SUPER Life Lessons From Superheroes That Will Make You A Hero In Real Life

life lessons from super heroes

Superheroes. The mighty. The brave. The self-sacrificing righteous heroes that we can only dream to be. From the pages of colorful comic books to the 3D silver screens, superheroes are everywhere today. There is a good reason why superheroes have become so popular in our modern culture. They give us strength. They give us hope. And they inspire us to be our own heroes even though we know we might never be able to rise up to their heroic levels. That is the power of superheroes. The fact is, we can learn several valuable life lessons from superheroes.

SUPER Life Lessons From Superheroes That Will Make You A Hero In Real Life

Can we learn any REAL life lessons from superheroes?

Unlike the action-laden pages of these superhero comics, life doesn’t have any supervillains. We don’t have to fight the cunning intellect of Lex Luthor, the sinister antics of the psychopathic Joker, the shrewd trickery of Loki or the destruction of Thanos. But in real life, we have to face something far more disturbing and damaging than all these supervillains combined…LIFE itself.

Whether you are a DC comics fan or a Marvel comics fan or both, you simply cannot deny the impact our favorite superheroes have on us. Being obsessed with Batman since my childhood, I can list down a hundred things I have learnt from him and how he still guides in my life and keeps me on the right track. From Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern to Iron-Man, Captain America and the Hulk, these heroes have inspired us all in some way or the other. Whether you are a fan of the movies, the cartoon shows or even the comics, I am sure you have learned something from our favorite superheroes. If not, it’s time you do.

Why we love superheroes

“I think a hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” – Christopher Reeve

Despite their superpowers and amazing stories, superheroes are relatable. Irrespective of which superhero you may like, you will find something in them that clicks with you. That connection is what makes us love superheroes so much. Personally, Batman’s values and principles as a human being call out to me. I think this is what makes him the greatest hero of all time.

Something similar happens with the X-Men. These are normal people who reluctantly became heroes. They view their powers as a curse. There are strong themes of social injustice, prejudice, hopelessness, loss and victory throughout the history of the X-Men. These are things that we experience in our daily lives in some form or the other. When we see our heroes stand up and fight against these odds, it gives us hope and strength to stand up and fight for ourselves. It’s not just them. Every superhero has a story to tell that we can relate to on some level. There are many important life lessons from superheroes to be learnt for each one of us.

Here are some reasons we all love superheroes so much:

  • One of the main reasons we love superheroes so much is because they teach us how one person can make a difference. How one single human being can change the world.
  • In a world filled with chaos, superheroes are our role models of idealistic behavior. They inspire us to be our best selves and help those in need.
  • Superheroes are human even with their powers. They have flaws and they make mistakes, just like us. But they learn and grow and move forward to defeat evil. They give us strength to move beyond our limiting beliefs and step forward.
  • Superheroes give us hope and inspire us. They show us that if we fight just one more day, things will get better. They give us the mental security which we desperately crave for in this anarchic world.
  • And finally, superheroes look cool. We can’t deny how awesome they look in those armors and suits. Let’s face it, we all want to dress up like our favorite heroes. There is a reason why cosplaying has become so popular.

Life lessons from superheroes

Whether it’s Spiderman or Superman, we learn a lot from our favorite comic book heroes. So here’s a closer look at some of the life lessons from superheroes that we can all learn to make ourselves and our lives better.

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