Your Horoscope For The New Moon In Libra – 16 October 2020

New Moon In Libra Predictions for Each Zodiac Sign

Also, the Sun squares Jupiter. This square was accurate on the 11th of October and it will remain active until the 22nd. In the same time, the Sun squares Pluto. Accurately so on the eve of this New Moon 15th of October. This square will remain active until the 25th of the month. Furthermore, the Sun squares Saturn. Accurately so on the 18th of October. This square has been affecting us since the 9th of the month and it will remain active until the 29th. On top of those, the Sun opposes the Retrograde Mars, in Aries. This opposition was accurate on the 13th of the month and it will be affecting us until the 21st of the month.

All these stressful aspects will create some tension and bad luck, intensifying the stress Mars’ squares create. Accidents are more likely to happen, too, so be extra careful with whatever you are doing. Even more so, when engaging with fire, or dangerous activities. Physical and emotional health need some extra care, too. Also, any significant expense or investment should be done after a thorough consideration and research. As all these aspects happen on the Cardinal Cross, they might bring negative and tensed developments on a national, international, or global level. Even more so from the 8th and until the 11th, when the Moon will be crossing Cancer, completing the Grand Cross.

Furthermore, the Sun opposes Uranus. Accurately so on the day of the Full Moon, and strongly under the influences of the Full Moon, so this aspect will affect us quite a lot, both during this waxing Moon period and the whole coming waning Moon period, but even more strongly from the 22nd of October until the 10th of November. Amongst else, online businesses might face some difficulties. Also, purchasing high-tech equipment should be done more carefully.

Also, Venus opposes the Retrograde Neptune. Accurately so on the 18th of the month. This square, though, has been affecting us since the 10th of the month and it will continue doing so until the 26th. Under the influences of this square, amongst else, our already stressed mood and emotional health will be receiving greater stress, so being extra careful and supportive towards ourselves won’t hurt. Furthermore, love life and other emotionally important relationships might become more stressful and challenging.

Mercury will be forming some squares, too. One with Saturn, accurately so on the 1st of November, while Mercury is still Retrograde (and then again, while Mercury will be direct, on the 6th of November). This square will be affecting us from the 23rd of October and until the 16th of November.

Another one with Pluto. This square will be affecting us from the 26th of October and until the 13th of November, but it won’t become accurate. Then, a third, relatively weak square will be formed between Mercury and Jupiter. This square, too, won’t become accurate, and it will be affecting us from the 28th of October and until the 13th of November. All these squares, amongst else, will bring some extra tension in our social life. They will also increase the stress of Sun’s squares with the same planets are producing. Also, meditation and similar techniques can become more challenging.

The auspicious aspects of the New Moon:

Neptune’s year long hexagon with Jupiter is still very strong. It was accurate on the 12th of October. Now, although Jupiter is speeding up, this hexagon will remain extra strong until the end of the month and quite strong until the 14th of November. After then, its blessings will become less perceptible, but they’ll be there for us, until the 11th of December, when it will cease activity.

Also, Neptune’s years-long hexagon with Saturn, although it slowly loses strength, it still supports us and it will continue doing so until the 28th of November, just before Neptune turns into direct motion.

Furthermore, Neptune’s years-long hexagon with Pluto is still quite strong and it will remain so until the end of the year. Although this hexagon will be becoming stronger and weaker many times, without ever losing most of its strength, it won’t become accurate again until the 24th of July 2026. By then, though, both planets will have changed their zodiacs.

Amongst else, these three hexagons, along with the triple conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, give great power to magic and help us heal our souls, and our relationships. They also support physical healing. Now that the triple conjunction in the Cardinal Cross is back into direct motion healing past traumas is not as strongly supported – it will be receiving some support until the 29th of November – but global progress in medicine and pharmacology receive greater help.

Also, Venus is in a triangle with Jupiter. Accurately so on the 19th, but this triangle has been blessing us since the 10th of October and until the 28th of the month. Careers of health and beauty, as well as artistic ones receive a boosting under this influence. Also, expanding our social circle, strengthening and healing our existing relationships, friendly and romantic ones, receive support.

Similarly, Venus and Pluto are forming a triangle. Accurately so on the 21st of the month. This triangle has been affecting us since the 13th and it will keep on doing so until the 30th. This triangle further supports healing, physical, emotional and of our relationships. Cosmetics, pharmacology and similar occupations receive support, too.

Additionally, Venus is forming a triangle with Saturn. Accurately so on the 24th of October. This triangle will be active from the day of this New Moon and until the 2nd of November, further supporting healing.

The Sun conjuncts the Retrograde Mercury, in Scorpio. Accurately on the 25th of October. This conjunction will be active from the 22nd and until the 30th. During those days the stress Sun’s and Mercury’s squares produce, as well as Mercury’s retrograde motion’s effects will calm down a bit.

Finally, the triple conjunction of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, that has been affecting us during the whole year, is gaining strength rapidly, strengthening even more magic, spirituality, and healing.

Once again, do keep in mind that the after-effects of this triangle will support us for three years. This means that, even if we achieve a small progress now, completing our goals in the future will be easier, as long as we do our best while the aspect is active.


Overall, this is quite a challenging New Moon and the waxing Moon period. Being extra careful and patient won’t hurt. Nonetheless, progress can be achieved and we should do what we can to achieve it. Contracts, deals and expenses of a significant cost should be considered extra carefully throughout the whole period. Furthermore, purchases of computers, smartphones and the like should be avoided, if possible. Try to schedule those from the 30th of the month to the 9th of November, if you need them before January.

Astrology and Magic:

All magic is extra strong under the influences of this New Moon and this waxing Moon period. Maybe not as strong as it has been for some time now, but from the 25th onwards it will be even stronger.

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy this New Moon and this waxing Moon period.

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