Is A Good Marriage The Key To Healing Old Family Wounds?

Is A Good Marriage The Key To Healing Old Family Wounds

Not only has Judith’s relationship with her dad permanently changed for the better but her marriage is much improved. Ever since the big breakthrough with her dad, she has been enjoying a relationship with her husband that is not contaminated by confusing him with the judgmental father of her childhood. In their marriage, they enjoy more peacefulness and deeper love.

Judith says, “I now live with enormous gratitude every single morning. I am grateful for my husband who was willing to lovingly hold my feet to the fire on this important issue. I am so glad to have a healed relationship with my father who is 85. I am grateful for my friends and for the work that I love. I am grateful for the drive that I have had to do all the work that I’ve done to heal myself. There is such a sharp contrast between the life that I live now, and the one that I lived for so many years. I know that the gratitude that I live in is amplified by the difficulties and deprivation of my past. I rest in the certainty that I am living a life that matters.”


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Written by Linda and Carlie Bloom
Originally appeared in Psychology Today

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Is A Good Marriage The Key To Healing Old Family Wounds

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