10 Psychological Thriller Movies on Netflix That Will Keep You Spellbound

10 Psychological Thriller Movies on Netflix That Will Keep You Spellbound

All that sums up the artistry of thriller movies – to expect the unexpected and you have yourself a riveting and unsettling genre that will have you questioning life itself for days that follow. Psychological thrillers incorporate elements of mystery and psychological narratives that leave us pondering about the mind-bending plot.

We all love a little surprise. A little twist in a pattern or an unanticipated turn in the way things often happen. It fills us to the brim with an intense thriller that is definitely worth living for.

The more unexpected the surprise, the greater the thrill.

Now, We can all agree to the fact that thriller movies are one of the genres that offer us the most intriguing and engaging times ever.

It’s movie night and you’re kind of lost looking for a movie worth your while. You can push those romantic, comedy, and action movies to the side for now. A little further. That’s enough. Enough space for you to have your mind blown and taken away by these spellbinding psychological thriller movies on Netflix.

So prepare yourself to realize how unprepared you were while watching these captivating psychological thriller movies on Netflix that will leave you no headspace to have any expectations.

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Here are our collection of 10 Psychological Thriller Movies on Netflix That Will Keep You Spellbound:

1. The Captive (2014) 

In the few minutes, it took Matthew Lane to buy a pie at a roadside shop in snow-capped Niagara Falls, Ontario, his nine-year-old daughter, Cassandra, vanished into thin air.

With young Cass abducted by a meticulous sexual predator, Matthew and his wife, Tina, see their marriage quickly deteriorate; however–eight long years later–unexpectedly solid evidence that a now-teenage Cassandra is alive in captivity shed some light on this puzzling case. Will Matthew and Tina ever see Cassandra again?  

Movie Trailor: https://www.youtube.com/embed/5z3_vcRbi7k

2. Would You Rather (2012) 

A young woman, desperate to help her sickly brother, accepts a dinner invitation to what seems to be easy money. As soon as she arrives at dinner, she realizes that playing the “game” is deadly for its losers. She and several others spend the night being terrorized in a game of would you rather. 

Movie Trailor: https://www.youtube.com/embed/it5XICr93wU

3. Chloe (2009) 

Catherine and David, she a doctor, he a professor, are at first glance the perfect couple. Happily married with a talented teenage son, they appear to have a perfect life. But when David misses a flight and his surprise birthday party, Catherine’s long simmering suspicions rise to the surface.

Suspecting infidelity, she decides to hire an escort to seduce her husband and test his loyalty. Catherine finds herself ‘directing’ Chloe’s encounters with David, and Chloe’s end of the bargain is to report back, the descriptions becoming increasingly graphic as the meetings multiply. 

Movie Trailor: https://www.youtube.com/embed/yXaj_O_U0LA

4.  Birdbox (2018)

Amid a nightmarish new reality where an unseen malevolent force purges the global population, the single mother, Malorie, and her two children, embark on a life-threatening quest to find the last protected haven on Earth.

However, in this dangerous quest, one’s eyesight is the real enemy–and as the defenseless blindfolded protector summons up the courage to follow a faint shred of hope hidden deep in a refuge down the river–darkness may be the only thing that can save them. Now, the rules of survival have changed. Will Malorie and her kids live to see another day?

Movie Trailor: https://www.youtube.com/embed/o2AsIXSh2xo

5. The Invitation (2015) 

Will and Eden were once a loving couple. After a tragedy took their son, Eden disappeared. Two years later, out of the blue, she returns with a new husband… and as a different person, eerily changed and eager to reunite with her ex and those she left behind.

Over the course of a dinner party in the house that was once his, the haunted Will is gripped by mounting evidence that Eden and her new friends have a mysterious and terrifying agenda. But can we trust Will’s hold on reality? Or will he be the unwitting catalyst of the doom he senses?

Movie Trailor: https://www.youtube.com/embed/0-mp77SZ_0M

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