Love At First Sight – Can It Be Real?


Love At First Sight – Can It Be Real?

A soul consists of innumerable emotions, which can be controlled and manipulated by an individual. Yet, a singular emotion, which can never be tamed and is rumored to be the first emotion that strikes you, is love. It can be towards yourself, maybe an inanimate object, your better half or even food!

You may fall in love, experience the beauty or the low in it, also you enjoy the warmth the person provides, but that doesn’t count. What really should count is it’s existence and accepting the fact that it’s real. Prematurely it won’t be an elephantine matter but as time passes it’s meaning is really revealed. Love spawns a distinctive affair between every individual, and there’s no denying that there’s a faint chance of not experiencing it. What keeps me wondering is, even though it’s a clichéd and a hyped emotion, when is that moment when you fall for the person you met?

The vista about this emotion is that you can feel it after reaching a comfort zone, and it’s occurrence can vary depending on the individual.

In some common cases, Maybe the affection is developed after catching a brief glimpse of the person, and this is what really counts; love at first sight, and that moment should be seized upon and dented it deep in the heart.

Love, at first sight, is commonly associated with movies or love series or television soap operas. Obviously, love tends to mature with time but, at the same time it can happen instantly. Can it?

” Some people cross your path and change your direction forever.”

There’s no time barrier to this feel.

In some cases, you fall into a mind block, whether you love this entity, or whether the feeling of love has been ignited in your heart.

But, the special point behind the love at first sight is that you already know that it’s happened and you tend to deny it’s existence; you will bring in the eternity to convince yourself, but minutely a small corner exists that will say, I just want to know more about this person, I want him/her to be part of my life.

Love at first sight is what removes every other individual and highlights the person or the people you are supposed to be with.

It’s the involvement of the two identities into each other’s life. It can also mean that the person, who you might have met yesterday, can be a focal point in your life and their existence in your life can prove to be worthy because is just more than finding someone who understands you.

What’s the most common question asked when this happens? “Is it real?”

For a moment even you start questioning your heart. You become a prisoner to your own thoughts. You fall into a heated conversation with your own self, “ How can I fall for someone I know nothing about?” The true evidence that really proves that you aren’t having a guilty pleasure is that you will never point a finger at the person. Considering love is a huge 4 letters label, a small feeling in your heart sparks exists. What is this feeling? The fact that there is something particular about that person that makes him/her superior from the rest. Something unique, even though, you might be the only one who observes it. Out of the uncountable crowd you see, this is the one who stands differently. Even though the world sees through a different perspective, you beg to differ.

Deep down, you are strongly hoping, that the person feels the same about you. The charm they possess, ensure that this person will make you feel special and you give them the single most prestigious spot in your life, why? Because you confide in them. You love them or maybe like them, yet everything can only depend on the future and your compatibility or maybe the cupid that lives (if it’s in your favor).

Upon, countless denials, even you know that the feeling of first love will always exist.

What makes you stop, think and adjust your mind and heart at an individual? Even you have to agree that first love is much more special than any other love, that’s because you don’t know when does it happen and how? It just happens and the next move is yours to initiate. You either do something or you don’t.

“Sometimes when you meet someone there’s a click. Well, I don’t believe in love at first sight, but I believe in that click.”

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