Zodiac Negative Traits: Revealing The Top 10 Negative Qualities Of Each Star Sign


Negative Traits Of Each Zodiac Sign

Are you aware of your zodiac negative traits? We all have light and shadow within us, and our zodiac sign often plays a big role in shaping our good AND dark qualities!

You most probably have never encountered a human who is devoid of any vice. But studying the negative traits of zodiac signs is an interesting way to uncover how astrology plays a pivotal role in the shaping of our flaws.

Obviously different people born in the same month will have different characteristics but if we study them minutely, we will find that they all share a basic structure of character and personality.

Now, we all are somewhat aware of the positive sides of these astrological signs, but this article aims to unveil the top 10 negative traits of each zodiac sign.

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Zodiac Negative Traits: 10 Negative Qualities Of A Person Based On Their Zodiac Sign

Now let’s get into the negative traits list for each star sign!

1. Negative Traits Of Aries (21 March – 20 April)

Astrology Reveals Your Zodiac Negative Traits
Astrology Reveals Your 10 Zodiac Negative Traits!

i. Impatient

One of their biggest zodiac negative traits is impatience. They make hasty decisions that they later regret.

ii. Dominant

Aries are domineering in nature and do not like to take orders from others.

iii. Childlike

They in fact are quite childlike and immature as they don’t see anything beyond themselves. Due to their zodiac negative traits, they prefer having things in their own ways and don’t like taking orders.

iv. Short-Tempered

Aries people belong to the Fire signs. Arians are known for their aggressive tantrums, anger, and quick impulsive nature.

v. Jealousy

Aries by nature are possessive and if they feel they are not getting proper attention from their partner they can be quite jealous.

vi. Pushy

They will follow their dreams and goals with strong determination. They are very ambitious which makes them over-achievers. But on the flip side, it makes them pushy and demanding.

vii. They’re Always In A Hurry

They want a fast-paced life filled with adventures. Chasing their goals is what drives them.

viii. Unpredictable

They are ready to jump into any challenge thrown by life. But because of their aggressive nature, they lack caution and get into fights. Their impulsiveness makes them unpredictable.

ix. Blunt

Aries natives are straightforward, frank, and outspoken. They tend to speak their mind which sometimes gets them into difficult situations for being so blunt and undiplomatic.

x. Stubborn

Aries can be more stubborn than a brick wall. They are extremely focused on achieving their goals and know they are always right. Their overwhelming egoistic nature makes them go under the skin of others.

2. Negative Traits Of Taurus (21 April – 21 May)

Astrology Reveals Your Zodiac Negative Traits
Astrology Reveals Your 10 Zodiac Negative Traits!

i. Possessive

One of the zodiac negative traits of Taureans is that they are extremely possessive. They are jealous in disposition and can act violently if they feel ignored.

ii. Materialistic

Taurus has a penchant for acquiring materialistic things. They have a love for riches and beauty. Their value for quality things can sometimes make them self-indulgent.

iii. Stubborn

Taurus people are noted for their determination and perseverance in all areas of life. But due to their zodiac negative traits, they’re also stubborn and once they make up their mind it is impossible for them to change the way they think.

iv. Laid back

Another of their zodiac negative traits is that they tend to be lazy. Maybe it’s their fondness for comfort. Once they achieve their goals, they leave things as they are and enjoy life leisurely.

v. Inflexible

Being an earth sign, they are highly rooted and always love to be on familiar grounds. They don’t like change and experimenting or innovations. Unknown situations and flexibility scare them.

vi. Self-Indulgent

Taureans usually have high self-esteem and they lean towards luxury. Taurus natives are future-focused and that makes them self-indulgent. They can be aggressive and arrogant sometimes as they don’t believe in compromising with others.

vii. Sensitive

Taurus can be easily misled by their emotions or impulses. Taurus is not a sign that takes criticism well. But they always like to keep their emotionally sensitive side hidden.

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viii. Too Cautious

Taurus has a conservative approach towards their relations, they don’t rush into things. They are methodical, prudent, and cautious in all things they do. Due to their nature, they take their own time to develop faith in someone.

ix. Slow Decision-Making

Unlike the sign of Ram, they hate to be rushed. They make smart decisions but you have to give them time. Often times they take a long time to deliberate on a decision.

x. Overly Practical

They are dependable, determined, and very practical in their thinking. They are too busy taking care of their to-do lists that they tend to forget the world beyond material gains, let alone enjoy it.

3. Negative Traits Of Gemini (22 May – 21 June)

Astrology Reveals Your Zodiac Negative Traits
Astrology Reveals Your 10 Zodiac Negative Traits!

i. Duality

Gemini is known as the twins. They are difficult to understand as their duality of nature makes them bearers of constantly conflicting emotions. Due to their zodiac negative traits, they can be loving and understanding to some and critical to others.

ii. Unpredictable

Gemini is full of surprises. They are prone to mood swings and often they face a conflict between emotions and intellect.

iii. Confused

One of their zodiac negative traits is fickle-mindedness. Geminis cannot make up their mind. They seem to get paralyzed when it comes to making a choice. They change their mind often and second-guess all of their decisions.

iv. Restless

They have intellectual and curious minds. They are always restless and want to go after what they have not got. Gemini being restless is inclined to suffer from anxiety or insomnia.

v. Lack of Persistence

Gemini-borns are not consistent with plans or actions and as a result, find it difficult to successfully finish their projects. This inconsistency is Gemini’s biggest challenge and one of their top zodiac negative traits.

vi. Superficial

Geminis never think deeply about anything and thus misjudge others based on superficial information. They are all about social media, selfies, and the limelight.

vii. Mistrustful

They find it hard to trust people and are sometimes prone to harboring envious thoughts about others. They are mistrustful of not only others’ feelings but theirs as well which hinders their progress.

viii. Changeable

Being an Air sign, Gemini has a versatile character. These people are very curious and constantly seek adventure and variety. They are always on the lookout for different things and that is why they always end up with a lack of direction.

ix. Flirtatious

They attract a lot of people, especially of the opposite sex, but can be somewhat reluctant to commit to any one person. Their nature of duality makes them flirtatious and it is extremely difficult to pin them down.

x. Emotionally Detached

Geminis come across as emotionally unreachable and very independent. Their first instinct is to run away when things get intense.

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4. Negative Traits Of Cancer (22 June – 22 July)

Astrology Reveals Your Zodiac Negative Traits
Cancer Zodiac Negative Traits: Astrology Reveals Your 10 Zodiac Negative Traits!

i. Hyper Sensitive

Due to their sensitive nature, they require encouragement and appreciation from their loved ones. One of their biggest zodiac negative traits is that they get easily hurt and they can’t accept rejection or failure.

ii. Too Cautious

These people are hard on the outside and soft on the inside. This way they try to shield themselves from being hurt and that is why they are too cautious. They are keen observers and take their sweet time trusting others. They have to learn to overcome their insecurity.

iii. Moody

They are emotional and they can take their emotional outbursts to a whole new level. They are introverted and tend to bottle up emotions in themselves. Because of these conflicted emotions, their mood is always in flux.

iv. Overemotional

Cancer people are all about emotions and their family is everything to them. This is the sign of highly emotional people who want reciprocal gestures of love and care. If someone doesn’t treat them well, they get hurt easily and find it difficult to cope.

v. Unpredictable

Because of their zodiac negative traits, Cancer’s mood is constantly changing, and they have a habit of blowing things out of proportion. So, they can be very unpredictable.

vi. Sentimental

They can get into their shell anytime and their mood swing could be so terrible that it also affects those around them. They cannot take harsh words or criticism. Cancer-born tend to have difficulty letting go, they often keep old souvenirs and memories.

vii. Anxious

Cancerians are too much insecure about things. This makes them anxious as they are living their life worrying that everyone is out to get them.

viii. Pessimistic

Cancers tend to be very pessimistic maybe because of their sensitive nature. They are always jumping to the worst conclusions and preparing themselves for the worst outcome.

ix. Clingy

They are unbelievably clingy. They desire deeper, meaningful relations and when they don’t feel secure in someone’s life, they become a moody clingy mess and take everything personally.

x. Reserved

Cancer-borns are usually reserved and guarded. They lack the ability to express themselves properly and that is why they tend to put up a wall between themselves and the outside world.

5. Negative Traits Of Leo (23 July – 22 August)

Astrology Reveals Your Zodiac Negative Traits
Leo Zodiac Negative Traits: Astrology Reveals Your 10 Zodiac Negative Traits!

i. Dominating

Leo is a sign that signifies power, leadership, and creativity. They are born leaders and possess a dominant nature which may not go down well with others. They are extremely independent and do not like being controlled

ii. Self-centered

This sign attracts the limelight. They dislike not being treated like a king or queen. Leos always expect admiration from others. That is why sometimes this sign can be arrogant and rude.

iii. Possessive

Sharing is not Leo’s thing. Leos are truthful and honest, but often get competitive and due to that have a tendency to become bitter, severe, and over-critical.

iv. Extreme Pride

This lion is extremely proud. But due to their zodiac negative traits, this kind of pride often prevents them from being honest with themselves and other people. They are not at all ready to acknowledge their mistakes, let alone learn from them.

v. Arrogant

They enjoy having the best of everything and they themselves want to be the best in everything. They have high confidence in themselves and refuse to be submissive in any situation, while this is a positive trait but that is what makes them arrogant.

vi. Head-strong

At times they could be stubborn and don’t understand others’ points of view. They are not good at considering alternate approaches. They only follow their curiosity as long as their ego permits it.

vii. Self-Satisfied

Leo tends to stick to their comfort zones because that’s where they excel. They nurture their ego and their zodiac negative traits convince them that their need, choices, and opinions should come in first.

viii. Sensitive to Criticism

Leos think so highly of themselves that they are pretty much vulnerable to criticism. They will shut themselves against it which prevents them from benefitting from constructive criticism.

ix. Impatient

They have the attitude of doing everything at once. This eagerness can make them anxious and it can even lead to failure.

x. Anger

The Fire element sometimes gets blinded by arrogance. Leos’s impatience and aggressiveness make them prone to anger. Being a fire sign, Leos hates to play mind games and gets mad when others do so.

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6. Virgo (23 August – 23 September)

Astrology Reveals Your Zodiac Negative Traits
Astrology Reveals Your 10 Zodiac Negative Traits!

i. Overcritical

Virgos give great attention to details in anything that they get involved in. They get stuck up so much in detail that they become overly critical about matters which nobody else seems to care about.

ii. Perfectionist

They are the perfectionist of the zodiac signs. They seek perfection in everything and due to their zodiac negative traits, they are always looking for defects to improve on. Virgos take it too far by becoming hypercritical and judgmental against others as well as themselves.

iii. Pessimist

Virgo’s expectations are so high that sometimes it becomes impossible to meet them and the neat picker Virgo goes into a dark mood when everything doesn’t fall into its perfect place.

iv. Fussy

Virgos are always demanding perfection from others and that can be annoying when they are always looking for improvements. They have strong likes and dislikes and because of their zodiac negative traits, they can get quite fussy.

v. Self-Criticism

They are always looking for opportunities to grow. In this process, they become overanalytical of their own actions and tend to push themselves and demand more and more from themselves.

vi. Skeptical

Virgos strongly believe in the give-and-take policy. They don’t trust kindness. They are constantly analyzing people and situations and that makes them prone to skepticism.

vii. Excessive Worrying

People born under this zodiac sign are overthinkers. Although they are always on a hunt to find solutions, they worry a lot about everything, their success, family friends, relationships, kids, etc.

viii. Controlling

Virgos are controlling but not in a dominating way, it’s because failure it’s not an option for them. They cannot trust others with their expectations and thus finds a hard time letting go of their control.

ix. Harsh

They are highly practical individuals. However, their harshness does not always go down well with the people around them.

x. Conservative

Virgos strictly believe in values and principles. They understand traditions and are a bit old-fashioned too. But the problem arises when they force their principles on others.

7. Negative Traits Of Libra (24 September – 23 October)

Undeniable Negative Traits Of libra
Astrology Reveals Your 10 Zodiac Negative Traits!

i. Indecisive

One of Libra’s biggest zodiac negative traits is indecisiveness. Librans are indecisive when presented with several choices. They cannot seem to make up their minds easily, especially on important issues. It is due to their belief that everything should be fair and equal.

ii. Too Considerate

Librans think a lot, and that means they are quite considerate when dealing with other people. But their zodiac negative traits make them people-pleasers.

iii. Superficial

Libras are superficial in nature and they usually go after physical beauty. This can make them ignore the beautiful inner qualities of other people.

iv. Pliable

People born under this zodiac sign are prone to be easily influenced. They can become insincere just for the sake of achieving balance in any conversation. Librans are prone to escaping reality.

v. Introvert

Libras always help people overcome conflict. They are the social butterflies but can be equally reluctant to confront and talk about harsh realities. Due to their zodiac negative traits, they tend to keep their feelings hidden.

vi. Break Under Pressure

Librans hate to be rushed. They take their sweet time making decisions and often crumble under pressure.

vii. Self-Indulgent

They love pampering themselves and often they can get carried away. They enjoy the finer things in life and this may lead to indulgence and extravagance.

viii. Manipulative

They can be manipulative when dealing with certain issues. They are charming people with wit and intellect. People fall for their charm and even for their manipulative ways.

ix. Two Faceted

Scale, as the name suggests, they have a two-faceted character. Both optimism and pessimism are prominent in them. They might seem joyful and happy but they can turn completely inactive and depressed.

x. Unpredictable

Librans always strive for peace and serenity and thus when faced with problems, they try to avoid any conflict. In difficult situations, Libras may agree to an idea they oppose just to please the people around them. And this makes them quite unpredictable.

8. Scorpio (24 October – 22 November)

Undeniable Negative Traits Of scorpio
Scorpio Zodiac Negative Traits: Astrology Reveals Your 10 Zodiac Negative Traits!

i. Resentful

Vindictiveness is one of their top zodiac negative traits. Scorpios can be revengeful when they are wronged and can hold a grudge for a long time.

ii. Stubborn

Scorpio-borns are not the fluffy or cuddly types; they are direct, determined, and brilliantly sharp. Scorpio’s passion and committed nature border on obsession. Due to these zodiac negative traits, they can be too engrossed in a goal to the point of exhaustion.

iii. Controlling and Dominating

Scorpios like being in control because it makes them feel safe. However, they often are very strong-headed and sometimes even manipulative.

iv. Possessive

Scorpios are renowned for their passionate nature. The negative traits of Scorpio have something to do with keeping their territory. They tend to be jealous and possessive.

v. Jealous

Being the most intense of all signs, Scorpios are often distrustful and extremely jealous. They can quickly become enraged when something threatens their relationship.

vi. Suspicious

Scorpios also find it difficult to trust other people; this is where their secretive nature comes from. Their suspicious personality often creates misunderstandings between even their closest friends.

vii. Hiding Emotions

They like to keep their emotions in check and never let anyone know what they really feel. They are excellent at hiding things and love to make people guess.

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viii. Malicious

The Scorpion is known for its venom which is able to kill a much larger opponent. They don’t take betrayal lightly. They believe in giving back as much as they got, especially in retaliation for something harmful.

ix. Argumentative

Scorpio is a warrior planet. They enjoy a good fight. Scorpios are also very curious investigators and they like to get to the bottom of things. Scorpions are very intellectual people and have a tendency to disagree or argue with people.

x. Obsessive

Scorpions are dangerously passionate. So much so that their passion becomes their obsession. Their possessive nature sometimes makes them hostile to the extreme.

9. Negative Traits Of Sagittarius (23 November – 21 December)

Undeniable Negative Traits Of sagittarius
Astrology Reveals Your 10 Zodiac Negative Traits!

i. Tactless

Sagittarius is known for being open and honest. But they are tactless and will speak whatever comes to their mind without giving a thought to the consequences, making them vulnerable in situations demanding diplomacy.

ii. Know-It-All

Sagittarians have a great thirst for knowledge and they love sharing it with people. But due to their zodiac negative traits, they may tend to be arrogant and egotistical.

iii. Gets Bored Easily

Sagittarius is a Fire sign, they are full of energy. They may tend to lose focus at times since they easily get bored. This attitude makes them want to try out many activities and interests.

iv. No Commitment

Fear of commitment is one of their top zodiac negative traits. Sagittarius values freedom a lot, which is why it usually takes time for these free spirits to settle down.

v. Impatient

They change plans on people and shuffle their schedules around so it just doesn’t work for most other people. Sagittarians can come across as restless because of their constant thirst for adventure, change, and travel,

vi. Unpredictable

Sagittarians will find it next to impossible to live under rules or adopt roles that conflict with their core values. Sagittarians are also very introspective while being very assertive and that makes them change their mind quite often.

vii. Inconsistent

A Sagittarius is always hunting for new ideas and experiences that are above and beyond the norm. Due to this inconsistent nature, they are often criticized by others.

viii. Over-Confident

People born under this sign are always confident, sometimes overconfident. They are prone to taking things for granted. Short-tempered, Sagittarius finds a hard time dealing with their ego, especially when things are not happening according to their will.

ix. Superficial

Outer looks and beauty mean a lot to Sagittarians; thus, they often haven’t got enough patience to look below the surface.

x. Careless

Sometimes, Sagittarians tend to be reckless and arrogant. They have the tendency to push themselves to extremes as long as it would give them the level of excitement that they want to achieve.

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10. Negative Traits Of Capricorn (22 December – 20 January)

Undeniable Negative Traits Of capricon
Astrology Reveals Your 10 Zodiac Negative Traits!

i. Controlling

Capricorns have a strong sense of right and wrong. They respect authority. If they are indeed the ranking authority, then they will expect their staff to be self-disciplined like themselves, and to perform every task to the highest standards.

ii. Stubborn

Since they are ambitious, they won’t stop at anything so that they can get what they desire. Once they set their sight on something, they won’t stop until they get it. This indicates how stubborn they could be.

iii. Pessimistic

When they are insecure or get disappointed, they might turn completely to their self-reliant nature and shut the whole world out. Many Capricorns will also hide their true feelings, especially pain, behind a veil of humor and a self-sufficient attitude.

iv. Materialistic

It is important for Capricorn to surround themselves with nice material things as a reward for all their hard work. They often work very hard in their younger years to achieve financial security and comfortable life for their older age.

But due to their zodiac negative traits, they get very attached to material security and can lose their self-confidence if they are not financially stable.

v. Conservative

People born under this zodiac sign are conventional and often conservative by nature. They may be courteous and polite enough in discussions and conversations but they won’t attempt to have the initiative to connect to those who don’t meet their standards.

vi. Reserved

They appear reserved and act that way as well. Capricorns value silence; if a person is too loud for them, then it may be understood that the person won’t get close to the shy and reserved Capricorn.

vii. Detached

A Capricorn doesn’t want to be hurt. This causes them to be apathetic toward other people. They very much prefer to be referred to as harsh and cold to avoid embarrassment and hurt brought on by other people.

viii. Arrogant

The nature of a Capricorn is to strive toward advancement, and their practicality sometimes makes them arrogant. Capricorn individuals do their best to get to the top in whatever activity they do.

ix. Lack of Spontaneity

By nature, they are traditional, as well as conformists. They want to acquire the top place and they do this with extreme caution and a firm approach. Because they can’t accept failure and are very careful with risks and changes.

x. Selfish

Selfishness is one of their most visible zodiac negative traits. In the pursuit of their goals, they can become self-absorbed and domineering, making others feel unneeded. Capricorns are confident proud people, who do not want to feel as if they owe favors to anyone. Thus they like achieving their goals on their own.

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11. Negative Traits Of Aquarius (21 January – 19 February)

Undeniable Negative Traits Of aquarius
Astrology Reveals Your 10 Zodiac Negative Traits!

i. Detached

When disturbed, Aquarians can be detached from their physical self. They tend to feel the need to isolate themselves due to their eccentric and unpredictable qualities.

ii. Stubborn

One of their biggest zodiac negative traits is their rigidity. It’s impossible to change their mind. Aquarians can become way too fixated because of their rigidly logical approach and modality,

iii. Non-Emotional

One of their most noticeable zodiac negative traits is aloofness. Overly intellectual Aquarians can come across as cold and distant at times.

iv. Extremist

Aquarians are characterized as people who like to deviate from what is conventional. They try to make their own path regardless of what others think. They are often not a big fan of traditions either and can be quite rebellious just for the sake of it.

v. Impulsive

Aquarians are quite impulsive and tend to judge people on their whims.

vi. Never Satisfied

Aquarians have a detailed and specific mind. Their independent and go-getter personality push them to improve themselves as much as possible. Due to this, they never find satisfaction.

vii. Contradictory

Aquarius natives are so full of contradictions that they can be very difficult to understand. Aquarians are definitely not followers. But there are certain traditions they are going to hold and never let go of. They are known democrats and love to embrace new ideas but they can be close-minded in dealing with certain subjects.

viii. Can’t Let Go

Aquarians don’t usually fall in love, once they do, it’s forever. More likely Aquarians gonna choose their ex over you. It can take some time before they are able to connect emotionally but before that, the Aquarius can treat love as a game.

ix. Eccentric

Aquarius is known for being eccentric. Aquarians constantly demand intellectual stimulations that lead them to discover new things. But that sometimes leads them to push the boundaries to do things their own way.

x. Argumentative

They are very argumentative and combative and they don’t like people to disagree with them.

12. Pisces (20 February – 20 March)

Undeniable Negative Traits Of pisces
Astrology Reveals Your 10 Zodiac Negative Traits!

i. Avoiding Conflicts

Pisces hates loud arguments and conflicts as they don’t know how to deal with negativity. Instead of fighting, they tune in to their imaginary world.

ii. Indecisive

Pieces are known to give more than they have and that is why they take time to make any decision because they don’t want to be selfish and deciding on one reality is tough for them. This quality of theirs can seriously come back to bite them.

iii. Escapist

The main issue is their dreamy nature, because of which they sometimes focus more on abstract ideas and dreams than actions. And that is why they tend to escape from the reality.

iv. Low Self-Esteem

The most negative trait of Pisces is their low self-esteem. They always put others’ needs first and sometimes they forget their own existence.

v. No Boundaries

Pisces feels other people’s pain. They are compassionate and sympathetic. One of their greatest satisfactions is to heal another person, especially emotionally and spiritually. But they take this trait too far and they forget to put a boundary.

vi. Gullible

It is their meek personality that always gives its scent away to people who will exploit them at every opportunity, take advantage of them, and drain them of their very dignity.

vii. Detached

Pisces would often find himself struggling to keep their grip on reality. It is in their dreams that they leave their practical lives behind, hence, they often get detached from reality and the people living outside of their dream world.

viii. Timid

Pisces can be one of the quietest signs of the zodiac signs. They can be too timid in their ways and this may make them subject to ill-treatment or taken for granted or betrayal. They are too tolerant and forgiving and they must learn to stand up for themselves.

ix. Over-Sensitive

As you can imagine, Pisces’ tenderness, compassion, and emotional nature can also be weaknesses if they are unchecked. Pisces can sometimes be too sensitive and take things personally when they clearly shouldn’t.

x. Demotivated

While Pisces don’t enjoy stringent routines, they don’t bode well in risky, fast-paced, or otherwise stressful jobs either. They can be lazy if they don’t find the motivation for doing the job.

One of the most important things about our zodiac signs is how they relate to personality types and how they can help us understand others as well as ourselves. Zodiac traits can help us analyze feelings, actions, character, and in this case our zodiac negative personality.

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So did you like our article on “zodiac negative traits”? Don’t forget to share your feedback in the comment section below.

Astrology Reveals Your Zodiac Negative Traits
Astrology Reveals Your 10 Zodiac Negative Traits!
Ten Negative Traits Of Each Zodiac Sign Revealed
Astrology Reveals Your 10 Zodiac Negative Traits!
negative sides of each zodiac sign pin
Astrology Reveals Your 10 Zodiac Negative Traits!
Astrology Reveals Your Zodiac Negative Traits
Astrology Reveals Your 10 Zodiac Negative Traits!
Astrology Reveals Your Zodiac Negative Traits
Astrology Reveals Your 10 Zodiac Negative Traits!
Negative Traits Of Each Zodiac Sign pin
Negative Traits Of Each Zodiac Sign dp

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Have you been bitten by the creative bug? The five poetic zodiac signs suggest that our creative talents can be truly a gift from the stars above!

Poetry is an art form that requires not just a mastery of language, but also a depth of emotion and an ability to see the beauty in the mundane.

While poetic talent can certainly be found across the entire zodiac spectrum, while talking about Sun Signs only, some signs seem to have a natural predisposition toward poetic expression.

This can be attributed to their intrinsic traits of sensitivity, emotional depth, and creative inclinations. 

Here, we explore five zodiac signs that are often found weav

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