15 Emotional Movies That Will Make You Cry Your Heart Out

Emotional Movies Make Cry Heart Out

It’s healthy to cry from time to time. If you’ve run out of reasons, check out this list of 30 Emotional Movies That Will Make You Cry Your Heart Out.

We often get lost in our own monotonous life dealing with others and forget to be in touch with ourselves and our needs and emotions. You owe it to yourself to take some time out to reach deep within yourself.

When was the last time you had a full blown crying session or felt something deep within that touched you? If you trace back to that moment, you’ll probably remember the feeling of relief that flooded right after the last teardrop. Not only is it okay to cry, it also comes with a handful of benefits for your mind and body. But don’t go around crying here and there whenever you want just because of the benefits. There’s a time and place for everything – chill.

Our emotions often tend to clog certain areas of our minds and the best way to let it out is by expressing these emotions. Instead of throwing tantrums and blaming others for no solid reason, how about you gather all the tissues in your house and watch a few tear-jerking emotional movies to get those tears going and to release the emotions you’ve been holding in.

Movies that have been orchestrated with visuals, sound, and literature to strike your emotional self are ones worth watching over and over again. You experience a whole range of emotions that are very real and relatable. Dive into these emotional movies to get captivated by the intense melodrama and have those emotions expressed with the full-blown crying session you’ve missed out on. Let the movie roll as your tears do too. :’)

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Here are 15 Emotional Movies That Will Make You Cry Your Heart Out:

15. La La Land (2016)

Aspiring actress serves lattes to movie stars in between auditions and jazz musician Sebastian scrapes by playing cocktail-party gigs in dingy bars. But as success mounts, they are faced with decisions that fray the fragile fabric of their love affair, and the dreams they worked so hard to maintain in each other threaten to rip them apart.

14. The Color Purple (1985)

Georgia, 1909. With an abusive father, the only person who 14-year old Celie cares for and loves is her younger sister Nettie. Then Celie is married off to Albert Johnson, a brutal, uncaring man. After an incident between Nettie and Albert, Albert bans Nettie from his property and it appears that Celie may never see her again.

13. The Namesake (2006)

In 1977, Ashima, a young Bengali woman, accepts Ashoke’s marriage proposal. He’s a student living abroad, so after the marriage she accompanies him to New York, where their temporary residence becomes permanent. We see her navigate and adapt to this alien land. They name their son Nikhil, with the pet name of Gogol, after Ashoke’s favorite writer. We watch Gogol grow up American with roots he only begins to appreciate when he visits India in his 20s. A family death hastens his coming to terms with his name (and his roots) and Ashima’s determination of where she will live once she has a choice.

12. Interstellar (2014)

Earth’s future has been riddled by disasters, famines, and droughts. There is only one way to ensure mankind’s survival: Interstellar travel. A newly discovered wormhole in the far reaches of our solar system allows a team of astronauts to go where no man has gone before, a planet that may have the right environment to sustain human life.

11. Room (2015)

Five-year-old Jack’s whole world is a confined, 11-by-11-foot locked space crammed with pictures, toys, and books–the Room. Of course, his young mother is in the room too, taking care of her only son, and making sure nothing bad happens to him–especially when Old Nick pays them a visit, and Jack starts hearing creaking sounds. However, one day, Ma says that there is a place outside their chamber where houses, trees, people, and dogs are real; a marvelous realm where the air is fresh, and the wide sky is blue. Could she be telling the truth? Is there, indeed, a life beyond the Room?

10. Call Me By Your Name (2017)

In early-1980s northern Italy, amid the lush Mediterranean landscapes of a serene and golden summer, seventeen-year-old Elio visits the family’s summer villa to spend his vacation. But, apart from his father and Greco-Roman culture professor, Mr Perlman, and his translator mother, Annella, the twenty-four-year-old American doctoral student, Oliver, is working there as an intern. Now, against the backdrop of incurable summer ennui, little by little, over the course of six ephemeral weeks, a timid friendship between Elio and Oliver will prepare the ground for an unexpected bond, as the unexplored emotions of first love start boiling over. Could this sun-kissed romance in Lombardy be the prelude to maturity?

9. The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012)

Based on the novel written by Stephen Chbosky, this is about 15-year-old Charlie (Logan Lerman), an endearing and naive outsider, coping with first love (Emma Watson), the suicide of his best friend, and his own mental illness while struggling to find a group of people with whom he belongs. The introvert freshman is taken under the wings of two seniors, Sam and Patrick, who welcome him to the real world.

8. The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

Based on a true story about a man named Christopher Gardner. Gardner has invested heavily in a device known as a “bone density scanner”. He feels like he has it made selling these devices. However, they do not sell well as they are marginally better than x-ray at a much higher price. As Gardner works to make ends meet, his wife leaves him and he loses his apartment. Forced to live out in the streets with his son, Gardner continues to sell bone density scanners while concurrently taking on an unpaid internship as a stockbroker, with slim chances for advancement to a paid position. Before he can receive pay, he needs to outshine the competition through 6 months of training, and to sell his devices to stay afloat.

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