Keep Writing

Keep Writing

Seconds become minutes
Hours and days turn into weeks
As years go by we reminisce
Of times gone and of those yet seeked

A story only ever ends
If the author fails to speak
And just because you fail to hear
Does not mean that their plight has peaked

A writer is a mighty fighter
The pen is a sword that’s unique
Like a tongue, it will sink or swim
In the thoughts and not blood it leaked.

Facepoet by Michael Hodder

Are you writing to be heard? Without listening to yourself? When invited to dance, did you … or miss your chance? Is inspiration intuition simply giving you a shove?

I once lived in a place so small that it was big. Massive actually, so massive that it almost crushed me through the depression of realizing my open mindedness and awareness. The ignorant know of no other bliss and have conditioned themselves to destroy anything that dares save them from themselves.

When I started mentioning “Ecane” many years ago the sourcing crop suppliers were donating their livelihoods to a government and soon to be foreign multinational processor determined to capitalize and consume them. The corrupted mindset enslaved not only my friends and family I later discovered. It was a national and conspiringly global epidemic.

Would greed be allowed to continue being the cancer it had become upon the human race? What would it take for people to choose not to choose it? Would they still be pretending to themselves that it didn’t exist? Can the Australian Royal Commission into it’s financial industries restore or begin a process of restoring health to an unsustainable wealthfare system?

Wealthfare, is now just another simple play on words, like Ecane, but it puts into perception the misconceptions the masses have been believing or otherwise led, misinformed about and distracted from. For example “fake news” or alternatively another perspective and opinion which one party is attempting to censor against people’s freedoms of speech and choice by labelling it guilty without fair and proper trial.

Is your silence consent? I assume the greedy will assume so until a democratic majority say enough is enough. A war can be fought and fought and fought until there’s either nobody left to fight or nobody chooses to defend. Your destiny is only written if you stop writing it. Keep writing…

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