4 Reasons Why Losing Friends Is Not Always A Bad Thing

If breaking bonds with these buddies seem impossible, it’s good to consider temporary detachment from them.

Talk out with them about what is bothering you. If they are still inconsiderate of your feelings, you should give them the space to realize your worth.

One’s circle should be small as quality matters over quantity.


4. Friendship often gets toxic

Sometimes your friendship with someone might feel like you are walking on eggshells. With such people around you, you always have to review everything you say, every single way you behave and react. If you are constantly under the fear of ‘your shared secrets’ being exposed you will lose your mental peace. 

The biggest foundation of any connection is trust. If your friendship with someone cannot render you the environment to trust each other, it is not worth your time or efforts.

Does your friend keep away information from you? Do you feel like he/she is not being genuine or whole-hearted with you?

Are you doing your best to sustain the friendship with no or little efforts from the other end?

Reciprocity is one of the significant elements of friendship and if this lacks in your friendship, you can, well, consider it a big red flag. It is better not to pursue such a friend.

What life lessons have you learned from friends who have come and gone?

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