7 Ways Your Body Repels A Wrong Partner

What’s your body trying to tell you – 7 Ways Your Body Repels A Wrong Partner

What’s your body trying to tell you? Ways your body repels a wrong partner

Our instincts often hit us first, telling us what we need to know well before our consciousness catches up. Tuning in to these physical sensations can not only help you make the right decision—it might just save your life & relationships

Here are 7 Ways Your Body Repels A Wrong Partner

1) The Natural Moisture Goes Away

Your body knows it before you do. As you try getting into the act, your body won’t allow you. This signifies that your body is not ready to accept this person as someone intimate.

2) You have trouble sleeping next to him

Your body knows that you deserve better. Its senses are triggered to a level that you start feeling uncomfortable sleeping next to your partner. Science does say that a person gets the most comfortable sleep with someone he/she feels most close to. You’ll notice that the most peaceful sleep you find are the times when he is not with you or you are on a personal vacation without him.

3) Your Anxiety Reaches New Levels

You have never suffered from anxiety issues but now all of a sudden your internal system has been triggering anxiety attacks regularly. You start experiencing negative thoughts, often of low self-esteem. But hey, it’s not you, just your body talking to you about him.

4) You Are Always Freezing

Your Bowel System Goes Crazy. You suffer from loss of appetite, making your body cold every now and then. You’ll feel the need for a pullover or a sweatshirt even when everyone else is feeling comfortable. This leads to your immune system weakening up and your body becoming prone to cough, cold and flu.

5) Your Partner Gives you Jitters

This usually occurs in extreme situations, when your relationship has taken a negative turn. Every time you are around him, your body starts shaking terribly. You can ignore it as a coincidence but this is your body telling you that it cannot process the presence of someone unwanted around you.

6) You feel tired all the Time

While the right partner energizes you, A wrong one will end up making you feel drained all the time, not just physically but emotionally too.

7) You don’t feel like to work out

While the right partner motivates you to be your Best Self, The wrong one – might make you feel lethargic. Those bushy eyebrows, bloated tummy, a dull face.  And still, you don’t care about it.

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What’s your body trying to tell you – 7 Ways Your Body Repels A Wrong Partner
7 Ways Your Body Repels A Wrong Partner – What’s your body trying to tell you

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