How To Make A Man Miss You: Three Powerful Ways To Be “Missed”

How To Make A Man Miss You: Three Powerful Ways To Be "Missed"

It’s always a great feeling to be missed by the man you love or have a crush on. So if you want to make a man miss you, here are some strategies on how to make him miss you that are downright effective.

If I ask you, “how do you build a relationship that’s healthy and deeply intimate?” what would you answer? Do you have a foolproof strategy to make a man miss you?

You might say that you need to do things like have romantic dinners and deep conversations, spend lots of quality time together getting to know each other’s inner workings. While those are all valid suggestions and might indeed lead to greater intimacy, I invite you to entertain the idea that it’s equally important to be missed in a relationship.

Of all the things we can be, one of the most important is “missed.” This may seem counter-intuitive.

How To Make A Man Miss You: Three Powerful Ways To Be "Missed"
How To Make A Man Miss You: Three Powerful Ways To Be "Missed"

You might say, “But Clayton, I need to be present in order to show him how wonderful I am. If I’m not around him then he’s more likely to forget about my fabulousness!”. And, to that, I say, “Au contraire!”

One of the most powerful tools you have at the beginning of a relationship is that dynamic of yearning, of desiring and thinking about each other constantly, and that can’t happen if you’re always together.

In fact, the opposite might happen. It might be that he realizes he needs some space from you, the exact opposite result of what you’re trying to create.

So, the importance of breathing room cannot be over-emphasized. Space is that key element that helps romance and passion burn brightly, especially in the early days of a relationship.

So, how do you tackle this in a healthy way, with maximum impact? How do you get him to miss you with the passion of a thousand suns? Or, perhaps, just enough to ask you out again?

Ultimately, there are three ways to make a man miss you in a manner that is healthy and beneficial to your relationship.

If you follow these three steps, you’ll leave him thinking about you, desiring your presence, and coming back for more.

Step 1: Take Full Responsibility for Your Happiness

This is an interesting romantic myth in our culture that it’s our partner’s job to make us happy. And if they’re not happy, somehow, we are failing them. In truth, this is nonsense.

While the idea that others make us happy is well-spun – “He makes me so happy” or “She completes me” — in reality, it’s a load of dating doo-doo. Why? Because happiness is an inside job —completely and 100% our own individual responsibility.

If we fail to take responsibility for our own happiness, we make someone else (our partner), the culpable party. And that is a breeding ground for resentment. The second we’re unhappy, we point our fingers in their direction, blaming them for our lack of fulfillment.

It’s one of the quickest ways to make a relationship come crumbling to the ground.

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So, how do we avoid assigning our joy to other people and keep it in our control? Get in touch with the things you love, take care of yourself, find value and self-worth outside of your relationship (be it through a hobby, at your job, or through volunteer work), and stop blaming others when things go wrong (or you’re feeling low).

Once you do that, you become someone who no longer needs to be rescued, or pulled out of a rut of despondence. He can breathe a sigh of relief because he doesn’t feel the weight of obligation to save you and “fix” your emotional state.  You no longer need your partner to assume the role of hero, and you as a damsel in emotional distress.

You instead become a partner, a true equal in the eyes of the person you’re dating. It liberates you and your significant other by making respective happiness an inside job. And that allows you both the chance to offer the greatest gifts you can in any romantic union: the best versions of yourselves.

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Step 2: Trust Him

Without Trust, Honesty, And Communication, Love Is Just Another Four Letter Word
How To Make A Man Miss You: Three Powerful Ways To Be "Missed"

Trust is one of those things that’s fickle – when people prove themselves untrustworthy, continuing to trust them is foolish. However, until your partner gives you no reason not to, assume the best of them.

Trust is among the most critical ingredients in a long-lasting relationship.

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