Key To Get Rid Of Depression – Change the Way You Think

Key To Get Rid Of Depression - Change the Way You Think

Get Rid Of Depression
I am here to talk about a pressing issue that has been growing by the day, and we in our busy lives had no time to even notice it. When you were in school how often did you hear about depression or any other mental illness for that matter?

Gone are days when mental disorders were a rare thing. More people are becoming victims of depression and anxiety, and you can blame it all on technology. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 5% of the world’s population suffers from depression. That’s a whopping 350 million people.  

Why the rise?

If you date back twenty years from today the number of people suffering from depression would be no more than 0.5%. To begin with, the reason for the increase in depression is the gradual change in the thought process of the people.   In fact, research shows that depression begins with negative thinking.

How does it start?

It’s okay to have negative thoughts when you have a setback, but the problem starts when your whole thinking pattern becomes negative. You fail to see the good and start picking out the negatives in each and everything. This habit becomes a way of life, and that’s when depression creeps in.

Depression is seen as a major threat today because it has the power to deteriorate our entire life. Its old news that our thoughts reflect our actions. So having depressive thoughts will automatically have an impact on our daily lives. The increase in the rate of suicide is also strongly connected with depression.

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Getting rid of depression

As I already mentioned, the root cause of depression is negative thinking. To treat depression, you have to get started by getting to the root of the issue, which is your thinking pattern. has an infographic highlighting how technology fuels anxiety which can lead to depression.

Practicing Positive Thinking

Positive thinking cannot be taught in a day. It takes time and effort, but one fine day it will eventually pay off. The first step is to transform every single negative thought into a positive one. For example, let’s say that you have recently lost your job. The first negative thought which will hit you is that getting a job is extremely difficult. Get started on this very thought. Start thinking that getting a job is very easy because you have the right skillset and experience.

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