The 4 Different Soulmate Relationships That Guide Your Life

The 4 Different Soulmate Relationships That Guide Your Life

Many times the relationships you develop with these people will feel as though you’ve known them for centuries, even from past lives.  With a Soul Companion, there is a great and deep understanding of the other person and a feeling that you are both on the same ‘wavelength’ of thoughts and emotions.  These connections often last for a lifetime.

Soul Companions share both attributes of Soul Friends and Soul Teachers in that they experience ego harmony with us, as well as teach, help us learn, and grow, without the friction of a Soul Teacher, as Soul Companions lovingly share with us the journey.   One of the reasons for such depth and harmony is because they usually share with us the same Soul Age.


4. Soul Twin

The ancient Greeks believed that our souls were once whole and the Gods divided them into two different halves, and once we found our other halves we would become whole and complete again. That is the essence of Soul Twins.

Finding our Soul Twin often feels like finding a piece of ourselves that was missing. Many describe the feeling as ‘returning home’, or developing a greater sense of wholeness in the presence of the other person. Soul Twins share complementary, compatible life goals and their spiritual natures are often in sync. They also experience immense levels of comfort with each other that cannot be experienced in other relationships, and they complement each other in many ways through their strengths and weaknesses.

Interestingly, the Soul Age development of a person plays a significant role in Soul Twin relationships. Mature and Old Souls, for example, are more in-tune with finding their mates as they are more capable of experiencing a peaceful, joyous love that is not rooted in infatuation. This love can be grounded in unconditional affection that requires significant spiritual development to first overcome the fears and possessive attachments that are involved in most typical relationships.

In the end, it’s important to remember that none of these relationships are better or worse than the other – they each serve a purpose in our spiritual growth and healing.


Why Soul Mates Come Into Our Lives

There are three ways a Soul Mate can come into our lives, and that is:  For a Reason, For a Season and For a Lifetime.

It is important to know of this distinction because once you know why a Soul Mate has come into your life, you can know what to expect from that connection.  All too often we find couples, for example, who are still clinging to the dead flower of a relationship that was once blossoming but has reached the end of its season. So let’s have a closer look at these:

1. For a Reason

When you come across a Soul Mate for a REASON, it’s usually to meet a need that has been expressed in your life. This can be for guidance, assistance through difficult times, support, depth of conversations or simply as a present for you physically, emotionally or spiritually. A Soul Mate can last a moment or a lifetime, depending on the type of Soul Mate relationship it is.


2. For a Season

Then there are Soul Mates for a SEASON or people that come into our lives only momentarily. These people may serve as catalysts to share, grow and learn, or they may present themselves in a moment when we need to overcome our fears of vulnerability, or when we need someone to challenge our belief system, or even when we need to discover a passion we were unaware of. Regardless of the reason, these Soul Mates are only Seasonal and leave once their gift has passed on.


3. For a Lifetime

Lifetime relationships are predominantly Twin Soul connections. They teach us lessons that are so deep, so intricate that they require a lifetime of loving growth with the other to assimilate deeply.

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