh it’s so hard to make up the mind when sex is involved.

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