11 Ways You Can Stop Rushing Into Love


Ways Stop Rushing Into Love

Don’t get into him too soon – you aren’t winning his love this way. Here are 11 ways how to stop rushing into love. Take a look at each step!

What’s this thin line that separates the way a man and a woman love?

It’s attention.

While we woman feels like a Princess when showered with it – On the other hand, it’s a Game spoiler when it comes to men. You send him mushy messages all the time, keep calling or keep being touchy – hat wouldn’t win his love my Dear – and it would never.

Men are Hunters, who want what we call that Space, and this is where their Masculinity breeds. This extra space is what makes a woman appear attractive to them – like a trophy to win.

This “gap” is essential to pose a challenge to them. They need to feel the thrill of a chase and the victory that follows it. Woman, Change your moves. Be a kind of riddle he needs to solve. Otherwise, he might get bored soon.

11 Ways You Can Stop Rushing Into Love
How To Stop Rushing Into Love? 11 Ways To Avoid Rushed Love

This doesn’t mean you act mean or be too hard or change yourself. It’s just that you shouldn’t get into him too soon. Go slow. There is nothing wrong with being fascinated by someone, but don’t melt and be mushy.

So, till you are sure he is serious about you, just play your cards safe. Don’t Get Into Him Too Soon.

Rushed Relationship? 11 Ways To Stop Rushing Into Love

1. Don’t Get In Touch With Him

Spend less time together and more time alone. Try to hang out with your partner once or twice a week rather than planning many dates in a week. Let him do that. But when he does, make sure you respond.

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2. Don’t Start Cooking For Him

Leave all those things you’d do for the future until you are sure the relationship is moving in the right direction.

3. Don’t Be Available All The Time

Just because he wants to hang out, you shouldn’t be available for him all the time. Remember, you have other things to do as well. Don’t get into him too soon by hanging out with him whenever he wants. 

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4. Don’t Act As Per His Likes And Dislikes

Learn to keep with your own interests. If you don’t like the place he wants to take you out for dinner, just express your disapproval.

You can also do what you like and hangout with your friends instead of catering to what he likes.

5. Don’t Text Him 24/7

Regular texting may encourage you to catch feelings quickly.

Major conversations should be saved for when the two of you are together in person. The occasional text to check in on them and learn about their day is OK, but keep the in-depth, intimate conversations for your next date.

6. Don’t Express Your Feelings First

It’s okay to express your feelings but only do so when you think that there is a mutual liking between you two. If you’re unsure, let him tell you how much he likes you.

Don’t get into him too soon by professing your love again and again.

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7. Don’t Make Him Your Priority Without Knowing If You Are His

While it’s fun to plan out your life with someone and thinking about the future with them.

But it’s important to know if he feels the same way. Till then stick to simply dating, knowing each other and having a good time.

8. Avoid Using Emoticons That Show Mushy Emotions

Use smileys, but no hearts. Especially, no hearts struck with an arrow.

9. Don’t Spend A Night At His Place

A big NO, until you are sure he is in love with you.

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10. Don’t Buy Him Gifts Or Clothes

We all want to gift our partners with the best presents so that they feel good. But, here’s a pro-tip, don’t get him anything, at least not until you’re in a committed relationship.

11. Don’t Reveal To Him That He Occupies Your Thoughts All The Time

Keep it to yourself, if you really fall for each other, there will be a point when he will know it even without your telling. Rushing in love too soon will turn him off.

What else would you like to add? Leave a comment below

Get Into Him Too Soon
How To Stop Rushing Into Love? 11 Ways To Avoid Rushing In Love
11 Ways You Can Avoid Rushing In Love Too Soon
Don’T Rush Into Love – 11 Ways You Can Avoid Rushed Love
Ways Stop Rushing Into Love pin
11 Ways You Can Stop Rushing Into Love

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