Reasons Why The One Who Suffers Mentally Is The Strongest By Heart

 January 09, 2017

                                            “Where there is no struggle, there is no strength” – Oprah

Struggle makes people grow in strength. 

Despite the stigma attached to the mentally challenged individuals, they are in reality stronger than what they appear. Ordinary people may not want to believe this, but people with mental disorders are tougher than most of us the so-called ‘normal’ beings.

Mentally ill people appear weak and incapable to those who don’t care to look deeper into them. The society, in general, is dismissive of them. Most people ignore them, not even willing to give them a second look. They are considered incomplete, incapable of leading their lives normally like the rest. They are snubbed and sometimes even hated for being so.

The ongoing mood swings, the urge for self-destruction, the incessant war that they have to win with their minds to remain alive, the hopeless darkness. Undoubtedly mental illness takes a toll on the entire self of a person. Surviving with something so difficult is what these people have to do, and that is what toughens them from inside.

In fact, it would not be wrong to say that people who deal with mental illness have an incredible amount of strength, even though many times they don’t see it.

There is nothing more exhausting than struggling against your own self.

The mere idea that something is within us, is our own enemy is in itself terrifying. Imagine a force inside your body that is constantly trying to put you down, damage your confidence – Imagine living with these intruders in your own house –everyday.

It’s not easy – definitely not. To take care of one’s own self and refusing to give up each day. A weakling would surrender immediately- it’s definitely a battle for the ‘Incredibly Strong.’

1) They Go Through All Of It ALONE – Their Struggles Are Never Really Understood Or Recognized

They have to deal with the illness and, on top of it, the stigma, misconceptions, and ignorance that surrounds it. Their illness is invisible, so people are less compassionate and are often skeptical about its validity. When Lucy gets sick, everyone brings her flowers, but they talk behind your back when you are struggling with your thoughts.

2) Everything They Do Requires Extra Effort

While it isn’t possible to build any kind of efficiency without concerted efforts, mentally ill have to labor far greater to achieve the same things.

Their mind is always crowded with opposing thoughts. This makes reasoning tough and comprehending and implementing even the easiest instructions is a complicated process. They are not able to easily control the flow and direction of information in their brain.

Mundane tasks, household chores, getting up in the morning, making coffee, walking, even smiling at kids and loved ones, requires effort – extra effort.

Anyone who has endured a mental illness knows that especially on low days when you don’t care about yourself or are too exhausted to fight, it’s next to impossible to do even the easiest things. Building up the willpower to actually do these things takes incredible strength, endurance, and determination.

7 comments on “Reasons Why The One Who Suffers Mentally Is The Strongest By Heart

  1. The feeling of guilt because I can’t snap out of it the feeling of hopelessness because I don’t see a way out of it and feeling defeated by my own mind., I want nothing more than to wake up with a glitch of hope and not feel like a burden ..but instead I blame myself for this and more self destruction begins again..

    • I do not now what to say but I feel for you. If it is possible you could try to listen to eckhart tolle on YouTube. He took me to a whole new level of looking at my life and I slowly begin to awaken. I wish you light, ease and a new beginning. Take care, with love.

  2. THIS IS SOO DARN TRUE- The Struggle is TOTALLY OVERWHELMING Unless you have experienced Depression, with Anxiety, with Panic Attacks, Chronic Pain which all put together can drive u to the brink of suicide and u wake up each day like this….. YOU WOULD NOT HAVE A CLUE!! as the saying… “Don’t Judge Others Unless you have WALKED IN THEIR SHOES”

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