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10 Negative Traits Of Each Zodiac Sign Revealed

Undeniable Negative Traits Of Each Zodiac Sign

You most probably have never encountered a human who is devoid of any vice. But studying the negative traits of zodiac signs is an interesting way to uncover how astrology plays a pivotal role in the shaping of our flaws.

Obviously different people born in the same month will have different characteristics but if we study them minutely, we will find that they all share a basic structure of character and personality. Now, we all are somewhat aware of the positive sides of these astrological signs, but this article aims to unveil the top 10 negative traits of zodiac signs.

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10 Negative Traits Of Zodiac Signs

Now let’s get into the 10 undeniable negative traits of each zodiac sign.

1. Negative Traits Of Aries (21 March – 20 April)

Undeniable Negative Traits Of aries
10 Negative Traits Of Each Zodiac Sign Revealed

i. Impatient

Aries are the most impatient; they make hasty decisions that they later regret.

ii. Dominant

Aries are domineering in nature and do not like to take orders from others.

iii. Childlike

They in fact are quite child-like and immature as they don’t see anything beyond them. They prefer having things in their own ways and don’t like taking orders.

iv. Short-Tempered

Aries people belong to the Fire signs. Arians are known for their aggressive tantrums, anger, and quick impulsive nature.

v. Jealousy

Aries by nature are possessive and if they feel they are not getting proper attention from their partner they can be quite jealous.

vi. Overachiever

They will follow their dreams and goals with strong determination. They are very ambitious which makes them over-achievers.

vii. They’re Always In A Hurry

They want a fast-paced life filled with adventures. Chasing their goals is what drives them.

viii. Unpredictable

They are ready to jump into any challenge thrown by life. But because of their aggressive nature, they lack caution and get into fights. Their impulsiveness makes them unpredictable.

ix. Straight Forward

Aries natives are straightforward, frank, and outspoken. They tend to speak their mind which sometimes gets them into difficult situations for being so blunt and undiplomatic.

x. Stubborn

Aries can be more stubborn than a brick wall. They are extremely focused on achieving their goals and know they are always right. Their overwhelming egoistic nature makes them go under the skin of others.

2. Negative Traits Of Taurus (21 April – 21 May)

Undeniable Negative Traits Of taurus
10 Negative Traits Of Each Zodiac Sign Revealed

i. Possessive

One of the negative traits of Taureans is that they are extremely possessive. They are jealous in disposition and can act violently if they feel ignored.

ii. Materialistic

Taurus has a penchant for acquiring materialistic things. They have a love for riches and beauty. Their value for quality things can sometimes make them self-indulgent.

iii. Stubborn

Taurus people are noted for their determination and perseverance in all areas of life. Once they make up their mind it is impossible for them to change the way they think.

iv. Lazy

Another negative trait of them is that they tend to be lazy. Maybe it’s their fondness for comfort. Once they achieve their goals, they leave things as they are and enjoy life leisurely.

v. Inflexible

Being an earth sign they are highly rooted and always love to be on familiar grounds. They don’t like change and experimenting or innovations. Unknown situations and flexibility scare them.

vi. Self-Indulgent

Taureans usually have high self-esteem and they lean towards luxury. Taurus natives are future-focused and that makes them self-indulgent. They can be aggressive and arrogant sometimes as they don’t believe in compromising with others.

vii. Sensitive

Taurus can be easily misled by their emotions or impulses. Taurus is not a sign that takes criticism well. But they always like to keep their emotionally sensitive side hidden.

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viii. Too Cautious

Taurus has a conservative approach towards their relations, they don’t rush into things. They are methodical, prudent, and cautious at all things they do. Due to their nature, they take their own time to develop faith in someone.

ix. Slow Decision-Making

Unlike the sign of Ram, they hate to be rushed. They make smart decisions but you have to give them time. Often times they take a long time to deliberate on a decision.

x. Extremely Practical

They are dependable, determined, and very practical in their thinking. They are too busy taking care of their to-do lists that they tend to forget the world beyond material gains let alone enjoy it.

3. Negative Traits Of Gemini (22 May – 21 June)

Undeniable Negative Traits Of gemini
10 Negative Traits Of Each Zodiac Sign Revealed

i. Duality

Gemini is known as the twins. They are difficult to understand as their duality of nature makes them bearers of constantly conflicting emotions. They can be loving and understanding to some and critical to others.

ii. Unpredictable

Gemini is full of surprises. They are prone to mood swings and often they face the conflict between emotions and the intellect.

iii. Confused

Geminis cannot make up their mind. They seem to get paralyzed when it comes to making a choice. They change their mind often and second guess all of their decisions.

iv. Restless

They have intellectual and curious minds. They are always restless and want to go after what they have not got. Gemini being restless is inclined to suffer from anxiety or insomnia.

v. Lack of Persistence

Gemini-borns are not consistent with plans or actions and as a result, find it difficult to successfully finish their projects. This inconsistency is Gemini’s biggest challenge.

vi. Superficial

Geminis never think deeply about anything and thus misjudge others based on superficial information. They are all about social media, selfies, and the limelight.

vii. Mistrustful

They find it hard to trust people and are sometimes prone to harboring envious thoughts about others. They are mistrustful of not only others’ feelings but their’s as well which hinders their progress.

viii. Changeable

Being an Air sign, Gemini has a versatile character. These people are very curious and constantly seek adventure and variety. They are always on the lookout for different things and that is why they always end up with a lack of direction.

ix. Flirtatious

They attract a lot of people, especially of the opposite sex, but can be somewhat reluctant to commit to any one person. Their nature of duality makes them flirtatious and it is extremely difficult to pin them down.

x. Emotionally Detached

Geminis come across as emotionally unreachable and very independent. Their first instinct is to run away when things get intense.

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