8 Lessons Women Never Learn About Men

Lessons Women Never Learn About Men

7. Stop being a drama queen.

Men hate drama.

They despise women who create a scene out of nowhere. Stay simple. There’s absolutely no need to create drama. Give your man some peace of mind. You can be emotional but try to control your emotions. Don’t let them go astray and cause trouble for both of you.

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8. Build your own confidence.

Don’t ask him to tell you how smart or beautiful or capable you are. Be confident yourself. He will tell you when he feels like. Don’t make him feel that he’s there only to praise you. Men appreciate confident women. Be one.

These are some of the things women never learn about men, but that needs to change. Learn from the mistakes you have been making. They aren’t that hard to rectify and it will solve a lot of relationship issues. All the best.

8 lessons women never learn about men pin
Lessons Women Never Learn About Men pin

4 thoughts on “8 Lessons Women Never Learn About Men”

  1. I lived in Kansas my first 20 years. It’s a good place to be from , but not a good place to be… Thank you for your informative article.

  2. I think this is e best thing i have ever read to make me stong as a woman i have a story to tell a good one its best spoken

  3. Firstly, let me start off by mentioning the fact that the post said “7” and we were given 8. This article is poorly written and I get the vague feeling that even though this was supposed to be written as advice for women, it feels condescending instead. For example: One of the tips mentioned that the woman wake up and realize that he’s not interested in her. Are you a psychologist or have a doctorate so that you can give such advice? I happen to have 2 degrees and I can’t believe someone would give advice to others without being well educated on the intricacies of personal relationships and what people have actually been through. I think the post needs reviewing and more research should be done.

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