Is Your Relationship Fading Away? 9 Things You Can Do To Save It


Relationship Fading Away? Empowering Steps To Save It

Do you sense your relationship fading away, and the once vibrant connection you shared with each other is slowly dying? Being in a situation like this is heart-breaking to say the least. When it seems like you’re in a fading relationship, it’s common to feel confused and not know what to do next. But don’t worry, there’s still hope.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve hit a rough patch or you’ve just grown apart a bit – there are some really useful steps you can take to reignite that spark, and revive a fading relationship.

Let’s look at some of the ways that can help you breathe some new life into your relationship, and foster understanding, connection, passion and love. Don’t throw in the towel yet – there’s still plenty you can do to turn things around and save your fading relationship.

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Is Your Relationship Fading Away? 9 Things You Can Do To Stop It

1. Talk about what both of you are thinking and feeling.

Talking is key. Communication is key. When you have been together for a long time, you will notice that the conversations become shorter and you seem to run out of things to talk about.

However, do you remember how you used to text or call each other non-stop? But the problem is that excitement of getting to know someone new doesn’t last forever, and that’s okay. You might not talk to each other all the time, but successful couples know that giving an effort matters a lot when it comes to save a fading relationship.

Learn from them, and just talk to each other. Listen to them and engage with them, instead of half-heartedly nodding with your eyes glued to a screen. Be totally present, just like you used to be in the old days.

Is your relationship fading away?

2. Try out new things together.

This is one of the best things you can do to revive a fading relationship.

You need to create fresh memories, it’s as simple as that. Trying out new things can make your marriage or relationship stay fun and interesting. The moment you stop putting in an effort to do new things together, and choose to sit at home every weekend watching television, that’s when you know your relationship is fading away.

So, do some research and look for new spots and restaurants to visit. You can also try out interesting activities together like rock climbing, Sip and Paint, or simply catch a movie in the theater. There’re so many things you can do, so why not just do it?

3. Be curious about your partner again.

When you initially started dating, you were really interested and curious to know each other, didn’t you? All you wanted to do was spend time with them and know them.

You always wanted to know their thoughts and feelings. You asked them about their history and what they dreamed of for their future. Are you still that interested? If not, this may explain why you’re trying to learn how to reignite that spark.

Being curious means more than just asking about their day or what they want to have for dinner. It’s about digging deeper. Find out what they think of what’s happening in the world right now, how they feel about work, or if the things they wish for in life are different now.

When you show true interest in your partner, it can make fixing things between you two much simpler. In my opinion, this is one of the best things you can do to revive a fading relationship.

4. Have date nights again.

Do date nights still happen between you? If you’ve stopped going on dates like before, that maybe one of the reasons why your relationship is fading away.

The thing is, date nights aren’t only for couples who’ve just met; no matter how long you’ve been together, going on dates still matters. Adding date nights to your routine again can make your love feel fresh and exciting.

No matter how busy you are, give an effort to dress up and go out once in a while, just the two of you. Life is not just about fulfilling your responsibilities towards your careers and kids, your relationship matters too, maybe even more. Go on a few romantic dates together and see how much of a difference it makes to your bond.

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5. Kiss each other whenever you can.

Is your relationship fading away? Well, time to go back to basics!

Love, affection and romance is not just meant for the bedroom, and sometimes it’s the small and simple things that can make or break a relationship. Little acts of love like kissing or hugging without it leading to sex can really make someone feel loved and needed.

Kiss each other often and enjoy the feeling. Kissing has many advantages, like it can deepen your bond with each other, it can keep things interesting, and it even leads to an outpour of oxytocin which can make you feel amazing.

The act of kissing plays a very important part when it comes to emotional intimacy; it’s not always sex that translates to intimacy, small acts like kissing can sometimes bring in some much-needed passion.

Is your relationship fading away?

6. Remember that your dissimilarities don’t have to be a negative thing.

Having things in common is an amazing thing to have in your relationship, but your differences can also bring your closer, but only if you let them. Remember how it was when you met each other for the first time? It was smooth sailing, and the spark between you two was obvious showing how much you clicked which lead you to embrace even their flaws.

If you’re desperately trying to save your fading relationship, then hold onto that comfort and spark. Be authentic and embrace yourself just the way you are, and be sure of yourself. Remember, this is what attracted your partner to begin with.

This is the thing – you don’t have to hide who you really are. Both of you can be your authentic selves and still be happy together. When you’re trying to revive a fading relationship, it often turns out that one or both of you stopped being yourselves at some point.

7. Prioritize sexual intimacy.

Sexual intimacy is extremely important in relationships, and a lack of it can lead to your relationship fading away. When you have been together for a long time, sex can take a backseat, but try not to let that happen often.

Prioritize your sex life just like you prioritize everything else in your life. Maybe try out something new in the bedroom or schedule sex, if needed. Whatever you choose to do, keep in mind that your partner should be consenting to it, and they are happily agreeing to it all.

8. Reminisce about the times when you first got together.

What made you initially fall for your partner? What was so special about them that you fell head over heels in love with them? What made the day you met special?

Perhaps it was love at first sight or you may have been old friends who fell in love with each other, whatever it may be, sit with each other and reminisce about those old days and see how much both of you have grown.

Take some time discussing your feelings during those early days of dating one another before falling deeply in love. This can really help you focus on what you love, admire and respect in your partner, and also remind you what falling in love really feels like.

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9. Learn how to fight properly.

Arguments are normal among couples but there’s a right way and a wrong way of having arguments and dealing with difference of opinion. Having healthy arguments is a thing and it will do you a whole lot of good and your fading relationship if you know that.

Don’t go for personal attacks, don’t give each other the silent treatment, or bring up past mistakes and wrongdoings. These are some of the many things that can slowly chip away at the relationship, finally destroying it for good.

Respect each other enough to not say or do things that can threaten the sanctity of your relationship. Try to understand each other’s perspectives, instead of seeing each other as opponents. Be respectful and dignified while telling them what hurt them.

Is your relationship fading away?

If you’re trying to revive a fading relationship, then these pointers can prove to be really helpful. Is your relationship fading away? Then don’t give up and just let it go; fight for it because real love is so worth it.

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