How To Manifest And Attract The Right Relationship For Yourself

manifest and attract the right relationship for yourself

Everyone wants the right relationship, but we tend to focus on the wrong things. If you want a fulfilling relationship, you need to make the right decisions.

If Buddha would start dating he would probably do it quite differently than the millions of singles who are now sitting on the couch looking via the Internet for the right one.

Maybe you would be so overwhelmed by self-pity and loneliness that would be the reason for your search for the one. Your own feeling of who you are would then be forgotten.

If we take Buddha as our example, what would he do energetically to find a new partner? Of course, we know that Buddha would never really date, but in this story, he signifies spiritual dating.

Here’s How To Manifest And Attract The Right Relationship For Yourself

Throw Your Wish For Love To The Universe

The power of ‘the secret‘ thought, Whatever wish you send up to the cosmos through your heart and spirit you will get back multiplied.

Are you sending up fear of being yourself in a relationship? Do you have fear of showing who you really are? Or are you afraid to give up the freedom that you have?

If you feel that you would rather be alone, you will subconsciously not attract a new partner (definitely not the one).

What type of man/woman do you want to attract?

What should be their most important personality so that you are both compatible?

Do you want a serious relationship with marriage in mind or should it be a lat-relationship?

A partner who is always on the go because of his/her job; friends? Or someone who is more at home?

Maybe as you lay in bed or taking a walk in the woods, sitting with your eyes closed you can concentrate on what type of relationship you are really looking for or if it is what you want.

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If you keep doubting, the universe will not be able to understand what you really want.

Send up a few times clearly what you really want so the universe understands what to do. Then let it go, the universe will then have the chance to answer your wishes.

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Be Prepared To Be And Explore Yourself

To manifest a loving, honest and true relationship, you must know who you are and what you really want in this life. If you don’t know, how do you expect someone else will? By knowing who you are and what you want your choices become easier, you will find that it is much more fun being with that special person.

Almost everyone finds it difficult to show who they really are even though they want to. It’s mostly because they flee from their true feelings, listen to others, or don’t take the time to find out who they really are.

What makes you happy, what type of sports do you like? What are your limitations, what are your hobbies? What do you really like? What don’t you like? What kind of life suits you best? How are you happy?

When you know this another can adopt to your way of living, they will know what you want and accept. They can then be an addition to your life.

Remember a relationship is an addition to your life and not the other way around.

You should be balanced and satisfied with your own life. This is important before looking for or starting a relationship. If you are happy with your own life you will attract like-minded partners with the same energy flow because a relationship is based on equivalency and not on role-playing.

You should complement each other, you should want to freely be with each other and not only because of mutual interest. If your relationship is based only on mutual interest you will drain each other’s energy. There will be lots of fear in the relationship and no love and freedom.

If you freely come together and you can find rest and happiness together and you can be yourself because you feel accepted just the way you are, then you are in a strong relationship. Your partner can truly accept you the way you are, dare to be who you are.

Clean Up Or Take Care Of Your Past

It really happens that you find a healthy relationship when you are full of sorrow and past relationship issues. Throw it all overboard, handle what still bothers you, and block your energy.

All unresolved issues should be expressed. Get rid of ex-partners’ things like rings and clothes etc, and make room for the new. Put away old nostalgic photos of your ex. Try to read books that can help you resolve your fears.

You are not your past anymore, you are no longer a victim, you are not pathetic. You are new and fresh, free yourself of whatever is giving you negative energy. Take what serves you in a positive way with you and let go of the negative.

Let go of people who give you an uneasy feeling. Change your home around until it feels good for you. Change what doesn’t feel good in your workplace like conflicts and if they can’t be changed let them go.

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Break Through Your Ego And Go Towards Your Feelings (Or Higher Self)

Learn to recognize your feelings and trust your intuition.

Do you live in your ego or your feelings?

Do you let others or society determine your path?

Do you stand up for yourself?

Do you let yourself be led by fears or do you have enough trust in yourself?

Are you hoping to be in a relationship to be free of loneliness? Or do you want to find someone to walk your path in life with? Do you want someone who can let you live in the here and now, someone who will help you see your imperfections and blind spots?

Are you materialistic? Can you let go of things? Can you stand up for yourself, dreams and ideals?

Do you dare to be unique? Do you dare to take responsibility for your own deeds and words?

Can you stop blaming someone else for what has happened to you? Can you be yourself without fear?

Don’t be afraid anymore of the insecurities, loneliness, or jealousy of others. It’s ok, they go through the same process, talk about it. Ask your new partner if they are to walk with you through the journey of life.

Buddha relationship

(Leda the Zwaan and her golden budhha)

Make Your House Feng Shui

According to old Chinese placement art, you can literally make a place for a partner. You can let that be seen in the reflection of your living space.

Do you have a single bed? It seems you unconsciously block a lover or partner that can sleep by you, you literally don’t have room for someone else. Try to have a bigger bed, sofa, etc. Try to make your home look welcome for a second person.

You can place a symbol or roses for your new partner like a new pillow next to yours, 2 candle sticks, 2 lamps left and right next to your bed.

Think about what symbols you would like to use.

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I do things that I like and that symbolizes how happy I am with myself and that I am open to a new partner in my life with the same values and intentions as mine.

Is there too much clutter in your house? Get rid of it. A house that is in order creates the same type of mind.

Old clutter of exes can be thrown out also things you had in your feeling down period. Divide your stuff into what serves you and whatnot. The music you won’t listen to anymore, books you won’t read, old bills, clothes? Get rid of them all.

Accept that there is no guarantee for the future. Accept that if you meet someone it won’t be the same every day. He or she will have their ups and downs. After a few years, a bit of boredom can exist. When you fall in love you can feel insecure about your new partner, afraid that he/she will leave, that they will change when things happen in their lives. It will not always be joy and laughter. You can become sick, have burnout, feel disappointed.

Adjust your expectations. Try to be yourself and talk about your feelings, let your feelings be! Love and hate go hand in hand. Your love and happiness can be influenced by all sorts of circumstances and feelings; it is up to you both if you want to continue your journey together or not.

Sadness is a part of love, let it all be! Spirituality is letting things go by as the wind, see it, observe and let it go. See your partner each day from a new angle and not as from the past. Do you want to continue your life journey with this new person? Then go for it, just remember love is freedom, you can stop anytime you can’t be yourself anymore, feel unhappy or realize that your partner is hindering your journey. This is not real love anymore. Take responsibility for your feelings and your life and leave.

The ‘new you‘.

Written by Author/healer/coach/journalist,

Leda de Zwaan

Leda is a writer, speaker, journalist, singer, and Coach of the New Energy. She specializes in Add/HSP, twin soul- and soulmate relationships, Energetic Clearance, Self-Mastership, Cosmic Marriage, Self-Love, 5D detoxes on every level. Or how about Creating a New Life, Trauma-Healings, Mission-Coaching, Karma cleansing, Regression-therapy, and Personalized Meditations. She is an entrepreneur to guide towards a new global shift. She also gives counseling & advice to Institutes and Organisations and researches on many subjects to Global Awareness, Universal Human Rights, Energy-management, Sustainability, Science, Communication, Unification, Health-Awareness and New Ways of thinking.

She publishes awakening, activating, and consciousness-raising texts and films. Her goal is to shed light to take new paths. She was a pioneer that broke trails in many kinds of areas.

She tries to re-connect you – and Every part of the chain – with your Inner voice, your True Unique Essence of Self-Mastery, Wisdom, Knowledge, and Self-Love. Towards a New Earth, in the middle of the Shift. So-called ‘ New Energy;- As she calls her mission. Her website can be found at: www.enlighteningmedia.comEnlightening Media Facebook

So did you learn all about the things you should do in order to manifest and attract the right relationship for you? If you did then share this with your folks and friends.

Written By Leda De Zwaan
Originally Appeared In Enlightening Media

How to manifest and attract the right relationship for yourself
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