The Narcissist’s Bubbling Fury

Narcissist's Bubbling Fury

It is incumbent upon romantic partners to truly awaken to breaking the trauma bond with their narcissistic loved one.

Future cycles will elongate and intensify the devalue and discard stages, further creating emotional harm to romantic partners.

For the health and safety of the survivor, it is best to sever the relationship with the abuser, go No Contact (or Limited Contact if the partner shares children or a business), and obtain trauma-informed psychotherapy with a trained and qualified helping professional. Abuse is not okay in any form, nor is it the fault of the survivor.

Recovery from narcissistic abuse is a sure thing when survivors connect with compassionate and competent healers, safe social supports, and do the work to reclaim healthy boundaries, fortify self-confidence and self-care, and heal the traumatic loss.

With help and motivation, a survivor will escape the narcissist’s fury and move on to create a healthy circle of support, soaring again in the next chapter of their lives. 

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The Narcissists Bubbling Fury
Narcissist's Bubbling Fury Pin
The Narcissist's Bubbling Fury
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