10 Relatable Truths No One Talks About Being Single and Lonely

single and lonely

Being single is not the same as being lonely. But if you are already lonely and single, then – I’m really sorry for what happened to you. I have been the same way forever – and I understand you.

I had been an introvert all my life – I have always liking spending a bit more me-time than others. But if I only knew how that introversion or perhaps my shyness will curse me, I would have tried to change it.

Fake a personality, perhaps. For me, being single was a choice – at least, at first. But I cannot remember when I drowned in this pit of loneliness and I don’t know if I can ever recover again.

10 Relatable Truths No One Talks About Being Single and Lonely

Here are some of the things that loneliness does to you or how it feels like to be lonely:

1. You are not the important one

One of the worst things of being alone is being aware that you exist as a second choice or rather a no-choice at all. No, you can’t go and talk about everything that happened in your day because you have no one to listen to you. Your friends have their partners or some have got married and have had their kids.

You are not a significant part of their lives and even if they would like to hear about your day, you will feel like you are taking their valuable time away. Rather, you would select details and say it to a friend or maybe to another, just to feel like you existed during that day. You existed and you just want someone to hear your story. For once!

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2. No Touching

Couples share some small intimate touches all the time. But when you are lonely, sometimes, even a small touch seems hard to get. It almost feels like people have already isolated you in some way and they are not willing to even touch you accidentally.

Yes, I’m not talking about those touches of a lover – I’m talking about the little touches of one human being to another. Being lonely, you slowly forget how a human touch felt like – and nothing could be worse than that.

10 Relatable Truths No One Talks About Being Single and Lonely

3. You are jealous

Jealousy is wrong, but it’s a human thing, right? I know jealousy is terrible but sometimes, I just have to be jealous. It almost comes to me naturally. If you just place yourself in my shoes, you will probably understand. Imagine knowing that all your friends, all the people you see on Facebook, have someone back in their home who’s waiting for them – waiting to hear about them.

And then imagine returning home to a dark bedroom where nothing changes for years and years. Nothing! Despite knowing how terrible jealousy is – I just couldn’t let it go. Life offers no occasion for that.

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4. The pain is no longer inside

Maybe it might sound like I’m making it all up but it does hurt – it hurts when you are lonely. You have a feeling like something is dragging you inside, some weight that never leaves you. Your heart pains.

Maybe it is the weight of expectation, maybe it’s the weight of your dying hope slowly being taken over by despair. I don’t know – but there’s a battle going on inside me and no one’s winning.

5. Being the third person

Yes, you are the dreaded third wheel everywhere you go. Your friends are trying to help you, but quite unknowingly, they just make this weight inside you grow heavier. It’s just that sometimes, I wish I were the person who got the spotlight.

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