The Narcissist and Psychopath as Human Parasites: Are You a Host?

The Narcissist and Psychopath as Human Parasites

3. Their needs always matter more.

No matter what kind of a relationship you might share with a narcissist, always remembers that their needs will always be more important than anybody else’s, including yours. Be it a narcissistic parent, narcissistic partner, or a narcissistic colleague at work, their expectations, problems, and demands should always be given the most priority, no matter what happens.

Narcissistic parents will impose their unfulfilled dreams on their children and pressure them to fulfill them. Narcissistic partners will always want their targets to put them and their needs first, even at the cost of their sanity and emotional health. Narcissistic colleagues will always expect you to do their job for them, and make sure that you do it well. What you need or want never matters in the slightest, it’s only their needs that do.

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4. Halo effect phenomenon.

One of the most notorious things that narcissists tend to do is surround themselves with powerful and influential people so that they also feel the same. They know how low their self-worth is, so they try their best to mingle with important people, in order to feel important themselves. Climbing up the social ranks, and being with someone with high social status is one of their biggest dreams, so it’s no wonder they do this.

By attaching themselves to wealthy and powerful people, they create the effect that they are important too, otherwise, why would such influential personalities hang out with the narcissist? They create a Halo effect like this for themselves and look to gradually get in the good books of such people.

5. Extremely entitled and lazy.

Narcissists are extremely entitled and lazy, because of their inherent superiority and a strong belief that they are too good to do stuff that other people do. So naturally, they will expect their victims to do everything for them, and they won’t lift a finger. According to them, they deserve to be pampered all the time and are too wonderful to work for anything they want.

Narcissists stay miles away from doing household chores because they feel they are too good for such menial and ordinary stuff, and will always expect you to do everything. They are only supposed to be fed and spoiled by their loved ones, which unfortunately, is you.

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5 Reasons Parasitic Psychopaths Are The Way They Are

Psychopaths are extremely toxic people, and not to forget, dangerous too to quite some extent. They always want the power and control to be in their hands, and you will have to do exactly as they say and when they say it.

You have no other option other than to abide by their rules and demands, while they will sit around and order what you need to do to make them happy. For psychopaths, people are like objects who they can exploit and use in any way they want.

1. Zero empathy.

This one is a no-brainer. Psychopathy and lack of empathy go hand in hand, and that’s why they are the way they are. They don’t feel remorse, guilt, or shame at all, and are some of the coldest and calculated people you will ever meet in your life. They never care about other people and their emotions, because they are simply a means to an end for them; fellow human beings are like their own personal toys with whom they can play whenever they want and then dispose of them like garbage the moment their needs are satisfied.

A psychopath will go to any lengths to meet their needs, and they won’t even think twice about hurting and harming someone else in order to do so. They are exceptionally dangerous people who you should stay away from, at any cost.

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