Movie Marathon Alert: 15 Best Holiday Movies To Match Your Festive Mood


Best Holiday Movies For The Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again! Streets sparkle, roofs ice over, and the smell of delicious cake wafts through the air. Celebrate the festive spirit with some of the best holiday movies that will never get old. These are some all-time favorites that would warm your hearts from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. Prepare for a holiday movie binge!

So, why not have your warm pj’s on, hot cocoa ready, and treat yourself to some movie marathon or just pick a favorite?

15 Best Holiday Movies For Festive Season

Whether you want to have “me time”, want to call your bestie, or spend time with your loved ones, a good movie night is all we need to blend in with this festive. Below are some season favorites and classic holiday movies!

1. Sleepless in Seattle (1993)

IMDb 6.8

Sam Baldwin and his 8-year-old son Jonah move from Chicago to Seattle after the loss of their wife Maggie to get away from the pain brought on by her passing.

Jonah, Sam’s son, decides to call the radio station since his father is feeling particularly lonely at this time of year because it’s the holidays. Sam and Annie are introduced to one another over a radio call.

2. Charlie And The Chocolate Factory (2005)

IMDb 6.7

This movie sure is every child’s dream come true. The world of the chocolate factory has been explored to every detail – from a chocolate river to fantastical factory workers.

This is one of the hallmark holiday movies that teaches us important life lessons. Also, a movie that will make you run to your nearest candy shop.

3. About Time (2013)

IMDb 7.8

Here’s one of the best family holiday movies – About Time. And what better way to spend time with your family than watching this rom-com?

In this movie a young man has the ability to travel through time and tries to change his past in hopes of improving his future but it comes with a cost. Watch this movie to know more.

4. Love Actually (2003)

IMDb 7.6

How can one not love this movie? A perfect holiday set-up, perfectly good and charming actors, and the characters experience love in the most fairy tale way possible. Yes, might seem exaggerated to some but it’s always a delight to watch this movie. It’s like a dream come true. A movie that will make you believe in the magic of love, once again.

5. Forrest Gump (1994)

IMDb 8.8

Forrest Gump, a man with a low IQ has never considered himself to be disadvantageous, owing all to his loving mother. Forrest inspires others with his innocent optimism, whether he is commanding a shrimp boat, fighting in Vietnam, or topping the field as a college football star. You should watch movies like these over the Holiday season.

6. The Holiday (2006)

Top Holiday Movies On Netflix

IMDb 6.9

A perfect Christmas rom-com, we all wish to watch it all year long. Why not? The sizzling chemistry between Jude and Cameron, with our lovely Kate’s struggle with life and love-life, a movie not just to make us drool over good-looking actors, but it tells us about the changes in life and how we should be accepting of them.

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7. Carol (2015)

IMDb 7.1

In the 1950s, during the holiday season in New York, an unexpected love affair takes place between two women from quite different backgrounds. Unfold the love this holiday with one of the best Christmas movies.

8. It’s A Wonderful Life (1946)

Thanksgiving Movies

IMDb 8.6

Hallmark Christmas movies are forever. Undoubtedly, the most-watched holiday movie, tells us about the tale of George Bailey and how he was almost on the verge of committing suicide on Christmas Eve when something really interesting happened to him.

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9. Home Alone (1990)

Best Holiday Movies To Match Your Festive Mood

IMDb 7.7

Do you want to watch one of the best Christmas movies? Here’s Home Alone!

This story revolves around Kevin McCallister, an 8-year-old troublemaker. When his family accidentally leaves him home alone during the Christmas break, he must defend his home from two burglars.

10. Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001)

Funny Holiday Movies

IMDb 6.8

Yes, yet another Christmas rom-com on our list. We can never get enough of this movie. A modern take on Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice”. The movie tells us about Bridget Jones and her love life. A fun and festive movie to watch.

11. Serendipity (2001)

Netflix Holiday Movies

IMDb 6.8

On a magical night Jonathan meets Sara. They are in in their 20s, and he finds it love at first sight, but Sara believes in destiny. After 10 years later, fate must decide it wants them to be together again. This is a perfect holiday

12. The Polar Express (2004)

Favorite Holiday Movies For Kids

IMDb 6.6

Another classic in the house! The Polar Express is an evergreen movie that will never get old and will never lose its soul. It’s about a young boy who goes on a magical journey to the North Pole on the magical train, Polar Express. All throughout his journey, he learns many important lessons about friendship, life, courage, and the beauty of Christmas.

13. Phantom Thread (2017)

Happy New Year Movies

IMDb 7.4

This may not all scream “Christmas!” to you, but considering that it is set in 1950s London and includes sequences from Christmas and New Year’s, it may be great a holiday film for you to watch.
Reynolds Woodcock, a well-known dressmaker, is the subject of the story. Alma, a young, independent woman, becomes both his muse and his lover, upending his orderly lifestyle.

14. When Harry Met Sally (1989)

IMDb 7.7

In the movie, Harry Burns and Sally Albright often cross paths throughout the years and decide to just be friends, despite Harry’s opinion that it is impossible for men and women to just be friends. This approach works for a time, but Harry and Sally finally come to understand their attraction to one another. This movie is ideal for the occasion because it takes place on New Year’s Eve.

15. Holidate (2020)

top holiday movies for the holiday season

IMDb 6.1

Two strangers decide to be each other’s platonic plus ones for the entire year since they are tired of being lonely around the holidays, but they soon develop real feelings for one another.

Do you have suggestions to add to this Holiday Movies list? Comment your favorite holiday movies below!

15 Holiday Movies To Blend Perfectly With Your Festive Mood
15 Classic Holiday Movies For Kids And Adults
15 holiday movies Pin
15 Best Holiday Movies For Festive Season
holiday movies to blend perfectly with your festive mood pinex
15 Favorite Holiday Movies On Netflix
holiday movies to blend perfectly with your festive mood pin
15 Best Holiday Movies For Holiday 2023
Holiday Movies Blend Perfectly With Festive Mood pin
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