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Laughter is an expression of joy. From releasing endorphins in your brain to reducing the risk of heart disease, there is a whole list of health benefits granted by a good laugh. Nothing feels better than a genuine laugh and watching comedy movies is one of the best ways to tickle your funny bones. Here we have collected 15 hilarious comedy movies to watch and laugh out loud with your friends and folks this festive season.

“As soap is to the body, so laughter is to the soul.”- JEWISH PROVERB

They should seriously add a ‘laughter class’ in those wellness programs they advertise all the time. Stand-up comedians really need to step their game up or should I say they really need to ‘stand-up’. 

But I’m glad their craft is appreciated on the big screen so everyone can have a ‘laughter class’ while being entertained by a dynamic storyline. Yes, comedy movies. What would the world be without our ridiculously amusing comedy movies?

There’s almost never a wrong time to watch a good movie that makes you split your sides. You can always use a good laugh here and thereafter a long day of well… staying at home. So why not check out our list of hilarious comedy movies that will make you roll on the floor laughing to reap all the health benefits of good laughter. 

Here are 15 Hilarious Comedy Movies That Will Make You ROFL:

15. 21 Jump Street (2012)

comedy movies

This American buddy cop action comedy film will entertain you from beginning till the end. I loved that perfect blend of humor, action, and suspense in the movie so much that I have already watched it 10 times.

Schmidt and Jenko are high school friends turned cops working on a serious mission to uncover a drug trade. Will they be successful? Watch out to know!

14. Pitch Perfect (2012)

comedy movies

A musical comedy film directed by Jason Moore is about college student Beca, who reluctantly joins an all-girls a cappella group. She helps the outstanding singers of the group come out of their comfort zone and infuse some freshness into their traditional methods so that they can win in the top of college music competitions.

This one is a perfect movie for those who love singing and comedy!

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13. The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005)

The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005)

One of the best comedy moues ever with a solid plot and a good heart and a lovable hero, who’s never “done the deed”. But he meets a single mother and finds increasing pressure from his friends, who are on a sacred mission to end his 40-year drought.  Will he lose his virginity?

12. Last Holiday (2006)

Last Holiday (2006)

The romantic comedy-drama film chronicles Shy Georgia’s life of frustrated desires. She discovers she has only a few weeks to live and tries hard to be happy. If you want to unwind this festive season, this is the must-watch movie. It will take you to a better place far away from reality.

11. Step Brothers (2008)

comedy movies

This movie is hilarious and made me laugh out loud. Brennan and Dale, are two never-employed brats who still live with their parents. They are forced to share the same room when their parents get married.

Not just good humor, the movie is surprisingly touchy too. Will there be a happy ending?

10. Midnight in Paris (2011)

comedy movies

This is one of my favorite romantic, comedy movies. Gil Pender, a screenwriter, arrives with his materialistic fiancée and her family in Paris. The couple has divergent goals and Gil is forced to confront the shortcomings of his relationship.

Directed by Woody Allen, the themes of nostalgia and modernism along with the realization of reality make the movie worth your time.

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9. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004)

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004)

The movie portrays a San Diego television station where Ferrell’s title character clashes with his new female counterpart. The clash with an ambitious female reporter in the movie introduces us to various styles of humor. It’s a pure comedy with a sensational soundtrack and endlessly quotable dialogue.

8. Superbad (2007)

 Superbad (2007)

It’s a coming-of-age teen comedy film and is the funniest of them all.

The movie is about two high-school friends who want to enjoy their life to the fullest but lands up in big trouble. It will surely take you back to your high school days.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a sequel!

7. Think Like A Man (2012)

Think Like A Man (2012)

This hilarious comedy movie is about four different men whose love lives are screwed up because their ladies buy a book by comic Steve Harvey and start to apply its advice to their relationships. Only when the band of brothers has realized that they have been betrayed by one of their own, they are determined to turn the tables using the information from the same book.

The movie proves that there is more than one way to look at relationships.

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6. Sisters (2015)

15 Hilarious Comedy Movies To Watch When You Want To Laugh Out Loud

A tale of two sisters Maura and Kate who decide to throw the last house party before their parents sell their family home. This event gives them the chance to explore their dramatic sides, the wonderful chemistry between them will leave you awestruck.

5. School Of Rock (2003)

School Of Rock (2003)

Here’s another musical comedy film for you. An amateur rock enthusiast takes up a teaching job in a prestigious elementary private school. He tries to train his students to form a rock band.

This is one movie that always makes me feel fulfilled, watch again and again, and laugh out loud.

4. Neighbors (2014)

Neighbors (2014)

Cool college students disturb the peaceful suburban life of Mac and Kelly and things quickly escalate. It is a very hilarious and enjoyable movie and having Seth Rogen is like icing on the cake.

3. Tropic Thunder (2008)

 Tropic Thunder (2008)

An action-comedy film about a troupe of actors, trying to film a great Vietnam war movie, but are captured by a gang of drug lords who think the actors are narcs. Thanks to the mistaken identities and we get many laugh-out-loud moments,

No one can deny if I say this is a formidably funny spoof.

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2. Lost In Translation (2003)

15 Hilarious Comedy Movies To Watch When You Want To Laugh Out Loud

Bob, lands in Tokyo for an ad film and ends up meeting Charlotte. While Bob is going through a mid-life crisis, Charlotte is left alone by her photographer husband. Will they both have a happy ending to their lives?

The movie touches on the themes of alienation and disconnection. It perfectly balances the laugh-out-loud comedy and tender romance,

1. Borat (2006)

15 Hilarious Comedy Movies To Watch When You Want To Laugh Out Loud

A British-American mockumentary comedy film about Borat, a Kazakh resident, passionate about making a documentary on the USA. but after a lot of misunderstandings and ridiculous situations he realizes that the country is the same as his own country in many ways.

The movie introduces you to out of this world, funny things that will leave a lasting impact on your mind.

Make sure to check and watch the sequel of these comedy movies to double the amusement and to keep rolling on the floor laughing.

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