13 Ways Emotionally Intelligent People Handle Toxic People

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7. They Are Problem-Solvers

People with severe emotional distress focus their attention on negative experiences, failures, and ruminate about problems, which amplifies stress and negative emotions. Emotionally intelligent people focus their attention on solving problems. As a result, they create a state of personal efficacy and lower stress levels. 

Complaining About A Problem Without Proposing A Solution

Thinking about irrational and manipulative people will weaken your mind and make you more vulnerable to toxic people. So, think of strategies and how to handle negative people. Control your emotions and take charge of your interactions with manipulative people. You can lower your negative experiences and enhance your emotional health. 

8. They Don’t Forget

Emotionally intelligent people may forgive the wrongdoers but don’t forget. They forgive so that they can move ahead in life. But, they will never give the wrongdoer a second chance. This is the common quality of most matured and successful people in the world. Emotionally intelligent people are mindful about protecting themselves against similar harm in the future. 

9. They Don’t Engage In Negative Self-Talk

Self-talk is the inner dialogue you have with yourself like “I have improved so much and I can do it better in the next exam and so on”. Negative self-talk is like “I’ve always suffered because of toxic people, I’m so weak, so I will continue to suffer”. 

Sure, we all absorb negative energy from other people and do feel low and experience mood swings, when someone misbehaves with us. But, having a negative inner dialogue program your subconscious mind to think negatively, which intensifies negative emotions. And that is manifested as relationship problems, issues at work, and so on. Therefore,  negative self-talks create a vicious negative spiral. So, why not engage in positive inner dialogue and manifest positive experiences in life?

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10. They Can Calm Their Mind Without Caffeine

Caffeine may help you better concentrate on your work, but not handle toxic people. Stress is one of the side effects of excess caffeine consumption. So, an extra dose of caffeine when you are already stressed can affect the nervous system and give you jitters. You may end up making rash decisions. 

Caffeine increases the production of adrenaline, which triggers the fight-or-flight response in us. This helps us deal with dangerous situations by either facing it and fighting or fleeing from the spot! So, adrenaline rush is a good thing when you are being chased by a wild tiger, but not so great when you need to talk to a toxic coworker at your workplace. 

11. They Sleep Well

Adequate sleep is essential for the human brain. It lowers your stress, recharges your memory, energises your body, and increases alertness and emotional intelligence. This is why we wake up feeling refreshed and clear-headed. 

Inadequate sleep increases stress hormones like cortisol increasing your stress levels without any stressor, attention span and your memory. Emotionally intelligent people sleep well, which is reflected in their positive and proactive behavior as well as the right state of mind when interacting with people or handling toxic people.  

12. They Know How To Seek Help

It is good to be fiercely self-reliant! But, it is not always possible to solve your problems all by yourself. Everybody has their own strengths and weaknesses. And toxic people will always hit you on your weak areas. 

Emotionally intelligent people have high self-awareness and identify their weaknesses before they go on to handle toxic people. They also approach their colleagues at work, good neighbours and close friends and folks to gain valuable insights and better perspective on how to deal with difficult situations and toxic people. Using the best of the guidance, they overcome challenges.

13. They Let Go Of Ego And The Need To Be Right

Most people are stuck in endless drama because they just want things to happen in a certain way. But, emotionally intelligent people are not egoistic! They can let go of the need to be right and prevent themselves from being pulled into whatever is happening around them. If you practice this exercise, toxic people can never suck you in.

These are things emotionally intelligent people do to handle toxic people. Although it seems a challenging endeavor, practising will make you perfect. Over time, you will handle toxicity more effectively.

Are you ready to be emotionally intelligent and keep toxic people away? 

13 Ways Emotionally Intelligent People Handle Toxic People
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