Raising The Bar: 15 Bad Habits In Men You Should Never Settle For!

Bad Habits You Should Never Settle For In A Man

Who doesn’t have a few questionable habits? But when these habits become red flags, we need to be cautious. Here’re a few bad habits in men you should never settle for! 

Everyone wants to have the right life partner to spend their lives with. While that’s okay, there are some bad habits in men you should never settle for, no matter what. 

Are you in a situation where you have to spend your life with someone who doesn’t admire you and your opinion? And just sees you as another girl and not their better half? Yes, it’s the highway to hell.

Though we all are a package of both plus and minuses, some bad habits and traits come off as major blockages in a ‘Happily Ever After’ and should definitely be avoided in a potential partner.

Read on to know more about the bad habits in men you should never settle for. 

15 Bad Habits In Men You Should Never Settle For

1) Intolerant

Everyone expects to live an independent life beyond a point. Yet if a guy thwarts your routine, throwing in restrictions and stoppages on your decisions, then letting him go is the best option.

Restricting you to do limited things, under the fear of losing you, would be a boulder in your life and would pull you down.

2) Animal un-friendly

One of the biggest bad habits in men you should never settle for. 

Everyone adores animals and pets. Only animals hate other animals. And if your guy has this feature, choosing your pet is always the wiser choice.

Keeping allergies aside, it is inhumane to have hatred towards animals. This shows poor sympathy towards other creatures.

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3) Disrespecting relationship norms

Everything has a protocol and every action has a rule. If your guy constantly tries to step off the line and protest against the ground rules that indicate that he disrespects your relationship, and doesn’t deserve your love and time.

4) Breaking commitments

Breaking promises is the biggest way to lose trust in someone and if your guy does it often then he is just playing with you.

Your opinions don’t count and your value is depleted. It can be excused once or twice but not every time.

5) Doesn’t prioritize you

In a relationship, both individuals should be equally active. If there’s no contribution or effort from his end and you are the one holding the relationship then you should immediately end it.

This means there’s a lack of connection and would be a worrying point after marriage.

6) Thinks he is always right

If you are getting married to a Mr. Always Right then get ready to have all your views opposed.

Constantly thinking that he took the right decision or stressing in whatever he did was right just proves that this guy would never have a moment of realization. This can prove fatal for you and your children.

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7) Never-ending excuses

Why you should never settle for certain bad habits in men? This, right here!

If you hear “I am sorry I was busy” more than “I love you” then you have your answer to the question that “Will the excuses ever end?”.

Constructing excuses to break commitments just shows how disinterested he is in the relationship, and is one of the bad habits you should never settle for in a man.

8) Continues the fight

Generalizing the fact that fights keep a relationship healthy, constant fights just oppose it and hint that this is an unhealthy relationship.

If he keeps the fights alive, going against everything you say is a clear indication he is looking for trouble. Also, it portrays that he doesn’t comprehend you well.

9) Conversation killer

You chose him because he is good at talking, but what if he always interferes whenever you are trying to put your point across and is only concerned with imposing his own opinions? Yes, it’s totally annoying.

You should never settle for a man who always indulges in constant interruption and makes everything about him. 

10) Cheater/Liar

Sometimes lies are told to safeguard a purpose, yet sabotaging your relationship is a bad deed.

Breaking the trust of your partner indicates how much he is into the relationship and if your guy breaks the barriers of lies, you break it off.

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11) Clingy

Personal space is demanded by every individual and should be respected by everyone. But if the guy holds on to you, always tries to stop you from living your lifeand depends too much on you, it’s a huge red flag that you should never ignore. Ever.

12) Cuts off family without a good reason

Family is one of the most important things in a human being’s life. Surely they get on your nerves but you can’t just abandon them.

Other than childhood abuse or dysfunctional behavior that can upset one’s mental health and personal life, it’s not okay to abandon ailing or aged parents.

If a guy can abandon his family, who is supposed to be their biggest support, then he can easily let you and your kids go, without a second thought.

13) Does not value your requests

Again, this is one of the biggest bad habits in men you should never settle for. 

Assuming your guy has a bad drinking habit or smoking habit, and upon numerous requests, he fails to acknowledge it and continues.

This means you don’t hold any significant value in his life and your requests would never be fulfilled.

14) Immature

Constant nagging, cutting conversations, disrespecting peers or people around, sounds like what a teen would do.

But if observed in a grown man, these features show his immaturity and he is the wrong guy as he can cut you off whenever he likes.

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15) Abusive

This is the biggest of the bad habits in men you should never settle for!

Violence of any sort should never be tolerated by anyone and if your guy even minutely possesses it, go far away from him.

Being violent, and abusive is never okay, and you should never settle for a man who is like this.

Being in a relationship where he loses his temper at the drop of a hat can prove to be the most dangerous mistake of your life.

If you see most of these men’s bad habits in the one you are in a relationship with, then you should just pack your bags, and leave him. Settling for less is never a good idea. You deserve so much better than this.

15 Bad Habits You Should Never Settle For In A Man
15 Bad Habits You Should Never Settle For In A Man
15 Bad Habits You Should Never Settle For In A Man Pin
15 Bad Habits You Should Never Settle For In A Man
never settle for a man

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