SUPER Life Lessons From Superheroes That Will Make You A Hero In Real Life

life lessons from super heroes

Who is Flash?

The Flash is the fastest man alive. After being hit by lightning and doused in chemicals, police chemist Barry Allen gained the power of super speed. Being able to move at lightspeed, Barry set out to prove his father’s innocence who was wrongly accused of murdering Barry’s mother. Dedicated to find his mother’s real killer, Barry became The Flash, a crime fighting superhero, who protects the people of Central City. He is also a core member of the Justice League.

Life lessons from Flash:

#1 Family comes first

Being a witness to his mother’s murder and seeing his father get wrongfully blamed for it, Barry knows the value of family very well. He has dedicated his life in the investigation to prove his father’s innocence. Even his identity as the Flash is driven by the fact that he lost his mother at an early age. Now he wants to protect the people so that no one has to experience what he had to.

# 2 Somethings are worth chasing

We all have something we love to chase whether it’s love, career or a dream. It is the same for Barry. At lightning fast speed, he chases what matters to him and what he believes is worthy of his time and effort. So make sure you only run after something that you believe is worthy and you are passionate about.

#3 Our past is often the key to our future

No one can deny that our past is part of who we are. Despite how much we try to forget or avoid it, our past will always catch up to us in unexpected ways. You simply can’t outrun it. The Flash tries desperately to cope with the death of his mother. However, it is only by accepting that he can’t change the past, Barry can move towards creating a better future. Revisit your past when you need to and let go of all your burdens.

“Sometimes the only way to move forward is to revisit the things in your past that were holding you back. You have to deal with them head on, no matter how scary they may be, because once you do you’ll see that you will go further than you ever imagined.” -Barry Allen


8. Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

spiderman quote

“With great power there must also come…great responsibility!” – Stan Lee

Who is Spider-Man?

On a field trip to a local science lab, school student Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider which gave him some unique superpowers. With his new-found spider powers, Peter became excited and tried to make money as a wrestler. But after the murder of his Uncle Ben, Peter decided to become Spider-Man and stop criminals from hurting anyone else.

With abilities like a spider and super strength, Peter now takes care of his Aunt May and swings around the city of New York to help everyone as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Life lessons from Spider-Man:

#1 With power, comes accountability

After getting his powers, Peter was focused on using it to earn some quick money. And after the death of his Uncle, he wanted to take revenge on the killer. But he chose to follow the advice of his late Uncle Ben and decided to become a hero for the people. He could have easily used his powers for his personal gains, but he chose the righteous path even though he is mostly unappreciated.

#2 We have to sacrifice what we want for our principles

Sometimes we might have to give up on what our heart wants the most just to follow our moral codes. Spider-Man has repeatedly sacrificed his love and personal happiness to do what he must: help people. Walking on the path to achieve your goals is not easy as it comes with a lot of personal sacrifice and compromise.

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