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10 Signs of An ISTJ Personality Type

Signs of An ISTJ Personality Type

ISTJ is the four-letter code that is a part of the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator. The ISTJ personality (The Inspector) is someone whose personality traits involve Introversion (I), Sensing (S), Thinking (T), Judgement (J). ISTJ is one of the more common personality types out there, where people belonging to this type tend to be more quiet, pragmatic, and shy.

They tend to look at the world from a very rational point of view and have a very precise and methodical approach to everything.

What does ISTJ mean?

Anyone who has this personality type tends to thrive when they get to be alone (Introverted), tend to focus on facts rather than concepts (Sensing), are logical and practical (Thinking), and always prefer to plan everything out rather than just winging it (Judgement).

ISTJs are mostly referred to as The Inspector, due to their habit of keenly focusing on details, being disciplined in whatever they do, and working towards doing it right.

10 Signs You Are An ISTJ Personality Type

Signs ISTJ Personality Type infographic
10 Signs of An ISTJ Personality Type

1. Strong willpower and responsible.

ISTJs are extremely serious and responsible people when it comes to fulfilling duties. They have a lot of integrity, work hard, and always focus on their goals. Strong determination and an abundant amount of patience help them achieve all the goals that they have their sight on.

2. No-nonsense approach and honest.

ISTJs are no-nonsense and direct people who do not have time for manipulation, fakeness, mind games, and lies. They stay far away from people who embody such toxic and negative characteristics and always prefer to do everything with integrity, honesty, and transparency.

3. Insensitive and inconsiderate.

Even though their intention is not to hurt people and their feelings, their brutal honesty ends up rubbing people the wrong way more often than they would like. They can sometimes get very inconsiderate and irresponsible when it comes to other people’s sentiments because their need to give their opinion surpasses anything and everything else.


4. Pragmatic and cool-headed.

Being rational is like second nature to ISTJs. They know very well that if they lose their temper at the drop of a hat, they will achieve nothing. That is why no matter how challenging the situation might be, they handle it with a calm mind, dignified poise, and out and out rationality.

5. Intelligent and multi-faceted.

ISTJs are intelligent people who never limit themselves to just one field of expertise. They are always trying to know more about everything, and are constantly absorbing knowledge like a sponge. They are multitalented people with a flair for statistics and facts, rather than ideas and concepts.

6. Self-deprecating and self-critical.

People having this personality type take their commitments and work very seriously, and they don’t stop unless everything turns out perfect. That is why when things don’t work out the way they wanted them to, they take all the blame upon themselves and become overly self-critical. They ruminate, blame, and shame themselves, and have a hard time accepting the fact that life isn’t always predictable.

7. Change-resistant and stagnant.

ISTJs love rules and that is why they find it tough to get out of their comfort zone at times and try out other ways of doing something. This inherent need to follow rules, hating change of any kind, and doing everything by the book limits them and prevents them from trying out new things and having a fresh perspective on something.

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